Saturday, March 20, 2010


Well, we know it is spring here in the Pine Barrens of NJ, as the first of what will be many forest fires was today, it was close enough that our little "village" was enveloped in smoke, and then we got the knock on our door that it was "voluntary evacuation" at this point, but they were alerting us, 30 minutes later we were experiences ash.   

Ron drove up the road to speak with cops/firemen that were hanging out at the entrance to our "little village"

Two Fire Depts. started a back fire to burn towards the other in an attempt to stop it...which apparently worked cause about an hour or so later we started see trucks and stuff leaving.

We have been through this before 4 times...this is the 2nd time, there was ash. That is life in the woods.

Our next door neighbors were worried about their horses...they have 4, but no trailer.  why not???
Ron called a woman he works with that has a 4 horse trailer, and a huge paddock, corral etc, as she boards horses.  We also give her info on a group in our county that volunteers to take people's animals in case of evacuation of certain areas from either flooding (2 rivers,the bay and ocean) and areas like us (The woods)

Luckily none was needed. no one was hurt, and no homes were damaged!! :)


Betty said...

Thanks to God for protecting your home, family and animals.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Glad to hear all is OK. I agree, if you are going to have animals, you need a way to protect them and have an escape plan. Believe it or not, every time we have a tornado siren go off, Bleubeard beats me to the basement. I've never had an animal more in tune to the weather. One time when it was hailing, he hid under my table in the craft room where the tablecloth made a perfect tent. I've heard animals are aware of these dangers, but have never seen it up close the way I do now.

Again, it's great that YOU and everyone else are safe.

Me! said...


Beadwright said...

Happy to know you are OK and all is well.
Where is your beautiful avatar? Miss seeing your face.


The Strawberry Mallard said...

Oh My God.........I am so thankful that you , your family and your precious farm & critters are know we could smell s something with the wind coming from the outh yesterday.....Lord, you were being watched over, for certain!!!