Thursday, March 18, 2010

some new art to share

I am in a swap for Japanese Haiku's on a 6 X 6 Asian decorated Platform (hopefully Japanese)

we could make and swap from 1-4, I chose to swap 3, then I made a 4th for the hostess. One of the one I made for swapping I made 2 of, one for myself. The one I made for the hostess, I also made one for myself.

All the actual Haiku's are written by me.  I hope you enjoy these.

*****I do not have a watermark nor, know how to use one, so  PLEASE, be inspired by what you see, but do not copy it, Idea and art "borrowing" is actually theft. please remember copyright rules. Thank you!*****

Silence Surrenders:
Club scrap paper, I raised some up 3D, Black German scrap borders this piece. The green around the haiku is more minty than it appears, I tried to adjust, which made the Bkgd. less beige than it should be, also this paper is shimmery. The Haiku is written by me. (I made 2 of these one for myself)

To Return Home:
Japanese rice paper napkin, decoupaged with Modpodge. German scrap and a butterfly  added. Haiku is written by me.

The Night Wind:
alcohol inks and the metallic enhancers (silver) used on a transparency, grass stamped on mulberry paper, Stickles used on some of the grass, haiku mounted with glitter brads, German scrap and a butterfly pendant added. Haiku written by me.

Spring Brings Colors:
Club scrap paper is most of the art here, but the haiku is written by me. I added some bling and German scrap. This one is agift for the hostess and I also made one for myself.


The Princess said...

The Night Wind is my favorite. Groovies, thanks for sharing! said...

Wow, Haiku. Studied that in collage, it is really beautiful the art you create. Your sweet message on my giveaway post made my day. Lisa

Neky White said...

Those are just beautiful!!! My favorite is the first, I love it!!


Heather said...

The Night Wind and Silent Surrender are my faves. The Wreck the Journal project you're running sounded really interesting but haven't come across that book over here in the UK yet. Look forward to seeing what you and others do with it!

Carol said...

Very nicely done.

Janee said...

I *LOVE* the "Silence Surrenders" design you did. It's so beautiful.
And, what a great name!


Suze said...


These are fantastic, I love them.

Peggy said...

Beautiful Susan.

Card Crazy said...

You've captured the serenity of the Japanese Haiku beautifully in these amazing cards. Your poetry is inspirational and thoughtful. What a wonderful contribution to MIM Challenge.
Sue S.