Friday, February 26, 2010

Got my wish for more snow (strictly for the snow blower)

YEA, BLIZZARD NUMBER 3...well Ron got to try out the new snow blower yesterday late was too wet of a snow for the blower to work (this is like a bad trip) LOL  anyway, what fell last evening, overnight and is still falling is much drier, so it should work. but we have very strong winds and it is definitely blizzard conditions...visibility is rough, and there is lots of drifting. KitKat went out late afternoon yesterday and we have not seen him since, even though I go and call for him almost every hour.  I hate that he does this.

Lots more to post today....OWOH arrivals, new art etc.  I will post later...Be well & Be warm!


Pixie said...

KitKat is probably sheltered under a thick hedge somewhere, waiting out the storm. As far as your third snowstorm, I have nothing but good wishes for you guys. I am hoping your weather improves soon. We just have rain and gale force winds today, but I ain't complainin'!

Beadwright said...

Susan wishing for snow always brings a blizzzzzzaaaarrrrddddd. LOL.


The Strawberry Mallard said...

Were you REALLY wishing for more snow? I'll bet that your feathered firends were not! Did you ever capture that photo of Bootsie to add to your collection?

Let me know ~ Happy snowblowing!!!!
Nancy & Angus