Wednesday, June 2, 2010

an APOLOGY...Edited 1 am

First to my regular readers for not having WTJ up...I'll get to it tomorrow along with the "Altered Page" challenge. (it is the first thursday of the month)
NOPE...can't even do printer is acting up...I have tried might have to be serviced..will try some more with it tomorrow!     so I'll have to try to see what i can do for the challenge without printing.  Or come up with some other way to be entertaining, LOL!
Next to my Commentators during the OPERATION WRITE HOME blog hop.

I seem to have a handful of unidentifiable people (at least through blogger, and no emails were left, some didn't even sign their name)

So The gals at Stars n Stamps are going to try and help me, as soon as I have an identification for everyone, the names will be put in their respective places and winners will be drawn.

The main candy is for Participants of the blog hop only, as stated in the hop post.
The envelopes of crafty stuff is for visitors that were not participants...right now  as it is there will be 3 of these envelopes--depending on which category these unidentified people end up, this might change.


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Neky White said...

Hi Susan! sorry I can't finish the pages for this week, my mom is a little sick. But I hope this weekend I could catch up ^^