Monday, February 22, 2010


Hi Guys, this  is a project I wanted to start on January 1rst, but alas my copy of the book was buried in my art stuff, and then February 1rst came along, and I was in a dark place, and doing anything, was a major job!

anyway the book I am talking about is  WRECK THIS JOURNAL...I want to work one page a day starting on March I thought some of you might like to do it along with me.  I got my copy in Barnes and Nobles for about $ can check amazon etc.

The Book is filled with blank pages (as it is a journal)  with a twist, there are instructions on each page to dabble in a weird but fun art activity!
here is what it looks like: 

Here is a cool video from YOUTUBE...there are many of them, have a look see and join the fun!


Now I want to say ahead of time, that any pages that say "TEAR OUT THIS PAGE"  I will tear out the page, do the instruction, but then I am taping it back in the book.  Because I plan on ACTUALLY journaling in this book.  I deal with family issues, illness (or ailments)pain and depression and I feel that journaling will help just like creating art, helps.

So, if you already have a copy GREAT, if you don't and you want to join me you have til Monday morning, March 1-- next week to purchase it.  I  hope you will join me!

annotated:  I will be uploading what I did with my page on Tuesdays :)


themixiepixie said...

I found your blog thru Artchix, and in so many ways your exacact words are my words. I don't have a husband, my kids are grown, but the art, and the pain, that's me exactly. Oh, and I have a dog instead of cats. (: I have seen this journal and been tempted, but always bough another book instead. It looks like fun tho. I do plenty of "wrecking" in my own journal-haha. I'll check back, but feel free to visit me or e-mail me:,

jonio said...

This sounds interesting Susan, I'm constantly looking for ways to keep my journaling habits going (I get sooooo slack). I may not be able to start this until Mar 10th (woot, woot payday) in order to buy the book, I'll check at Books-A-Million here and see if they have it if not I'll order it from Amazon and start when it comes in.

Neky White said...

Here I can't get that book but I will be waiting to see yours ^^

Joyce's Journey said...

I'll join you on this! I bought that little journal for me and my daughter with the plan of us doing it for each other. I still plan on creating mine for her, but I will do it with you starting March 1st. This will be fun! Thanks for the push!!

I've had lots going on lately too and haven't blogged since the beginning of the month. I need to grab my life back and this will help.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Good for you! I have one of her books and love it but haven't done much yet! Great fun concept!

Neky White said...

hi Susan!! in response to your question: well..I don't have credit card, or paypal account u_u ( I tried but I don't know why it didn't work in the past, when I was working and I had a debit card) but it doesn't matter! If you tell me the number of sheets, I can make one journal and you could tell me the instructions for each page, what do you think? sounds like fun =D

Laurie said...

I want to do Wreck this Journal, too!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

Hey Susan!!!!! I'm not a journaler...but just couldn't resist this....sooooo I GOT MY COPY TODAY!!! and will be joining you in this adventure :O)

wini said...

this 'journal' sounds like fun. however, i think i'm a bit late (3 march). i can relate w/you since my children are both grown. only a gr. daughter but it's just me and my cat. i'll definitely need to journal more than usual this year since i lost my dear father 6 months ago and 2 march would have been his birthday so with MY pain i love my art - decorative papers, pencils, paints, etc. i don't have the journal you suggested but will see if i can get it through amazon. would you mind letting me know if i'll be able to participate in 'wreck this journal'. please email me at: :0)