Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm Flattered to be the recipient of the KREATIV BLOGGER AWARD!

WOWZA!!  I am very much surprised, and extremely flattered to be awarded the KREATIV BLOGGER.

I was awarded this by friend in Slovenia, Poldka of McCrafty  
(scroll down a bit on her blog)

There are rules to be followed for this award:

The rules for this award are:
1. Thank the person who gave this to you.
2. Copy the logo and place it in your blog.
3. Link the person who nominated you.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know.
5. Nominate seven 'Kreativ Bloggers'
6. Post links to the seven blogs you nominate
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you nominated them.

My nominations:

Karen from OWH Stars and Stamps
Elizabeth (and Bleubeard) from The Altered Book Lover
Heather  from Heather Fenn Edwards
Nicole from Beadwright
Nancy (and Angus) from The Strawberry Mallard 

Seven Things about me, that you may not know:
1.  I was a "Rural Letter Carrier" (USPS) for just shy of 7 years
2. I had a 2nd trimester miscarriage at the age of 19, I had already felt life, and heard the heartbeat. It was quite rough to go through, especially at that age. She would be 30 now. 
3. I was an owner/operator of a tree and firewood service company with my husband (we started it before we were married) for 5 years. We worked side by side, and he always said I was his best assistant (as sometimes he'd have a friend fill in for me)  9 months pregnant with our son, I was still his "rope man" to pull and keep slack on trees as he cut them down.  I have my own chainsaw. (however now with the disabilities I do not cut wood any more...I can still use the log splitter though) 
4.  I was a CNA  and a NA for almost 11 years. (certified Nursing assistant, and Non-certified nursing assistant, I was also a CHHA (Certified Home Health Aide)
5. I have an AA degree in Liberal Arts ( but it was heavy in Human Health, Education and Psychology)  I changed my curriculum 3 times since HS...initially a double major in Art and Psychology,  dropped the art as I was quite discouraged when I saw the talent of my classmates compared to mine, and I had a REAL A$$H**E for basic drawing and 2 dimensional design. 
so, then it was just Psych. then switched to Nursing(pre-nursing) and after a bad car accident, my knees were wrecked ( and the beginning of the neck issues also) so my Orthopedic Doc told me, I'd "never be able to be on my legs for 12 hour shifts" so "get out of Nursing"  so i switched to imaging, knowing there would be some down time...I wanted to do MRI, as for each patient, you spend more time sitting in front of the computer(scanner) than you do up on your legs........................
so That is where my BS in Diagnostic imaging comes in. I went to Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia...one year in X-ray (mandatory) and one in my specialty...MRI. 
6. I only got to work in my field for 5 years, before getting injured severely on the job, and becoming disabled.  The whole reason for me going back to school later in life (got my BS 1 month B4 my 40th Bday) was so Hubby could retire, and I would be the breadwinner. Ron is 19 years older than I. 
7. When I was a young teenager (13-16) I LOVED,  LOVED, LOVED  Horror Comic books, looking back now, I do not know why.

the other Mother's day cards for OWH

I was in a rush to get these packaged up so I scanned them together...so the images aren't so great. But I wanted to share them with you. I am very excited that this is my first mailing for OWH(Operation Write home)
I made 11 mother's day cards, and 3 grandma mother's day cards!  Pretty cool :)

These are the 3 that are for service men (women) to send to grandma!

The bottom left one got cut off there is a jewel on the bottom of the flourish.  The colors are off on these.(sorry)

These are the last 3 (other than the 2 a couple of posts below)  I felt very good making these!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

NEW giveaway to share...(again you know me, this may grow)

 Lorraine at Lorraine's loft is doing her bi weekly giveaway just one week this time around, drawing next wed morning.  the candy is this lovely house mouse stamp.


Charlene at Paper and Ink playground has a giveaway going on:

Jessica at KIDS NAPPING, I'M SCRAPPING is celebrating her 2 year blogoversary!
here's a peek at the candy....

Bev's  Bits Candy to celebrate her 40th birthday!

Brenda at Floral Fantasies is having her 1 year blogoversary!

Lesley at Paperlicious Delicious is celebrating her blogoversary:

Wendy over at the Frog Palace is giving away some goodies also:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Simon says challenge

 2 cards for the craft table, "Simon Says Stamp"  challenge
it was to use shine, glimmer or glint etc.
Both of these cards are going to OWH for Mother's day.

any smudges are on the scanner (guess it needs to be cleaned.)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In case any of you missed it... BLOG HOP

Just rite stampers is on day 2 of there three day hop...all comments must be made by Friday so here is the link to the starting point for days(and on this page they give the link to start yesterdays)

like I said...in case you missed : Mega giveaways Just Rite blog hop

Just a reminder...

That the Purple lady is doing 29 days of giving

Monday, March 22, 2010

some late night art--and a worthy blog hop

I am Hopping thru the OWH blog hop...OWH = OPERATION WRITE HOME,  it is a group of people that make and ship blank cards(on the inside) to our service men and women overseas, so that they may have some beautiful cards to send to loved ones. (as you know there are no hallmark cards in the desert)  They also send cards of thanks and encouragement.  I happened upon this blog hop quite by mistake, and I am so glad I did.
One of the bloggers (like many is doing a giveaway)  but for her's you must use her sketch and make a card any card, I decided to make an Easter Card for my mom, she is the only one I give one to any more.

anyway here is the card I made very late last night.
and I will come back and add the link to start the blog hop on your own for anyone who is interested. here is the link:  OWH spring Blog Hop    

I think this is something I am going to participate in, starting with a few Mother's day cards...the deadline to have yours to one of the "shipper's" is April 1.

 * card stock-- Bazzill basics
* Printed paper-- Ki memories
*stamps-- both retired Stampin' Up
* basic Black ink-- Stampin' Up
* Barely Banana, So Saffron, and regal Rose markers by Stampin' Up
* Misc.-- 2 buttons and blue shiny (though you can't tell in the scan) Punchinella

*Cardstock--white, GP, Mint Melody, retired Stampin" Up
*Prima flowers
*Misc, lace and ribbon
* Chipboard sentiment and flower button, K  & Co.
*flower stamp, from "You make me Happy" Stampin' Up
*ink--Razzleberry, Stampin" Up

This was another challenge--to use chipboard-- for OWH, from Cr8ive me 

*misc. Card stock
* Misc. elephant sticker
* Label punch, Stampin' up
*sentiment from "you Make Me Happy"-Stampin' Up
*prima flowers
*new scallop border and corner punch, first use...made a little boo-boo, LOL

This was a challenge to use something old, just laying around (sticker), by Creating for a cause

it was kind of fun, so I have already 2 cards to add to many more to come for OWH!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Forest FIRE continued...

well one of the hot spots flared back up, and again today we are in smoke and ash, just not as thick.  we have not rec'd any police man knocking on our doors (good)  and there are no road blocks today, there are officers and firemen still hanging out at certain places near our little "village"  just not as close as yesterday.  I hope they get these "hot spots" under control soon, so the smoke will dissipate.

I refer to our area as a village because at one time it was , and our little section of Waretown, NJ is known as Brookville, and it the century past it was a village  of it's own...there is a one room schoolhouse/church here and at one time it's own fire dept.  The school bldg is still here and is maintained and used one sunday a month for church services.  they used to run sunday school there every sunday for some of the kids, but as they grew up less and less came, so I do not think they do it any longer.

Brookville is one of the "lost villages of the Pine Barrens"  but we are not really lost.
 we are just way west of everything, everyone has acreage from 3--up to 100, and very secluded. :)  We have 4.77 acres and a very old house (the front half, we have addition that is only 22 years old).  I love where we live but I wish the house was totally done and fixed!

WTJ new pics--just a quickie!

I have some more of my pics up in the posts...you may go back and check them out if you like :)

CLARIFICATION:  these pictures are ADDED to all the appropriate posts for WTJ, since there are several, I couldn't link,  you'll just need to go to the archives and click each post sorry.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Well, we know it is spring here in the Pine Barrens of NJ, as the first of what will be many forest fires was today, it was close enough that our little "village" was enveloped in smoke, and then we got the knock on our door that it was "voluntary evacuation" at this point, but they were alerting us, 30 minutes later we were experiences ash.   

Ron drove up the road to speak with cops/firemen that were hanging out at the entrance to our "little village"

Two Fire Depts. started a back fire to burn towards the other in an attempt to stop it...which apparently worked cause about an hour or so later we started see trucks and stuff leaving.

We have been through this before 4 times...this is the 2nd time, there was ash. That is life in the woods.

Our next door neighbors were worried about their horses...they have 4, but no trailer.  why not???
Ron called a woman he works with that has a 4 horse trailer, and a huge paddock, corral etc, as she boards horses.  We also give her info on a group in our county that volunteers to take people's animals in case of evacuation of certain areas from either flooding (2 rivers,the bay and ocean) and areas like us (The woods)

Luckily none was needed. no one was hurt, and no homes were damaged!! :)

WRECK THIS JOURNAL--in case you want to buy it

I was informed that Amazon UK has this book 50% right now, sooooo....

The chances that regular Amazon might have it at 50% off are pretty good!...

then you all will be able to catch up!

Friday, March 19, 2010

a new give away to share (it may grow...you know me)

My friend Nicole over at Beadwright, is gearing up to celebrate her birthday;  so she is having an awesome giveaway, TRUST me when I say the winner will not be disappointed, I was the winner of her beaded gourd from OWOH and it is gorgeous!

you need to comment, become a follower (if you like) and if you do, you must put that "Susan of Pieces of Fate sent you"

and she would like you to link her giveaway to your blog also.
what is it already.... :)    (click the red to go there)

Kristen at the Retro Cafe'  is giving away three of these:
click the red!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

some new art to share

I am in a swap for Japanese Haiku's on a 6 X 6 Asian decorated Platform (hopefully Japanese)

we could make and swap from 1-4, I chose to swap 3, then I made a 4th for the hostess. One of the one I made for swapping I made 2 of, one for myself. The one I made for the hostess, I also made one for myself.

All the actual Haiku's are written by me.  I hope you enjoy these.

*****I do not have a watermark nor, know how to use one, so  PLEASE, be inspired by what you see, but do not copy it, Idea and art "borrowing" is actually theft. please remember copyright rules. Thank you!*****

Silence Surrenders:
Club scrap paper, I raised some up 3D, Black German scrap borders this piece. The green around the haiku is more minty than it appears, I tried to adjust, which made the Bkgd. less beige than it should be, also this paper is shimmery. The Haiku is written by me. (I made 2 of these one for myself)

To Return Home:
Japanese rice paper napkin, decoupaged with Modpodge. German scrap and a butterfly  added. Haiku is written by me.

The Night Wind:
alcohol inks and the metallic enhancers (silver) used on a transparency, grass stamped on mulberry paper, Stickles used on some of the grass, haiku mounted with glitter brads, German scrap and a butterfly pendant added. Haiku written by me.

Spring Brings Colors:
Club scrap paper is most of the art here, but the haiku is written by me. I added some bling and German scrap. This one is agift for the hostess and I also made one for myself.

The WINNER of my 30day/50follower giveaway!

 And The Winner is!

for my 30 day anniversary and 50 followers giveaway...

Wendy.... (whose # was pulled from a hat!)

she said:
WW said...
A great blog about you and your artwork, which has a different feel to it.
I've loved reading your blog, it's so fun to learn about people even though we're not actually able to meet.
And, yes, I'm glad I became a follower, like I said, I love reading your blog and learning more about you and your artwork.


I will be packaging up your winnings over the weekend...Please email me your address. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday & Wednesday: WRECK THIS JOURNAL

for today (Tuesday) and tomorrow, we'll be doing only one of the book's instructions, it is a double page assignment, the pages face each other, then on the back of the second page you can actually journal. The pages are what would be page 30 and 31.

The reason I am giving 2 days for this is because of the instructions...which involve travel, and not everyone goes anywhere every day, so by giving 2 days the chances you will be in a car or on a bus or walking somewhere are pretty good.


I am really hoping that some of you will start scanning your WTJ work and emailing me the pics so I can display them.  I have a few more of mine done, but since this was a project we were doing together I am kind of holding out with the pictures til I start seeing other participants work.
Thanks and be well,

Monday, March 15, 2010

More giveaways...

 This one is going for an entire month: I've got a Notion

This one ends on the 17th: Lazy Cats


BrendaLea of Purple Lady Art is doing a long giveaway and it is got some more time left, I am starting you off at the last prize that she is still taking comments on. (click the name)

From I love Crafty messes, to honor the birth of her grandson Zak:

From Bev and Moira

This one is UK based and they stop and pull the winner when they reach 700 followers  they are at 612 right now...Particraft

From Sir Stampalot

from Crafting Life's pieces:

This is from Imagination Crafts:
From My Craft Room:

This one is for GARMENTS and comes for NORWAY, I picked 3 items I believe my daughter would like.

click here----> Anna's Room

From Jak:

from The Crafty Side of Me:

we have some great ART goodies, at the Scrap Girl

Tarnished & Tattered is celebrating her 100th post!

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