Monday, March 8, 2010

apologies for missing today

I am a day behind on the WRECK THIS JOURNAL, and I apologize for not posting today.  I am not having a good day (except for the weather being spring-like and luscious). AND we found out today a neighbor died last week, she was only 51..melanoma (skin CA).  scary.  Then my daughter's friend went into labor, and had her daughter earlier this evening...6lbs. 11 oz.  19 1/2"   not named yet... so I'll be back tomorrow afternoon with WTJ posting. 

The morning is busy,
Ron is having an MRI of his brain, and one of his C-spine to get a better look at that compressed/fused disk he has.

be well,


Beadwright said...

Hey Susan sorry you day is not so great. Email me if you need to. Hope the MRI goes well.

Anonymous said...
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