Saturday, February 13, 2010

Surgery over, snow done(for now) Info on my "Daisy" plan

OWOH found here:

Ron's retinal surgery is done and was successful. He saw the doctor today, no more patch wearing...ARRRG!!  He was also now given permission to shower. :)

We eventually paid someone to come snow-blow for us.(one of our kids past classmates) We have a snow blower on order from HD online,and it should be here in about a week.   With our luck, it will not snow again this winter,or bad enough to need a snow blower, LOL!  We are expecting snow on Wed. and Thurs. this coming week, not sure if there will be accumulations or not...there is about 30"in our yard right now.

I managed to get a small slide show done below,with a handful of ATCs and other items I have made.  I have some other pictures to add, but it seems to want me to make a different SS, and I just want to add them on,  I'll eventually figure things out.

I am receiving a great response to the "Daisy" ATCs, that I put a call out for on the FB group--Artist trading Cards, and on the yahoo group...The Sum of All ATCs.  If you are a creator of ATCs (or ACEOs even)
and  might be interested...this is something I am doing for my great-niece Daisy.  She will be 3 in March.  Read about her on the link on my side bar. I am looking for "pink" based ATCs with a daisy or daisies on them, and bonus ATCs of Mickey Mouse...who is her all time hero.  Daisy is a miracle to still be alive, and unfortunately lately her battle has been going a little down hill.  Daisy deals with horrific pain on a daily basis. I have one picture there, by the link to her website,but her major issue is the one leg,that the skin has never even attempted to grow back since birth,and is infected with MRSA, Psuedomonis and other infections. There many pictures you may look at on hersite, both happy ones,and some graphic ones of her wounds.

Anyway, I want to fill a binder with ATCs for her to have her own "daisy" book!  Contact  me if you want more info.  you can post here any questions if you so desire, and if you want to be involved, leave an email address. The ATCs are due to me by the first weekend in March.

I have been dealing with a lot of pain myself the last week not just in the back and knees but the hand/wrist has been worse than usual,which is not good...Fusion of that wrist may have to happen sooner than later...I finally go for my permanency evaluations for workers comp soon...orthopedic in a week, psych/social the first week in April.  So that is good news! :)


Snap said...

Hi Susan,

Congratulations! You won the OWOH giveaway at my blog. Please send me your name, address etc so that I can mail off your goodies. Thanks!

(I'm also sending you an email.)

faerie enchantment said...

Hi Susan,
Let me know about the ATC's I can definately send some to you, and I live in NJ as well!
Magic and Blessings!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for welcoming me into your world. My heart goes out for your great-niece. She looks to be in much pain.

I'm delighted that I was one of your winners. Thanks for making this possible.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I will look around to see if I have either a daisy or Mickey mouse image I can use for an ATC. Mostly I work in larger sizes, but will see what I can put together for Daisy. When I have something, I will let you know.

jenny said...

Hi Susan, thank you so very much for your beautiful comments on my blog - I did come to your giveaway but the comments had closed so sorry I missed that. Thank you especially for following along :) My heart goes out to your grand niece also.
Jenny x

lee said...

I followed here when I saw your win posted so OWOH wasn't entirely unsuccessful letting people know about Daisy, that poor brave little girl! I would love to contribute some cards for Daisy if that is OK?

lee said...
I have some made that I did this arvo for her!