Friday, June 11, 2010

Dear So and So...

We are still without power (which also means without running water and flush toilets) from this the other posts if you wish.

Dear Christopher (Amanda's B/F):

Thank you so very much for caring enough about my daughter to fly up our staircase to see if there was anything you could do to help with the fire. Your courage and bravery touched my heart!

Dear, Dear husband Ron:

Thank you for your quick thinking to just close the door to the room (upon seeing how thick the smoke was) and making us all get out.

Dear Officer Mike with Waretown's Police Department:

I DO understand that you had a job to do the night of our Fire. I do NOT understand why you had to do it as an ASS. I believe some sensitivity training would do you some good, and the people you deal with a whole lotta good.

Dear God:

Thank you for keeping the fire contained to one room and allowing everyone to get out and remain safe including our kitties!

Dear Waretown Volunteer Fire Dept. :

Thank you for finally arriving, and putting out the fire at my home.  However, None of us can figure out why there were at least 15 of you milling around our yard not doing anything(while another 5-6 were inside), and 5 trucks when you only used the one...what if there was another fire in town at the same time? (we live 7 miles west of town, in the boondocks--so you can see my concern for my fellow township residents)  I am grateful, but I am concerned that if you sent out the entire department every time you get a call, what happens if 2 calls come in??  NOTE:  I think you all need to have one person be the spokesperson and keep the homeowners in the loop, and not be whispering  among yourselves. try to imagine if the fire was at your home, the homeowner has a right to know what is going on.

Dear son Thomas:

I know you are not to blame for the fan causing a fire, but you are to blame for leaving it run for 3 days straight-24 hours without a rest period.  I do want to THANK YOU for being here to help during the aftermath.


Dear Building inspector of Waretown:

I only have 5 words for you...F**K OFF and DROP DEAD! keep admitting you are NOT an Electrical inspector, so STOP trying to do a job you are not qualified to do.

Dear Waretown government offices:

HIRE an ELECTRICAL inspector, and stop doing the jobs half-assed!

Dear O'Malley Family:

We can never THANK YOU enough for the kindness you have shown us. Thank you for running a power line to us from your home.  Thank you for letting us get water to flush our toilets with. Thank you for allowing us to use your shower. Thank you for storing our meat in your freezer.

Dear daughter Amanda,

Please learn how to be a team player, instead of adding up how much $$ you are going to get back from this fire. (and what you are going to spend it on)

Dear BLOGLAND friends:

Thank you so very much for all the well wishes and prayers!  Some of you have been praying for a while on other matters (family issues, my disabilities, Ron's eyesight etc)  It really DOES mean a lot to me.

Dear Judge of the Future Workers comp. hearing:

PLEASE take everything in account...especially how I went back to college for this job/career, got my degree, have 46K in student loans, and then lost the ability to do my job.*

* this one will remain on my dear S0 and So list each week til I actually have my hearing


Angela said...

Oh you poor things. What a terrible thing to have...a house firs. Hopefully all will be restored soon

Tess said...

I am so glad noone was hurt.

helloholley said...

Oh Susan!!! I'm such a terrible blogging friend!!!! I haven't checked here in awhile....I've been consumed with my own set of problems!!! Please forgive me! I will be praying for you and your family for sure,I hope things get back to normal soon!!! Please keep me in the loop.....prayers and lots of stampin' hug sent your way!!