Monday, June 14, 2010

Fire Pictures

My son took a small handful of pictures for me...I'd have taken more, especially of ALL the damage to the items in the room.  You will see that he zeroed in on some of his personal stuff, LOL.

First I would like to share a different picture with you.

This is Amanda's senior prom gown...she paid for it all by herself...$400.00  I bought the shoes and jewelry and paid for her hair,nails and makeup that day, but I digress.  She was holding onto this dress thinking  MAYBE, just maybe she would use it as her wedding gown (not that she is engaged or anything)  it is just because it is white, and unique.  The company only made 10 of these, and another 10 with navy blue vines and flowers.

This gown was in it's garment bag and laying on the top bunk of the bed in Tom's room. The garment bag melted and fused to the gown, and because of all the tulle, the entire thing melted and fused to the mattress. We were heartbroken...even her brother felt bad.

Ok onto the fire pictures(remember this room had basically just been finished):

entering the room from the hallway, the hallway is a very pale aqua, please note the color of our stained molding.  

 Looking straight up upon entering room  

Looking to your immediate right, like behind the door.  Brand new wall paper.

This is basically straight ahead of the door, but taken closer and at a slight angle, this the wall above the outlet that the fan was plugged into... this was BEAUTIFUL solid wood, bead board paneling, stained  "Early American" by Minwax and polyurethaned.

There is the outlet on the bottom left then you can see the upper part of the fan, and all the stuff from the closets, NOTE:  all the chopped holes in the walls that you have seen, and are seeing were made by the firemen.  That's Amanda's varsity jacket...the cuffs melted, and the leather got crispy,  we are going to cut off all the lettering and the embroidery and try to get it dry cleaned and then put it in a shadow box. there is the stand part of the fan also.  

The room was vacant as we had started renovating it(2 years ago), Tom moved out, so the closet was then used by Amanda and I for overflow etc. (My shower chair and commode from when I had my knee replaced were in there) I only had a few articles of clothing in their, my husband's suit was in there. The majority was Amanda's stuff.  Tom just moved back home about 1 month before the fire, his stuff is still in NC, otherwise there would have even been a greater loss.  He did not take a picture and I do not know why, of the TV  and  VCR that was in there or the computer, all you couldn't even imagine.  They were originally in Amanda's room. She recently acquired a huge HP laptop (maybe 17" or more).

This is the upper closet, the firemen knocked everything down and knocked holes in the wall, of course Amanda feels that if they didn't knock it all down, a lot of her articles of clothing would have been salvageable.  Maybe, ya never know, but I do know that firemen always cause more damage then the fire. (yes I have experience enough to be able to say this, sadly)

The ceiling in front of the closet and above the outlet

Same wall as the outlet, down the other corner and above window. you can clearly see it is bright daylight out, yet the wall and ceiling are black. The plastic lined runners and all the weatherstripping either is ripped or melted...the firemen broke out both panes of glass...they claimed the window was locked, it was NOT.  This is a huge window, and abnormal size, we were actually annoyed with the builder because we have to have custom blinds made for this (and our bedroom)  it is like 46 3/4" by 68"  something like that.

this is a picture my son took of 3 tee shirts and 2 BRAND NEW hats.  The gray tee shirt is just remnants there on the right. On the left is a "System of a Down" Tee (The band is no longer together, so it is kind of a collector item) and a green Mario brothers tee, both are semi burnt, and disinigrating when you touch them.  These hats melted, he just bought them at HOT TOPIC, he had a 3rd one, like a  cabbie hat  with "Jack Skelington" on it, but it was by the door, so salvageable.

View from the fire spot diagonally across the room, you can see where we needed to finish the border.  The bunk bed is solid wood, double bed on the bottom, twin on top, it was also brand new 1K.  we do not know if the wood can be saved, the insurance lady told us we can try, but she is claiming it anyway.  the mattresses are trashed.

The wall on the other side of the door backing up to the hallway, like I said brand new wall 

The view from the door towards the bed, they had already moved stuff around so you can not see the top of the top mattress or where the gown is melted to it.  Note the mural on the back wall, it did not peel or melt like the other wall paper (I guess the bed took the heat)  but it is very soot stained.

Do not get me wrong, I KNOW how lucky we are, but it is still heartbreaking, that if this had to happen, why did it have to be the room newly done???...murphy's law, I guess.

Yes, we are still without power, a lic. electrician was here on Friday, and spoke to the ____________ inspector guy, did everything he told him, and then the inspector guy said at 3pm (after he told my husband at 11am...there'd be someone available after lunch) there is no one available to come out there today, and I am not even sure about husband and son keep fantasizing about this guy's demise!!!  We spoke to another electrician friend that promised us a phone number of the HEAD person OVER all the counties inspectors.  However, we are still waiting on that number.  :(


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I had a house fire years ago and it was just devastating. It took a long time to get back to normal, but eventually, I did.

Hang in there!

helloholley said...

Oh Susan....I can feel your pain and I'm so very sorry you are going through this!!! Yes,I am happy that you all made it out alive....but the sentimental things are always the hardest to lose. Amanda's dress was beautiful and would've been a lovely wedding gown....but I'm glad she's alive to be able to get married....she will find another dress I'm sure....but it's awful that she has to....KWIM??? God bless you guys and I'm here if you need to vent!!!
Your Stampin' Friend,

Serline said...

So sorry about the fire. Hope you can pick up the pieces and get your lives back on track soon. God bless.

affectioknit said...

Oh my! That is tragic - I'm so glad no one was hurt!

Melissa said...

OMG, Susan!!! I apparently missed a whole lot while I was lost!!! I am so sorry to read all of this. I am sorry for Amanda and her dress (but being self-centered and money focused is so age appropriate for her), I am sorry for your son for the guilt he feels (though leaving the fan on incessantly sounds so like something my son would do), and I am so sorry for you and your husband to have had so much damage to the house and then to have it compounded by rudeness. I hope it all squares away very quickly!!

Jenny said...

That is so heartbreaking to see and read - I know that you will overcome all of this, but I can imagine how overwhelming it all must be!!!

Stay strong and keep your chin up!!!!

You will be in my prayers!