Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday, muse upset, wants to clarify something

after receiving a kind of nasty comment about my fire pictures post.  I feel I need to say something AGAIN, so as NOT to be misconstrued.
EDIT:  this same person who verbally attacked me for not being grateful that the firemen put out the fire, and that my daughter, son and I should re examine ourselves for being concerned over our losses. (oh anonymously of course...I do NOT publish anon comments)

went on to add this comment to this post: (I have to share it)...I just read more of your fire posts. Wow. You really are a piece of work. That's it. I'll darken your doorway no more.

to that I say: I'm a piece of work? 

You sit back passing judgment on people without the maturity to even give a name, you think that makes you any better?    I know what your name is....TROLL...and if I really wanted to know more about you, having friends(actually friends of my sons) that are good at computers and hacking...I could find you.

Luckily, you are not someone I choose to know better.  Keep your non-caring, judgmental comments to yourself...that is exactly why you are anonymous...cause you have nothing nice to say, and no truth to share.  I feel sorry for you.

Am I wrong about this person?  Is there something wrong in the way I am dealing with this stressful event in my life?  I have a lot of friends here, so please be honest.
We KNOW that we are LUCKY that no one was hurt or worse. We KNOW we are very LUCKY that the fire stayed contained in one room.  We know we are LUCKY that the smoke and soot ONLY damaged the Hallway, the upstairs bath and the Master Bedroom. (my daughter had her door closed)  The open room, that the stairs come up into, had smoke damage, but it is an unfinished room, no sheet rock yet...the insurance co is going to replace the insulation.

We are grateful for the firemen and the police, just not the ones who were assholes. (there is one in every group, y'all know that)


Greg said...

I really have a dislike for people who leave comments on MY blog telling me what I write is wrong. Its YOUR blog, YOUR feelings so I say screw 'em. If they don't like what you write they don't have to read it.. Its refreshing to see someone writing what/how they feel and not sugar coating it. You ROCK!

Cheryl said...

Hi Susan I just wanted to say that I read your post about your house fire. Blogs to me are a place to vent our frustrations at times - the person who said such mean things in response to your frustration should be be 100% disregarded. On a side note I watch a lot of reality tv and often I read the accompanying write ups and also the comments section. I always notice that people can be so cruel when they are anonymously spewing their thoughts. You are entitled to speak YOUR mind on YOUR blog so go right ahead Girl -we don't mind!!

Jenny said...

I honestly feel that you are handling yourself very well in regards to such a stressful event!!

Shame on the person who is ridiculing you ANONYMOUSLY, as if you don't have enough to deal with!!!

I can tell that you are grateful for the help the firemen and police gave you - I don't believe it was necessary for any of them to treat you poorly, especially after having so many precious memories destroyed!!!

Hang in there and don't let that anonymous person bring you down!!

Blogs are here for all of us to express our good and bad feelings about things going on in our lives!!!

Deborah said...

Susan, ignore them. I had a fire back in 2008 and it was a disaster in more ways than one. My insurance company sucked. I would say if you don't have a lawyer yet, Get one - a good one. Do not trust the insurance company or the public adjusters. They are either in it to save themselves money or for money. As to the SOBs in this world, I have learned to my cost they are everywhere. Spit in their eye and move on.