Saturday, June 5, 2010

Misc. Saturday LOL...

first for OWH blog hoppers....The winners will be drawn no later than 9pm(EST) this evening and announced.  I am sorry I have a number of people that commented that I can not find a blog for or an email, so if they do not step forward or the nice gals over at Stars n stamps can't help me figure out who they are by 6pm (EST) they simply will not be included...I have postponed long enough. is this month's ALTERED PAGES challenge image, create something out of this image by Wednesday(6/9) night 9pm (EST) and comment in THIS post the link to your creation. and I will draw a winner on Thursday for the entire collage sheet (digital) that this image was taken from. Please visit Jackie over at Altered pages  for AWESOME collage images, she has the most of anyone!!

I will admit to making this a bit more sepia, and brightening it up. My printer is still not right :( so I am unable to print an image for me to make something for this just yet.

So how are you all?  I will admit that the pollen is kicking my butt (maybe the new kitten also) but at least it is just my head, if it were my asthma also, she'd have to go.  This little Maggie (maggaroo)
is not only a LOON!  but I think she was a goat in her first life...she eats ANYTHING and everything. (except for her own kitten chow, LOL...nah, she eats that too, it just doesn't seem like much)  Her super sniffer allows her to smell through any wrapper even from upstairs in a sound sleep. 

Well with Memorial Day weekend behind us it is officially Tourist season here at the "Jersey Shore"...and life here is nothing like that stupid show!!  It does mean a little longer drive to anything, an increase in the prices at out super markets (though they say NO, we don't do that...they definitely DO)  it also means dealing with out-of-state drivers, and I am sure every state complains about some other state's drivers.  I won't mention any states but one, does not obey speed limits in either fashion...if it is local state highways they go waay too fast (and in parking lots) or they get in the fast lane on the major highways and go too slow.  They also have an affinity to leave their High beams on when driving behind other people at night.  Another state of regular supplier of tourists here, musn't have any laws about passing on the right or right of way, cause these guys totally disobey them.  They also refuse to put there lights on when it is rainy, and that is a law here in NJ...wipers on, then lights on!

And what is it with going to the grocery store, and chatting on your cell phone for the entire time, and always manage to be stopped and parked dead center of the isle? (OK, some locals do this also)

My daughter works in the town of Barnegat Light (where the lighthouse is..."Old Barney") and she deals with even other annoyances...Familiar with the show "Royal Pains"?  well our "Long Beach Island" has it's own sections of the "Hamptoms"  a good portion of Barnegat Light is this way.  She comes home every day with tales of some snooty rich lady or guy over their meat and or deli products. (She works in an infamous Family owned Butcher shop and grocery).  LBI is only 18 miles long, and has been building up ever since the 40s, but they still manage to find and fill empty land with more and more homes and the occasional business... it never ceases to amaze my husband or I, so every year brings more and more people and traffic.  It is approx a 25 minute drive to the ocean when it is off season.  We have not been to the beach since 1996...very sad.  We have driven to the island and eaten or down to the lighthouse to watch the inlet and have some ice cream(dairy queen) and sometimes do some crabbing, but it is very hard now, especially with my back and knees to deal with getting to the beach.  The beach by the lighthouse we might try this year as it is less populated  due to extensive erosion (again very sad)...we prefer to go later in the day anyway, I have never been a sun bather(baker-skin cancer maker), I also can not handle the heat the older I get, LOL (I'm also a bigger gal than I was) and now that the kids are grown, we go to relax and/or surf fish.  I do miss it, as it was 20 years ago though, still more traffic and people, but not like now. Of course as one grows older we can't be bothered with some of the things we would put up with when we were younger, wouldn't you say that is a true statement?  We look for less conflict, less pressure, we look for more ease of things, more harmony.
It is my goal to spend a few evenings this year at the ocean, one way or another! I'll keep you posted.

I hope to post some scrapping layouts tomorrow, that I made for my great-niece of her sweet 16 birthday 5 years ago. (She is the older sister of Daisy, who is on my sidebar)  I also have one last challenge card for the OWH hop to post, but I must check first as I might be too late.


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The Princess said...

I think that the lights and wipers need to be connected, so when you turn the wipers on the lights come on too =) As much as I do not care for tourist season, I do hope we will still do well this year. I myself have never been a beach bunny - but the idea of not being able to take BB to the beaches is heartbreaking. I am going to see what I can do with that image =)