Saturday, February 27, 2010

WOW, lots to share...but I'll break it down-- 2/27 post #1

I am really sorry to be so late in posting today. I am not feeling well--sinuses/allergies + my hand is REAL bad today in addition to my rt knee.  On the brighter side, Ron is in a MUCH better mood today  :) !!

Ok first I'd love to share some of my newest art.  All of these are for swaps I am in.  I welcome ALL feedback :)    all pictures can be clicked on to enlarge  for a better view :)

Ok first up, a Collaged Bird  ATC swap this was a 4/4 swap, I sent 2 sets, both sets are 4 of the same card. In one set I used a "real" bird, in the other set a "zetti" bird from Teesha Moore's collage images. the "real bird and crown" are raised on pop dots.
 The same friend and fellow artist (Ali Brandist) who lives in the UK, is also hosting an "Inchies galore" swap
they were to be in groups of 10, and all the same or all different.  I sent in 5 sets.  One all different, and 4 sets of 10 of the same inchie.
The guitar one is hard to see but it is a silver metallic guitar on black bkgd. then I used a gold musical score vellum paper to lay over that, and a copper heishi (artchix studios)   the 2 Kanji are embossed on "far east" papers. (all my inchies are mounted on chipboard)
here is the set that is all different:

Here are some inchies for a blog challenge I did recently:
 two of these are the same as the above ones.

 Lastly is the I <3 Animals swap at ARTchix studios:

Clockwise: All Dogs go to Heaven #1a,
Pico's Enthusiasm (my son's dog),
Ceasar, Thumb's Up! (my son's cat-6 toes on both front paws)

I actually made 3 of each of these, so my son Tom could get one each of his animals (and me), and I entered 2 of the "dog with the victorola" and kept one for myself.
The dog one and the one of Caesar, have different sayings on them though.
Caesar for me says; "magnificent ME" and Tom's says; "ME the king"

now for the other 3, as this is a 6/6 swap:

 L to R: All Dogs go to heaven #1c,
So Sacred, So Loved (memorial for my Bootsie)
My Bird Blossom (not really my bird)

There are three of "So Sacred, So Loved" for me, and also one to give to Tom (he and his S/O collect ATCs, but only make them once in a while)

Now I have to get moving on some other swaps! LOL

There will be another post later tonight with the SURPRISE for my 2 OWOH winners!!!


Beadwright said...

Hi Susan. Sorry you are not feeling very well. The sinus allergy thing can really knock you out. Hope you are feeling better soon. On the next note you have been so busy. I love all of your art. However, the very first photo in this post is AWESOME!!!!


Nancy said...

Susan: I love your art work. I hope I get one of your birds in Ali's swap. Nancy S from Val's group