Sunday, March 21, 2010

Forest FIRE continued...

well one of the hot spots flared back up, and again today we are in smoke and ash, just not as thick.  we have not rec'd any police man knocking on our doors (good)  and there are no road blocks today, there are officers and firemen still hanging out at certain places near our little "village"  just not as close as yesterday.  I hope they get these "hot spots" under control soon, so the smoke will dissipate.

I refer to our area as a village because at one time it was , and our little section of Waretown, NJ is known as Brookville, and it the century past it was a village  of it's own...there is a one room schoolhouse/church here and at one time it's own fire dept.  The school bldg is still here and is maintained and used one sunday a month for church services.  they used to run sunday school there every sunday for some of the kids, but as they grew up less and less came, so I do not think they do it any longer.

Brookville is one of the "lost villages of the Pine Barrens"  but we are not really lost.
 we are just way west of everything, everyone has acreage from 3--up to 100, and very secluded. :)  We have 4.77 acres and a very old house (the front half, we have addition that is only 22 years old).  I love where we live but I wish the house was totally done and fixed!


Dawn said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.. As a fellow jersey girl, I pray that these fires end asap.

to anwser your ?? about the tutorial on my blog. the image outline is the only think embossed.

the inside of the flower is for the ink to set into. using the cheap paper it did not soak in evenly because the water was not setting all over the image, it kinda soaked in and did not float if you understand what I'm trying to say.

with the su paper or a harder paper (thick) the water sets on the image and the ink seeps into it instead of being taken in spots.

hth, have a great day!

The Strawberry Mallard said...

Oh man you must be exhausted from worry!
What is going on? Last week that heart breaking fire in Ocean Grove....made all of us sick here......thank God none was harmed there either,,,,,,,,but those beautiful old buildings!

Beadwright said...

You place sounds wonderful. Mike and I lived in an old house in N. Idaho. We completely remodeled it and then sold it. I will never do that again. LOL