Saturday, March 6, 2010

2 giveaways at a friend's place

the first is is a small but APPETIZINGLY DELECTABLE giveaway:
Pillsbury rolls via Turn Left at the Pigs

the other is a tremendous milepost for my same friend Lilpurple, at Turn Left at the Pigs  is Celebrating 100 followers!  please join her as she celebrates!  She is making this very fun and interesting!!  The celebration will be going on for DAYS!!!
Stop by, have fun, and say hello to my friend, Lil'purple...


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littlepurpleroom said...

Hi Susan,
thank you for posting about my giveaway.
yes, we all do have a herstory. I love to read about other women who have overcome obstacles or just live their lives.
Don't forget to come back and post daily for more chances. And to read the "rest of the story".