Friday, March 5, 2010


TODAY, we'll be tackling pages 13 & 15 (with some journaling inbetween)
now if you DID NOT journal on page 12 (the back of page 11)  then you can do the page 13 project over the double page.  Page 13 assignment " hand print and finger prints"  use multiple items to color your hands or fingers...paint, ink, food, drink etc...go back and label each when dry,  then journal on the back of the page.

WHEN you journal, don't JUST talk about your day, talk about your thoughts while doing these projects.

On page 15,  we are "color in the entire page"  Remember the instructions are open to interpretation
To me, that means we can color in the entire page in one color, or many colors, or even fill the page with one big giant illustration.   go with whatever moves you.  and again, journal on the back...if you decide to color a "scene"  please describe your scene and what moved you to do that in your journaling.

SEND pictures to me at

the WTJ  will be off for the weekend. :)

Can't wait to see some of your work:)


The Strawberry Mallard said...

Hey Susan ~ The birds get paid to pose (ROTFL!) ~Seriously its not that hard, will email you manyan about it ~ up WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to late (or early!) Hugs to you and your human and furbabies!
NEBS & Gus Gus

Calia Yang said...

hey! thanks for droppin' by my blog and participating in the WeScrap blog hop! ^_^

I'll make a tutorial sometime this week just for you! ^_^ *hugs* Thanks for following!