Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Today's assignments are pages 17 and 19

page 17....throw something dipped in paint (or ink) at this page. (I am paper clipping wax paper to the facing page, putting a napkin behind the page and leaning the book upright on top of some newspaper outside)

page 19...Press Leaves and other found objects onto this page.(again when pressing, you'll need these covered with some art medium in order to leave a mark)

Journal  on the facing pages as per usual.


On a non-WTJ note.

Today's weather here in Southern NJ was absolutely gorgeous!! It is such a tease, I have a gut feeling that we are in for one last storm.

Ron had MRI's done today...it was nice to be out of the house...twice in one week for me...YEA!!  Sunday at the baby shower and out today.  Amanda's friend still has not named the baby...but the name she is leaning towards no one likes but her(it is too long, as she has a long last name)...well, it's her child...we'll see what happens over the next 12 hours or so.

Starting in April IN ADDITION to the WRECK THIS JOURNAL there will be  a special post each day...some days will be ART related, some days just LIFE, and other days may INVOKE or PROVOKE "discussional" comments from all of you, and I welcome them, as I enjoy healthy discussion and sharing of ideas.

Just to give you an idea...Saturdays will be Scary Saturday (thought provoking discussion)
Sundays will be Scrapbook Sundays....you'll have to wait to see the rest :)

Be well,

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