Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday--tips, teach, tell (a story) and later on--Tea!

Hello, I hope you all had an enjoyable Memorial day weekend.  Mine was quiet but busy as I was a participant in the OPERATION WRITE HOME blog hop.  I am still not finished getting the names together for my blog candy, but I needed a break.  I have ever only participated in one other blog hop and that was 2010 ONE WORLD ONE HEART, pretty much the reason I made a blog.

This hop was different in the sense that it had tutorials and challenges and tips and stuff that one would like to remember or copy or whatever.  well, it is VERY hard to try to remember to go back...when you are visiting 140+ blogs.

so my TIPS for today are for blog hopping when the hop will include these kinds of things.

#1... Pace yourself, and try to take a small break after each hour to stretch your legs, clear your mind, and refresh your drink etc.  (like with anything else that keeps you on the computer for long periods)

#2...  Open up a word document (blank) and minimize it, that way it is ready with anything you want to copy and save.  Name it whatever blog hop, save it often, and you can sort what is on it later on.

#3... Have a spiral pad next you or the computer to write things down, like the names of blogs you want to come back to for some reason (tutorial or challenge or whatever)

#4...Do NOT be AFRAID to follow, most bloggers love followers, and most bloggers do NOT bite! LOL...I am now over the 1000 marker for how many blogs I follow...no, I can NOT read all of them everyday...there is a solution for that also...

#5...  This tip is for following...Use your "dashboard"  it allows you to skim...that way you get the name of the post for the day, a picture and the first couple of sentences of the post--this will tell you if it is something you want to stop and read or not.  The DIFFICULT thing for me, is those blogs that are NOT blogspot blogs...I have to either subscribe(which I really do not like--it clogs up my email) or I have to add them to my google reader...I ALWAYS FORGET ABOUT THE READER! DOH
so, I decided to put a few of those on my blog roll, making it easier for me to get to it.  I LOVE blogspot, and really wished everyone would use it, but the world doesn't bow to my preferences, I have to learn to deal with that, LOL!

#6... when commenting on a blog during a hop, if you have a question...ASK IT! and add that you would really like a response.  

Additionally when you comment on a blog (for any reason)  always be honest, most of us are adults, and would prefer the honesty, and can handle the truth (which is unusual and refreshing, since society has basically taught us to be phony(If you do not have anything nice to say, do not speak...well that makes one a liar, no?)  No one is saying be mean, but if they are asking how you like something on their blog...be honest...especially in the art world...creative criticism is important...that being say remember BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER...what someone may offer criticism on, another may say is perfect as it is...in the end it is the artist's choice, but let them know truthfully what you see or feel or whatever.  For example...many people like or love Picasso, personally I do not like his art what so ever. they are not wrong, nor am I, we are just different.  Just like I do not like this trend where everyone is drawing or painting people (women especially) with out of proportion eyes...their eyes take up up their whole  upper face!  Maybe you like that, and that's cool.  see what I mean?  Most bloggers become friends, and FRIENDS should always be honest with each other, and friends should ALWAYS BE ABLE to be honest with each other.

I'll be back later with any more tips I think of concerning blog hops, and perhaps a short tale over a cup of tea.

Ok, so it is a quick tea time...I am dealing with a great deal of pain in my right knee since Saturday afternoon, and this morning, my wrist, hand started up also(most of you know the story there) it is a long story, so I am NOT telling it today.  I'm just sharing that it is a vicodin day, and a HOT day, (window a/c's not in yet)  I have my coolest nightgown on now...was in shorts and a tea shirt. so I am drinking the hot tea to help balance my body temp. and took my vicodin. then I am heading to the couch to elevate the leg for a bit.

I will tell a short funny but embarrassing story...this morning (late morning) my son was getting ready to go out, he was being picked up by a friend.  The plan was he'd be out  for a few hours and when Ron came home, we'd be working with the A/C units.  So, I go into the D/S bathroom to wash up and get dressed, I left the Bathroom naked (sorry), went into the bedroom to get clothes. I turn around with my clothes and head back to the bathroom and the door is shut(while I was in the bedroom, my son said "I'm going Ma, see ya later!" and I heard a door close...I didn't think about it)
so now I am standing naked but holding my clothes  in front of the closed bathroom door, I start to open it slowly thinking The wind might have closed it or possible tom closed it.  NOOOOOO I see the back of a body standing there, I automatically start to close the door, and I hear "Tom is outside, it's me Dan."  I was MORTIFIED, OMG!! did he see my fat nakedness as he went by the bedroom to the bathroom?  (Plus I had a poise pad out on the sink). Then I yelled for Tom. Holding my tee shirt up to myself and hanging half behind the bedroom door as best as my fat ass could (as there is stuff behind the door) and asked him what happened, he said "Dan called me when he arrived in the driveway and told me he needed to pee" I told him" C'mon in and use the Bathroom"  I was like you didn't even meet him at the door, or check to see if I was down the hall or in the bathroom etc?...since my knees went, and then my back, I haven't been sleeping up stairs (the mattress is waay to hard...my plan is to get a sleep number bed-- Otherwise I would make the trip up one time...at night and then down in the am, but since it is both the back and the knees, I kind of live downstairs)

UGH!  If I wasn't taking a vicodin (one of the big ones) I'd be having wine and not tea.   :)

I do not have any fancy tea cups anymore I used to have a small collection, and over the years my kids broke them or the hubby. I decided when we finally move, I am going to start searching and collecting them again. My sister collects tea pots, and I have a niece that collects teapots...but ONLY Disney ones.

Additionally I usually drink my tea out of a mug not cups...next week I'll take pictures of my favorite mugs :) 

wishing you all a good tea time, and a great evening!


Erika said...

Great tips! Thank you for sharing - I often forget about the Dashboard Blogger offers - I'm usually trying to scroll through all of the Readers I've subscribed to!

Cheryl said...

Great tips!! Thanks...if you have time would you mind sharing with me how you were able to place this text here in your comment box...I'd love to be able to do the same on my blog @ http://dontworrybescrappi.blogspot.com

Karen McAlpine said...

Hi Susan. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I went in and had my cast put on today. It will be on 4 weeks and the they will look at it and see...then maybe another 4 weeks in a cast. I hope you are having a good day with minimal pain. Thanks for your good wishes.

Cheryl said...

Hey again...sorry to confuse you...what I was asking about is how you got this text
"Hello, How are you? Well I hope. Please feel free to leave a comment. I appreciate ALL comments I get and even welcome ones that may start a "discussion" Please remember to leave your email :)
Thanks, Susan"
to show up where it says "leave your comment" I just don't know how to do this myself but would love to be able to customise my comment box like you have done yours!

WW said...

Here's a tip for you, Susan, add the "My Blog List" to your sidebar with all the blogs you follow. You can order it alphabetically or when they update. I have mine on when updated, it shows the most recently updated on the top, lists the name of the blog, then the title of the post, then how long ago it was updated.
You can put however many blogs you want in it. When updating it, it will ask how you want to add blogs. The choices are import subscriptions from google reader or add by URL.
When I add a new blog to my list (and it's a pretty long list, about 150 blogs, not all blogger blogs), I either hit the follow, if it's a blogger blog, or add it in my dashboard under add as URL, then I make sure that I go into my template and add it on my blog list.
Not only is it helpful for me, but it also lets anyone who reads me, see what I'm reading and they can just go ahead and click on the blog to check it out.

Hope you're doing well.

Wendy W