Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friday is Dear So and So day

it is Friday...that means it is time for DEAR SO and SO  join us :)

Dear Home Depot Paint dept.;
Thanks very much for helping me find the shades of Wisteria to repaint our master bedroom.
You did so pleasantly, and rather quickly. I appreciate that. Especially after the snowthrower debacle earlier this year!

a happy customer
Dear Home Depot Carpeting dept.;
Thank you for matching the lightest shade of the wisteria, being used for the ceiling in the MB and for the hallway, entire color. to a nice plush carpet by Mohawk. (we won't be ready for this for at least a month or so) but at least now I know what to come in and ask for.

a happy customer
Dear AC Moore;
Thank you SOOO very much for having some really awesome items on clearance I won't mention how much I spent, but I saved over $190.00...Most is for me, some is going in the box for Future Blog giveaways.  I also bought new Honey Bee scissors and a big thing of Prima Flowers, nice treat!

A very happy customer
Dear new kitten Maggie,
You tested negative for tape worms, so IF your no stop eating (through everything) doesn't end soon you'll be heading to the shelter. High Metabolism or not--NO CATS on the COUNTERS!!


Dear daughter Amanda,
You need to start doing a better job of training your kitten, PLEASE buy a SQUIRT BOTTLE!!
Maggie will be heading out, if her chewing through packaging to get to food doesn't end.


Dear Body,
Man, you really need to start being able to sleep, SLEEP  not this dozing for 20-30 minutes crap, and then awake, repeat etc.  PLEASE try harder tonight.

The brain and other organs that need to replenish cells

This concludes this week's version of Dear So & So

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judie said...

love it !!! have you slept yet ???