Saturday, February 27, 2010

2/27 Post #2--OWOH prizes rec'd

Over the past week I have received 5 more of my WONDERFUL gifts from OWOH...I believe there is just one more I am waiting for ...this was so incredible...NOT JUST THE GIFTS, although they sure do brighten many gray, gloomy days (3 blizzards in February), and my own "dark" days  BUT MOSTLY the GREAT PEOPLE I have met, I believe several of them and I are going to become friends.

I rec'd:
*a card kit from Teresa at AWESOME  much nicer than I anticipated to be honest and she included photos and instructions...and tied them together with very pretty red with white polka dots  grosgrain(thinking 5/8")ribbon and it was tied in a perfect bow (I hate to untie it,so I have slid the kits in and out of it, LOL)

*3rd place winner of a a 3 X 5 image transfer canvas from Diane at  ...THIS is SOOO much prettier IRL!!  thank you :)

*"Birds at the Shore" print from Meg at (committedstitcher)    ...Even the hubster LOVES this photo!!... big thanks to your hubby!

*2 SUPERB art books from Snap at sooo wanted this one also)   ...OMG!!  Snap not only sent me the 2 awesome art books, but there was a very nice card, a small Whitman's heart with chocolates  and would you believe she surprised me with a HM SHAWL  (I think it is crocheted)  I love it!

Amanda (daughter) was like; "Since you weren't expecting it, can I have it?'  LOL  I said; "NO, but maybe I will let you borrow it, if you go out fancy some evening!  

Ron was impressed with it also, said "Pretty color"  and "that was generous of her"  Which it MOST CERTAINLY IS!!!   

It is a gorgeous color is  hard to describe as it is like red, pink, coral, orange all very blended.  

Anyway here is a picture hubby took, (so he is looking up at me and NOT used to my digital camera as he usually takes photos with a HUGE Canon Elan is a crappy picture of me, as I am disheveled and in sweats and the angle makes my head and neck look fatter than they are AND he did not give me any warning, so no smile)...but THIS ISN'T ABOUT ME....

IT IS about the SHAWL!!  OH SNAP   thank you SOOOO VERY MUCH!!!  I absolutely ADORE it!  and I may wear it on very cold nights while at the computer (that side of the room is cold, as that wall has now insulation)

without further adieu:

  Additionally I rec'd:

* a wire and beaded heart pin from Cyn at wanted this also:)   ...This also is prettier IRL, and (surprise) Ron ACTUALLY said, " that's really nice"...he usually doesn't say much about artsy stuff. THANKS MUCHLY!!  can't wait to wear it!

Thank you gals, very much!  BIG hugs, Susan

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You are welcome! Enjoy!