Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the other Mother's day cards for OWH

I was in a rush to get these packaged up so I scanned them together...so the images aren't so great. But I wanted to share them with you. I am very excited that this is my first mailing for OWH(Operation Write home)
I made 11 mother's day cards, and 3 grandma mother's day cards!  Pretty cool :)

These are the 3 that are for service men (women) to send to grandma!

The bottom left one got cut off there is a jewel on the bottom of the flourish.  The colors are off on these.(sorry)

These are the last 3 (other than the 2 a couple of posts below)  I felt very good making these!


Beadwright said...

Wow Susan, these are so beautiful. You amaze me with your talent.

grandmalee said...

These are so great!!! I'm so happy you decided to help us out at OWH making these beautiful cards! the soldiers will be in awe of your work like I am. Hopefully, you are able to use some of the goodies I sent you in the blog candy win!