Friday, June 11, 2010

Today is Friday...that means...

something FREE:

Something FUN

The winner that guessed my birthday DATE this month (or closest to it) was

BrendaLea, the Prpldy   who said...
I was going to say the 13th but I see Tess guessed that already. The 13th is my Grandson's birthday. So How about the 26 (2 x 13)?

Happy Early Birthday Wishes,

My birthday date is...the 22nd.  A LOT of the people that guessed, guessed the 13th, I also had a handful of 10ths. LOL  and i'd like to add that my nephew/Godson's B-day is the 26th.

BrendaLea, will be receiving a crafter's dozen of fibers (fancy ones) from me

the NEW FUN....How old will I be on the 22nd?  the winner will receive a used set of background stamps from STAMPIN' UP.

The Burning question this week, looking for FRANK answers....What is the highest you will pay for a hotel room, a non tourist town...a regular hotel like Holiday Inn?


Lucy - By the Hill said...

Thanks for the lovely collage images, I will use them!
As for the question? My husband and I make our way to Arizona and back each year. We really don't need a Holiday Inn, just a place to sleep, we check in late, leave early.
We HONESTLY don't like to pay more than 70.-75.00 but try to find something for less and have found as low as 45 - 50, but always ask to see the room/unit and make sure it is clean.
Thanks again, have a happy weekend!

Micki said...

You are a June baby like myself. Hope your birthday is wonderful!