Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Giveaway of My own!--30days/50 followers

EDIT: 3/13/10

I now have more than 50 followers & My blog is a month old!!  I am going to celebrate with a small giveaway. More info on what the giveaway is, to follow later on. You MUST have already been a follower BY March 6th, which was yesterday.

You must be a follower to enter. (by yesterday)
Enter by posting a comment on this post, about 
*how you would describe my blog to others
* has my blog been helpful to you, or uplifting, or inspirational in any way?
* are you glad you signed up to be a follower's what The lucky winner will win(I covered at least 3 seasons here--winter,spring & summer): 

* 2010 art calendar(desk size)
* Lighthouse Notepad
* Sea shells grocery pad
* 6 pack of cinnamon snowflake tea lights
* pre-printed CD label and mailing envelope by EK Success
* 20 pack of Print yourself enclosures with envelopes (look good for a bridal shower)
* package of trims and ribbons, appropriate for bridal shower etc.
* package of Bride embellishments by Jolee's 
* I may add some more to this package before it goes postal, and I will MOST LIKELY add some chocolate!  Have already added 3 more surprise is a book!

up close...the bridal stuff, calendar and CD set

close-up of the pads and candles

Scrapbooking components-homemade, one by me, others not by me. But all are nice. organization book, romance novel, specialty Tea, small picture frame and matching memory book, 2 music CDs, printed post-it note pad. Brand new package of Lavender vellum, brand new package of tags  Birthday, I believe. 2 sets of friendship twisty ties from Club Navy, One brown.   NOT SHOWN: papers from Club scrap, Big Alphabet sticker sheet from Club scrap. Lastly, a small fleece throw from the Humane Society of the USA with a winter scene, still sealed in bag.  here are 2 closer pics.

EXTENSION:  to be fair, there are only 5 comments and one of them is not a follower, so I will NOT be drawing a winner Until Wednesday night, 3/17. Thank you for understanding!!

Thanks...BTW...I have LOTS of plans for this blog,


Laurie said...

How exciting! Thank you for the chance to win! I would describe your blog to others as art along with quite a bit of personal. I'm glad I became a follower. And it's been inspirational as I've followed along in your Wreck This Journal journey.

McCrafty said...

Wow, already a giveaway:). I like to visit your blog, to see what is going on with you, and see your art. I am just a step away, to order "Wreck This Journal", as I look at yours :) you can see, I am glad to became your follower, your first follower ;).

Micki said...

I have been a follower and I wuld love to enter your giveaway.Your blog is so inpirational and beautiful!
Thanks for a lovely giveaway!

WW said...

A great blog about you and your artwork, which has a different feel to it.
I've loved reading your blog, it's so fun to learn about people even though we're not actually able to meet.
And, yes, I'm glad I became a follower, like I said, I love reading your blog and learning more about you and your artwork.

The Princess said...

Congratulations on your 50+ followers and one month anniversary! I am glad I can vicariously work through the Wreck This Journal with you - because my OCD would not let me work on any of the pages. Thanks for sharing this part of your life =)

Neky White said...

I almost miss this great giveaway!
Well... the first impression I had of your blog is that's an inspirational blog because your story is about survival, of living every day with all your strength and fill the gaps it may have with beautiful things that happily you share with us, that's why I signed up to your blog ^_^

BrendaLea, the Prpldy said...

Oh my Susan,

You are so generous with your giveaway. Thanks for stopping by mine, I am now a follow3er...but not by the 6th... so i guess I am not entered. Sorry I wish i had known about it before.
I look forward to going back and reading more of your blog and getting to know you. You and I are the same age... yee-ha!!!!

prpldy (at) comcast dot net

jonio said...

I'm drooling over all of this!!! I am loving your blog Susan, it's totally you in a nutshell. I feel like we're just sitting and talking together every time I read it. Keep it coming.