Friday, February 26, 2010

HELP!! may-day, SOS Blog NEWBIE is clueless!!

OK, can anyone tell me how to "talk back" to people who post to my posts?  you know, like respond.  I am thinking there are a lot of people thinking I am rude....and I am not...but writing down email names and then going to my comcast mail to send individual just way to slow...especially since 173 people commented on my OWOH giveaway.  The little email box that pops up if I click on it on the person's profile for some reason won't work for me.  I would appreciate any help.

Also I apologize for not posting later today like I said I would...I will be tomorrow or in the wee morning hours.  With some Pics and a surprise for my 2 winners :)


Melissa said...

Hey, Susan! There a couple things you can do. Probably the easiest is to sign in to your blog, go to "Customize", "Settings", "Comments", and then scroll down to "Comment Notification E-mail" and enter your Comcast email address and you will get a copy of every comment in your email and you can just reply. If, however, the commenter does not have an email attached to their name, there really is no way to respond. A lot of folks add a note to their comment form which you can do on the same tab in your blog where it says "Comment Form Message" and ask people to be sure to leave an email. Some even say "No Anonymous Comments". Hope this is what you were asking! If not, let me know and I'll try again.

Beadwright said...

Hey Susan for me when I recieve a comment I also receive it in my email. I can read the comment and publish it from there. I can also hit "reply" and send an email to the person. Does that help??


Neky White said...

I have the same question! The only thing I can do for now is reply with another comment u_u