Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Today you will start adding your own page numbers...I have decided to do mine in different colors and different styles and I will number them up to page 10 today. I will journal on the back of the page that says "add your own pages numbers", which happens to be the page that says "crack the spine"   (I already did but I will in a different spot today)
Again...the bleed thru from the BIC "Mark-its"  :(

...The IRONY of journaling today on the "crack the spine" page...is I am journaling about my Cervical spine, and pain & nerve pain. (an my Feral male cat)

You will then come upon a black page that says "Leave this page blank"...further journal on the back of that page...journal in DIFFERENT COLORS and DIFFERENT STYLES OF WRITING for this page.

the back of the "leave this page blank" page

email me pictures of your journaling, for tomorrow:  susanscraps@comcast.net

this is starting to get interesting.

Is anyone having any difficulty journaling??

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jonio said...

I've got to get one of these and get caught up - maybe by next payday............. I'll just have to work overtime on it (lol).