Thursday, February 18, 2010

BLOGGERS are very generous people!

In less than a week's time I have won 13 prizes from blogs!!
Isn't that unreal? WOWZA!!

First, this wasn't really a win, I would call it a RAK, I would call it a gift, I would call it LOVE!! During OWOH, I commented on probably 80% of the participating blogs... I skipped those that were not something that I would use or need,and I didn't want to take a spot that could be someone else's, and some were requiring "active"blogs---and mine was just being built.  THOUGH, some of those very blogs that I did NOT comment on, I did sign up to follow.  :)

I left a comment on a blog that was offering up "fingerless gloves" if you will, they were called hand/wrist warmers.  The blog was  Jess was giving away 2 pair, I was NOT one of her winners. However...
I have to tell you how thoughtful,awesome and generous Jess is!!  She is RAK-ing me a set of these as I have major issues with my left was injured moving a  patient in 2005, the doc had to repair and graft ligaments from a different wrist was successful,but THEN, 10 days later it was infected with MRSA ...I almost lost my whole hand...but the doctor and I both decided after 5months on Vancomycin (instead of the 6 weeks that should have done the trick)  to remove all the infected stuff, before it spread any further.  so now I am 3 bones shy, 4 ligaments gone,and some muscle, have lots of scar tissue and permanent nerve damage...She said she was touched by my story,  and felt compelled to make me a this is a BLESSING!!

JESS you're a DOLL and I can NOT THANK YOU enough!!  This is such a wonderful thing you did.

Continuing on with OWOH...I did actually win 10 giveaways....I was in the middle of starting a blog, when a friend first told me about OWOH, and I checked it out, and found that many blogs were NOT requiring an active blog.   and while reading, and seeing what people were giving away (some were exceptionally generous)  I was soooo inspired to hurry and get my blog a little more together,and come up with a giveaway of my own, and become a participant!!  Artisically speaking I couldn't make anything too involved as I did not have the time(I am swamped with swaps,and running a survivor game right now, plus dealing with Doctor appt's.and Ron's detached retina,and subsequent surgery)and we won't even talk about the two blizzards 4 days apart!  However,I did want it to be at least art-related and from me...that is how I came up with the "stamped" envelopes. I have tons of quality envelopes from California Paper Goods from their auctions (sadly they are not doing them anymore)  so that is what I did, and am doing-- still working on some :(...My 2 winners are in for a big surprise as they are getting something very nice made by me to go with their envelopes.

But I digress...onto my 10 wins (I am still somewhat in awe)
I won:
*a card kit from Teresa at
*a mystery prize box from Julie at
*Beaded gourd bowl from Nicole at really wanted this too!  waay cool
*3rd place winner of a a 3 X 5 image transfer canvas from Diane at
*"Birds at the Shore" print from Meg at (committedstitcher)
*a lovely FORREST print of her hand drawn art from Lynn at (really like this too!)
*2 SUPERB art books from Snap at sooo wanted this one also
*3rd place winner of a knitted bag from Paula at
* a wire and beaded heart pin from Cyn at wanted this also:)
*giveaway #1 (includes Ben Franklin's autobiography...loveBen!! a journal and other artsy things) from Kathy at

and I was lucky enough to be one of the runner's up to win a Gypsy Collage sheet from Lorri at "Artivity"!!

then yesterday I found out I won a plate of Starving Artist's stamps from Technique Trail blog (Pat from technique junkies)....HOLY COW!!
and lastly, today I find out I was one of three winners of a PIF giveaway from a gal on one of  my yahoo groups, and her plan is for us to "PIF". 


I told hubby maybe we should be playing the lottery this week, as I NEVER, in fact WE never have any good luck...just the opposite...we are well known for our continuous Bad luck.   I am wondering how much of this is a sign of FATE, that my blog was something I was meant to do...for my mental and emotional well being, and as a possible gateway to earning some $$ making art and stuff (since I am now disabled)  I believe in Fate, and it has shown itself to me many times over the years...thus the name of my blog.  Do you believe in FATE?  Do you think me making a blog, is going to be a turning point in my life??  Let me know what you think.


Pixie said...

I won two OWOH giveaways, but I also won a number of other things recently and participated in three swaps, so the postman has been very, very busy here!

Beadwright said...

Wow that is love. I won five beautiful giveaways my self. Plus I just believe we are all winners for participating in this wonderful giveaway.


Liz Revit said...

And who said 13 was an unlucky number? Congrats on all of your winnings!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Congrats on all the wins! This was such a fun event--I took part for the first time--and I have enjoyed visiting all the blogs I had time for. I won 7 giveaways!

Neky White said...

WOW!!! you won 13 giveaways!! congratulations!!! I believe in fate, and I think everything happens for a good reason, we always must learn about the bad and good things and the encounters never are casual, people always have something to say . I love "bloguear" because I love to hear (well, in this case read) other's people stories and see their interior worlds showed in their creations =D this "virtual" world is amazing

trisha too said...

that is fantastic, Susan!!


Me! said...

Amazing, Susan! Can you believe it? I have heard of a few others, besides your commenters that won multiples! How exciting! The woman who won my giveaway {the pearl necklace} is one of them. She won three. I won something, and I entered very few, maybe four? How neat is that?! Do you realize that you won a full 1% of the drawings!?
I do think your blog will change your life, because of my experience. It has certainly changed mine, albiet gently. It is just so wonderful to find that there are people like you out there in the world thinking the same kind of thoughts, doing the same kinds of activities . . . I LOVE it! You already see where it's going! Isn't this going to be fun!?


Debbi Thinks Deep

Lynn said...

Wow, 13 prizes that's awesome!
I'm so glad you are happy with my Forrest Path print.
Thanks for entering my giveaway =)