Sunday, February 28, 2010

WRECK THIS JOURNAL starts tomorrow


Tomorrow I start with my WRECK THIS JOURNAL...I know there a lot of you out there who plan on following along.  here is the link to the original post that has the video:
Wreck this Journal post #1

We will do this Monday through Friday  on Tuesday of each week please email me a photo or scan of your page to i will post it with mine. place a piece of paper over the address and phone # section before scanning or taking a picture

Tomorrow's instructions are (page 1)...THIS BOOK BELONGS TO:

there are 8 lines...the bottom 2 are for your address and phone #
 the top 6 say:
*write your name in WHITE

*write your name illegibly

*write your name in tiny letters

*write your name backwards

*write your name very faintly

*write your name using large letters

at the bottom of the page it says:
* if found, flip to a page randomly, follow the instruction, then return   :)

EDIT:  Journal on the page facing the "this journal belongs to" page

TURN the page, you may journal on the back, and then color in the instructions. Turn the what the back of that page says.

I am really looking forward to doing this with all of you!

I used Bic "mark-its" pens for the Instructions page and they bled thru. :(

I picked out the words in the instructions, that stood out to me ...wrote them in NAVY
then i thought about those, and what the first word that came to my mind for each, and wrote them down in gold.

I want you to especially read and understand rule #4...instructions are open to interpretation...
That is what i mean by "I'll be taping my pages back in"  that is my interpretation.  For example...third  day we have to pull a page out and burn it...I am only going to burn around the edges and perhaps if the mood strikes me a hole in the center. LOL  then I will do some journaling  on it...I may use the sooty edges(that are burnt off to smear some color on the page.

Anyway, it is 2pm here, and I have not rec'd anyone's pictures to upload besides mine...sad :(

Here's Lee's pages:

Tuesday we will start the real fun. :)


Sandra said...

Sounds like this project will keep you busy and the creative juices flowing.

Beadwright said...

Have fun Susan with this journal.


lee said...

May I join in please