Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Update: House fire

We are still without power. our next door neighbor ran a line to us, we have 2 lamps in the LR and one in the Kitchen... the frig is plugged in and the puter and big freezer share so we turn the puter on now and again, but it is too much for the freezer and puter to run at the same time.  I wanted to share pictures today but my camera doc is not plugged in. so they will have to wait.  Service master is starting their clean up tomorrow of the upstairs areas affected by the smoke and soot.

We went thru a very harrowing day yesterday due to that little piece-of-shit-cop, he went searching thru the house (we were unaware, thinking he was just talking to the firemen after the fire) but he took notes on some stuff in the house.

Our house is an old hand built farm house that we have been modernizing and trying to bring up to today's codes as much as we can, but of course once I got disabled and lost my income (the higher of the 2) we ran out of $$ and construction stopped, so we have a room that is basically studs and insulation, so there are open electrical boxes...but they are not "hot" or on...he wrote that down, and that there was a moldy spot on the ceiling in a room where we have had an ongoing leak...each time we fix it or think we fix it, another starts, and water finds it's own path, and for some reason this same spot is the path.

He wrote it ALL down and turned it in to the bldg code violation dept.

So yesterday the cops showed up with a detective and a bldg inspector with a warrant to search the entire house.  the detective I know, I reminded him that I taught his children sunday school, and that I was the head person for girl scouts in our township for several years, and I was also involved with cubsouts.

I reminded him that there is a heroine ring down town and wouldn't our tax dollars be better spent on taking care of that issue rather than bothering innocent hardworking  good people.  I also reminded him that they turned on their own (my other neighbor is a former lt. with the police dept. but he broke his neck and is now out) another neighbor complained about his yard being neglected, and he got hit with several fines over a 4 month period of time totaling 1500$...

and I reminded them that GOD NEVER SLEEPS, that he sees what they are doing and they should be ashamed.  the inspector is coming here again tomorrow (hubby is going back to work)  he had the nerve to tell my husband to "tell your wife to be silent while I'm here, if you want an approval for the power to be turned back on"  Can you imagine??!!  what is wrong with these people anymore?

oh well...more later or tomorrow.

Be well,


Cheryl said...

You poor lady, Sorry to ehar you had a a fire.I hope everything gets back to normal at your place real soon! Hugs, Cheryl

Greg said...

I think a call to the mayor & police chief are in order. Don't forget a nice letter to your local paper as well. Maybe you live in an incredibly small town where the cops moonlight as building inspectors. I dunno.. Keep your chin up!!