Wednesday, February 10, 2010

another big storm!...newly edited

OWOH found here:

It started snowing here about 8pm, we are expecting 5-8 inches by morning.  then another 6-10 inches during the day.  THE BAD THING is...Ron was supposed to have RETINA RE-ATTACHMENT surgery this morning at a Hospital an hour away in clear weather. I hate to postpone this, but we may have to.  My hope, is that if we do, that it can be  by no more than a week. And then, that next week there is no snow.  This kind of sucks!! (there was already 4 inches at least at 1:30am).  Keep you all posted.

EDITED: The surgery did NOT get postponed,it was a mix of rain and snow when we left this morning,...slushy, which is also slick!  By mid day it was back to snow, when we left the hospital around was already getting bad--what a mess to drive home!!  a normal50-60minute trip was almost 2 hours.
But the retina is re attached and in the scheme of things,that is really important.

then the pharmacist didn't have all the meds...only 1 eye drop out of 3....the doctor gave me care for his eye in  the morning,in case we can't get to the office.  They are predicting another FOOT of snow, so yea....thinking that trip ain't happenin'.

still haven't gotten any of my art up for you to see, my apologies.


S. said...

Hello Susan,
Welcome to blogland! I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I have since I started blogging last year, I find it very rewarding.
I hope the weather improves so your husband can be go to the hospital.
I shall be back often, greetings from Mexico!

apinkdreamer said...

hi susan! thank you for visiting my blog!i wish you the best for your new beginning!i'll try today to put my translator on!

Me! said...

Hi Susan!
Wow, you've had a time of it, haven't you!? You dropped by my blog last night {the pearl necklace giveaway}, and it was especially your comment about the New Jersey Shore that brought me! Nope . . . haven't even seen the show, but my son lives in Princeton! Only since last August.
I spent one whole afternnon when the snows started, trying to find a blog in New Jersey to follow! Then you found me! {Of course, you didn't have a blog yet.}
I've found yours to be very interesting to read, and very real. I really like that.
I've had two opportunities to visit New Jersey . . . first Cape May for our eldest son's Coast Guard Boot Camp graduation, and second . . . last October to visit our son and his bride. I could move to New Jersey in a heartbeat! You are surrounded with such natural beauty and so much history!
I do hope your husband's surgery was successful!
I'm following you, too!
It's very nice to meet you.


Bethel of Bethania said...

G'day Susan
Great to meet you over there on the udder side of the world... I do hope your Ron is coming along nicely now... I also have a Ron so it's a small world... Just take care of yourselves with all that snow... we are dying of heat stroke here... I'm only kidding... at least it's not as hot as it has been but the humidity is still right on up there... OOroo... Bethel

vicki said...

Susan - What a dear you are to visit me and to leave the sweetest comments there. You are my newest follower - so welcome welcome! I loveyour blog also - is there anything that you cannot do? Wow - you seem to be so multi talented - and now we can add nurse to your projects. Good luck to you in the care of your husband - I hope he does well with his eye surgery! Please stay in touch - your visits and comments mean so much to me. We are starting a wonderful contest in about 2 more days---


Tess said...

Hi Susan, Oh my gosh, what a situation. I am so glad he was able to have his surgery and that you made it there and back safely. Your post reminded me of several years back when we left to go to Topeka for my husband to have neck surgery and 20 min. down the road they called the cell phone to tell us to go back home. The hospital was on generator power. The state had had an awful ice storm the dasy and night before. His surgery was one week later and he is fine now. I'm am now following you and hope to enjoy your art as your blog develops.

Ginny said...

Glad the surgery was able to take place. That stinks about the crazy drive though. I live in Michigan, so I understand issues w/ snow.

Lola said...

Hi Susan,
I haven't yet drawn the winner(s) of my OWOH Angel Card Reading giveaway, of course, but I got such a powerful msg when I read your post & profile -- I had to let you know right away, that you have 5 very HUGE, powerful angels surrounding you very closely right now - giving you one big hug, holding you up thru this time in your journey. In addition to those 5, there's a 6th smaller angel also with you - more of a lighter, gentle energy. The big ones are of a powerful green healing light energy. Just had to let you know this since the msg came to me so strongly, I knew I would not be allowed to wait any longer to tell you. Blessings to you & your family. Keep reaching out. Blogland is so full of wonderful, supportive people.