Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday--Dear So and So

I have sooo much to catch up on just on the blogging part of my life (since being without power for 8 days) then there is swaps, laundry, cleaning, and getting ready to assist with the gutting of Tom's room so we can start over, and the ripping up of the MB and Hallway carpet, and going to buy paint! (I am going with the color of Wisteria for MB walls and a much paler purple almost a tinted white for the ceiling, and I hope to find something like it for the carpet...we'll see.

so onto Dear So & So:

Dear Amanda, I appreciate the call you made to the West Creek office of the Electric company, which seemed to be more on the ball than the main corporate office!  I also appreciate you taking me out to the store the other night, after dinner. Love you, Mom

Dear Tom, I appreciate all the help you have been giving to your Dad this past wretched week! Love you, mom

Dear Ron, Thank you for soo NOT totally freaking out during this craziness!  I know it was frying your every nerve, but you held it together great! I Love You! xoxo

Dear Tom & Amanda, I did NOT appreciate having to be a sparring ref. during dinner out in public, I do not think your GF appreciated it either, Tom. Amanda for you to use such language while you could clearly see a table with 2 small children in front of us totally mortified me. NO ONE would ever guess that you are really both well over the age of 15, if going on hearing you only.(T-24, A-23)  You both need to grow up already and give up this stupid sibling competition...who gets more, who gets more praise, who gets more affection, who gets more trust, who is sneakier, who is the liar, who gets in more trouble.  I have had to deal with this since you were both walking, ENOUGH ALREADY!!!, your on-the-verge-of-crazy mother

Dear Christopher, what you did to my daughter was waay wrong and the coward's way out. I am now angry at myself for considering you brave over a week ago. Grow up and grow a set! be a man, tell the truth, don't lead people on. Also, just because your parents are prudy and reserved doesn't make our family crazy! We are just more animated, remember...a father with ADD and Diabetic mood swings, a mother with ADHD and Post-traumatic depression and Post-traumatic Anxiety, plus your girl, or X girl---ADHD and her brother--ADHD and yea, we can get loud and proud!

Dear O'Malley Family, Again we can never thank you enough for being there for us, during this traumatic period.

Dear Kitties, I am soo glad none of you were injured or got lost due to the fire! I'd miss you terribly, as you are the ones that spend the most time with me.

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Kasey said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog, but mostly for the great tips in the radiology profession! I'm really nervous about starting in august, but excited at the same time. I'm so sorry to hear about your injury and wish you and your husband well!!