Sunday, February 27, 2011

Congrats to my Blogoversary winners....

Here are my winners, thanks for celebrating my First blogoversary with me!!!

You will need to contact me by email susanscraps AT comcast DOT net, to get your winnings or instructions on how to get your winnings.

Magic Moon soapworks 10$ GC...Wendy @ the Year of the Cats

Nicole's own bead backing sampler/Beadwright...Kathy @ QuiltQueen

DezinaWorld's Rosey Lee Giant collage sheet set...Jacque4u2c @ Jacque4U2C

Frog's Attic Vintage Valentine pouch/bag/box...Jody @ Tumbleweed Trails

Bugaboo Stamps 5 free digi stamps...Micki @ IrishMuses

Love You More Designs 15$ GC...Jenny @ Jenny Matlock off on my Tangent

My 2 ACEOs and goodies... Sara @ Seaside Diaries of a Kimberline

PLEASE make sure to thank your winning vendor, and remind them that you are there through my blog, and their generous donation. I hope some of you will give these vendors some of your business in the future, remember keeping the little businesses afloat is what keeps our economy afloat.

a quick post for a card

This card is for a challenge at the OWH blog--Stars and Stamps

The challenge was to add some paper flowers or other elements to a piece of card stock, and then emboss it.

The main part of the bird and the branches were attached before using the embossing folder.

Then I added the wing, sentiment and border, then attached it to the card, then I added the string beads and black rhinestones.

 I used glue lines under the string beads, so after a bit when I know they are really stuck on, I'll powder the part that shows, which should dull it down and it won't be shiny.
All Card Stock is Stampin' Up...Black, Sahara Sand and retired Mint Melody, Scalloped punch by EK Success, Border punch by EKSuccess, Bird combo punch by Stampin' Up, string beads...can't remember, black bling by My Minds Eye, embossing folder by Cuttlebug,
Ink- Memento Tuxedo Black

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Today I am a guest blogger...(edit)

Over at THE WHIMSICAL COTTAGE with Danni, She is celebrating the FAE for the month of February. For those not in the know, Fae encompass all the fairy creatures. I highly recommend you check it out over the weekend, all the posts are fascinating!

This may not happen til Sunday, if it is I'll be back to let you know.

Friday, February 25, 2011

LAST DAY for Giveaways for my blogoversary

if interested now is the time! click the champagne glasses at the top of my sidebar, and FOLLOW the instructions.

The giveaway are all donated from web stores and etsy shoppes (except one from me)

Thanks, Susan

Another award...friendship

I received an award today from Jingle

The "LIFE IS GOOD" award. I love it, as it will help me remember that there is always good, along with the bad, even if it is not balanced.  I'll be back a bit later to share it with 10-12 bloggers as her rule states :)


It is Alphabe-Thursday over at Jenny's Place, check it out! 

T is for TARDY, I have never liked the word tardy, too me it is like a shortened version of a kid slang for retard.  However I must admit that I am 90% of the time Tardy.

It is like wearing a name tag or a badge:  Hello, I am TARDY. 

I am TARDY a lot. Mostly I think it is because I am ADHD, I also think it is because I am a wife and a mom. The reason I think it is partly because of being a wife and a mom, is because I am always trying to get something done. EXAMPLE:  we are heading out the door to do something, I say; "I'm gonna throw a load in the washer, let something be getting accomplished while we're out"

This drives my hubster NUTS! and he will proceed to berate me about being late for my own funeral etc etc for at least the next 30 minutes, and sometimes the kids (now grown) will chime in. I have to admit, the only one of the 3 kids that is late SOMETIMES is my son who is severe ADHD and ODD, his younger sister is is also ADHD, but she is like my husband and always early. The oldest, my daughter is usually prompt.

This is what has to say about TARDY:


–adjective, -di·er, -di·est.
late; behind time; not on time: How tardy were you today?
moving or acting slowly; slow; sluggish.
delaying through reluctance.

1475–85;  earlier tardive, tardif  < Old French  < Vulgar Latin *tardīvus,  equivalent to Latin tard ( us ) slow + -īvus -ive

tar·di·ly, adverb
tar·di·ness, noun

1.  slack. 3.  dilatory.

1.  prompt.

Do you see #2 definition for TARDY, THAT is ME also NOW, due to my spine and knees... HMMMM, Guess I better go make that name tag now.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blogoversary giveaways...last 24 hours

Just a reminder it is the last 24 hours (or so) for the blog0versary post with the giveaways, click the champagne glasses at the top of my side bar.

I hopefully will be  posting an ALPHABE-THURSDAY post a bit later, I am feeling like crap today sinuses, ears and throat...the normal crap, LOL!  I hope you all are having a good day.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just some STEAM PUNK ATCs (edit to add more info)

hello, here are my STEAM PUNK ATCs for ARTchix Studio swap...and as usual none of them made the cut...not sure why, they definitely ARE STEAM PUNK, most of the ones that did make the cut, were all 6 identical, and a couple, I do NOT believe were STEAM PUNK.  I am really going to think long and hard about joining anymore of the swaps through the website, as she makes you send $5 for postage, kind of high for 6 ATC's, my work never seems good enough for Helga (owner-ARTchix), and I always seem to get back, what I can only assume is from the bottom half of the pile. Occasionally I will get back at least 3 that are at least par with mine, amen.  Do not get me wrong, it is NOT a put-down of others art, it is the fact, that she only ever chooses "her style" which isn't right. She asks us all to play along, knowing full well that everyone has their own style, yet she never picks anything that is NOT her style. Therefore the many of us that do not bend, and change our style to try to be like hers will never be picked to be on the sheets she creates, or for the vote to win a GC.

Please let me know honestly, what you think of the 6 I sent in. Thanks, Susan

this gal on the bottom has a spinner arrow attached to what ever contraption she is wearing.
The card next to her I used watch parts to make 2 eyes and a mouth on the empty pocket watch.
The little girl up top with the butterfly wings is holding a watch face and has a watch part on her head as a hat. The last card on bottom also has wings attached.   I think I covered all that might be difficult to see.

EDIT: after receiving a handful of emails about these ATCs and the the swap in general I decided to give the rest of the info (includes some pictures of others work, and the ones picked for the collage sheet, and the "top ten" that were voted on for a winner of a GC) You will need to use your "back" button after viewing the links to get back here.

Here is the info on the swap:

you had to use an ARTchix item... Here are some of the swappers.!/album.php?id=163793896653&aid=300940

all my cards had an ARTchix image except for the old newspaper ad with the ladies head and the contraption on it(artchix item-spinner arrow and the little copper circle on her necklace), and the 2 kids(artchix item-clock charm and wings). The too gals with the bright red roses on their heads as hats are hers, the pocket watch with the hot pink in the center is hers and the transparency butterfly girl is hers. I used ARTchix watch parts on every card, and some other ARTchix items.

I was swapped with, but I didn't make her new collage cards not good enough, and the ones she picked for the sheet and for  a vote (to get a GC)
 were mostly the same.

Here is the sheet she made out of peoples cards

here's the choices and results of the vote

Granted winning a GC is not the end all be all, and being picked to have a piece of  your art immortalized on a collage is great, and then not so great...cause all you get is 3 copies of the sheet for free. and then Helga rakes in the money hand over fist for selling the collage sheets.

A while back one of my mermaids made the cut for the sheet, and one my "Pink" also. but nothing since then.

Helga's style is BRIGHT, FUNKY and WEIRD. I am not saying I never do that, but not to the extent that she seems to like.  ALSO...last swap I did was her butterfly swap, you had to use the warm butterfly collage images or the cool butterfly images.   The people that won, made great ATCs...IF you were looking for dead movie stars, as they seemed to be the main focal image of the cards instead of the butterflies. Do you see what I am saying about how she runs things.  I am NOT belittling the other artists, or the artists chosen for the sheet, but their card did NOT concentrate on the butterflies, it was as if the butterfly was an after thought, so to me, if you are holding a swap for butterflies and you want to make new collage sheets from that, why would you then go and choose, women of the fifties or dead female movie stars?  Personally I do not think that is right.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OK---a small dilemma

A while back I had my HUGE 1-1-5 Blog Candy. One winner never came forward, after a HANDFUL of times of my reaching out to her

Here is the POST

ANYONE that was one of the original commenters is eligible for the last prize that remained unclaimed, with the exception of:

Lynn Stevens...grandprize winner of 100 items
Sus...first-runner up winner of 5 items
FaerWillow...second-runner up of 5 items

(These winners have received their packages)

The last 5 items are here and I am offering them ONE LAST TIME to one of the original
commenters.   I want the items to go to someone who wants them. SO....

IF you were one of the original commenters trying to win the candy and you are interested in the following prize please comment on this.   Sunday Night 2/27 9pm EST I will draw a winner.

the prize is: the 2 boxes of Gevalia coffee (shown in first picture in original post)
Thermal travel mug(shown in the first picture of original post)
The assortment of wedding embellishments (shown in 10th picture)
decorative tape package(shown in 5th picture)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Time for some art, time to get back to blogging

Hi there, with One World One Heart, My Blogoversary and celebrating 200 followers. I feel like I am neglecting my art, my sharing, yaking, ranting, and most of all neglecting my followers who come here for this kind of stuff! LOL

Tomorrow there will be some yakking and ranting :)

Tonight a piece of art!

This was for a swap, that I actually do NOT remembering signing up for, LOL Not because it was for chunky ATCs which I love! However it was for a Valentine's Chunky.  I really do not do anything for Valentine's. (not since the kids were small) I was pleased with how it came out, and was almost sorry I had to give it away. :)

ok so here we go:
Started with a piece of 2 X 4 that  is cut at 3.5", then I sanded it all and even beveled all the edges with the sander. I put a 2 coats of gesso on it, then 2 coats of a berry color acrylic paint, then crackle medium, then a very pale pink acrylic paint. This image was from one of the vintage image sites, the German scrap leaf is from ARTchix STUDIO, then there is a small chipboard heart with foil accent stripes

 I typed the words...light purple ink on a gray background. Berry colored translucent hearts by ARTchix STUDIO, hot pink chain...found item :) I attached the hearts to the chain with jump rings and fastened it on the top, it dangles freely on this side.

 This PINK gal image is from ARTchix STUDIO, the flower wreath image is from DOVER DESIGNS. Typed words by me, berry colored ink on white, Cotton candy STICKLES by Ranger, German scrap cupid by ARTchix STUDIO

 Small mixed rose bouquet image by DOVER DESIGN, cotton candy STICKLES by Ranger, Pink Plastic heart--found earring. I made legs from 8 Purple with Pink iridescent overlay pony beads, unfortunately the pink doesn't show up so well.

 the outer part of the small chipboard heart with foil accents, I filled the center of it with Cotton Candy STICKLES by Ranger, scalloped, page print flower with shimmer mists, button and glitter  I purchased from DETAILED 4U COLLECTIONS at
I added cotton candy STICKLES to the center of the button

a slightly different view of the top.
I signed the bottom with a black sharpie. Then spray sealed the whole block with Krylon made the sharpie run, lesson learned. LOL

I hope you like this, as I hope the recipient does.
Happy Sunday Evening!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

BONUS giving to celebrate 200 followers-EDIT

I chose 20 other names
out of my OWOH Bowl 
  The 2 grand prize winners off to the right, and the other 4 winners to the left

Here they are
  to receive either a set of 4 note cards with prints of my art work on them, or an ACEO made to reflect something for that person.

and in NO particular order:

Carmen in the UK  from Whoopidoo...ings, will receive an ACEO

Susie; Min egen halsoresa  in Sweden from Lotus Blossom, will receive an ACEO

Marie S in  California,USA from MarieSegal Art from the Heart, will receive a set of Note cards 

Nancy; Baglady in Michigan,USA from Nancy's Perspective, will receive a set of Note cards ...did NOT respond

Janine in Germany from  Join Janine on a Creative Journey, will receive an ACEO

Pat in New York, USA  from Mille Fiori Favoriti, will receive a set of Note cards 

Elsina in Israel from EMS arts, will receive a set of Note cards

Wendy in California,USA from The Year of the Cats, will receive a set of Note cards

Jody in __?__ ,USA from Tumbleweed Trails, will receive an ACEO

Diane in Illinois,USA from Diane Did It, will receive an ACEO ...did NOT respond

Ceri in the UK, from Inspired by Felix, will receive a set of Note cards

Nicole in Oregon,USA from Beadwright, will receive a set of Note cards

Angie in Tennessee,USA from Big Hill Goddess, will receive a set of Note cards

Tammy in Minnesota, USA from Bonsai Habits, will receive an ACEO

Cyndi in __?__ ,USA from By Light of Moon, will receive an ACEO

Kathy in Manitoba, Canada from Katie's Cows & Udder Things, will receive a set of Note cards

Jen in Victoria,Australia, from Jenxo, will receive a set of Note cards

Dagmar in Germany, from Quilts and More, will receive an ACEO

Sam in the UK, from Cornish Contemporary's, will receive an ACEO

Laura in Iowa,USA from Outside the Lines, will receive an ACEO...did NOT respond

NOTE:  please email me (in my profile) by the end of the weekend  6pm EST 2/20 to let me know you are interested in being on the receiving end of this bonus, if not then I'll pick a substitute.  If you are one of the 10 receiving an ACEO, I'll be asking you some questions, as I want to make them personal to the recipient.

EDIT: it is Sunday 3pm...4 people have NOT contacted me back yet, so if I haven't heard back by 6pm...there is a still a shot for 4 new people :) OK 1 more came forward by the deadline...NOW I HAVE PICKED 3 NEW PEOPLE:

Writer Girl Dreams in California,USA from WriterGirl Dreams, will receive a set of Note cards

Micki in Ireland from Irish Muses, will receive an ACEO

Trishatoo in Missouri,USA from Easily Amused, Hard to Offend, will receive an ACEO

PLEASE respond by 6pm EST tomorrow-Monday

AND do not forget if you click the champagne glasses to the left, you'll be taken to my blogoversary post with lots of giveaways from Etsy shoppes and web vendors etc. Drawing on 2/25

Friday, February 18, 2011


Ok my 2 grand prize winners have responded, so they are set, now onto

The other 4 Prizes:

2 ACEOs with Ephemera goes to Leila West of  ARTSY CREATIONS BY LEILA

her comment: What a fantastic giveaway prize, please enter me, hope I win :-) Thank you for posting a comment on my blog too, it's been very nice to meet you!

My Smaller Card making kit goes to Debbi of DIAMOND GROVE

her comment: I enjoyed reading your "intro". Thanks for sharing!
I would love to win the card-making kit. I am an avid card maker. You might say I'm addicted, LOL.
In answer to your question, I also began seriously blogging because of OWOH last year! I had posted a few times prior to OWOH, but I was not very serious about it until after OWOH.
Please stop by my giveaway (#419).
debbi  (and no this was a legit draw, very coincidental though that she got  the card kit)

The Trio of Italian Tumbled Natural Stone magnets (sea shells) goes to Magic Gypsy of MAGIC GYPSY

her comment: Hi! What a lot of wonderful giveaway things! My email is: gypsyjewels AT q DOT com. I am in Arizona and I started blogging to interact with other creative souls and improve my photo skills. I love the birdies!

and lastly

My "Crafter's Dozen" Collection goes to Joy of  FIFI'S DAUGHTER (and a newer blog)

her comment: Hi, Susan! Your blog is very interesting and lovely. I found you via Lynn Stevens' blog!! My e-mail: jmeadows17 at neo dot rr dot com. I live in Canton OH and started my blog to share my art and join swaps and challenges I had seen on other blogs.


During OWOH 2011, I celebrated my first blogoversary, the post is below my OWOH one, or just click on the champagne glasses at the top of the side bar for some other lovely giveaways FROM VENDORS. (drawing is 2/25)

ADDITIONALLY during OWOH 2011, I reached 200 followers!! WOWZA!!(I also had over 200 comments for OWOH)...SOOOOOO....

As a BONUS, I am going to pick 20 (10%) remaining names out of the OWOH visitors to receive EITHER an ACEO that I will make personally for them, after I get some info,  OR a set of 4 Note cards with Prints of my artwork, some of which may not be on my blog. It will be 10 and 10. And these will be made and mailed within 90 days of March 1rst.

I am NOT going to email you, as that is quite a large number. I will list the names chosen, here on my blog, and you will have 24 hours from the time of the post to email me. (In my profile)
You can give me your mailing info, and I will respond with some questions if you are picked for the ACEO.  OR you can tell me you are not interested and I'll pick someone else.

EDIT: I AM contacting each of you on your blogs...The clickable email thing on people's profile, doesn't work for me, somehow I messed it up and it is now only semi attached to aol, and I have NO clue on how to fix it.

There is NO catch, But I would love it, if you are chosen, that you decide to become a follower.
I'll post the list later today or tonight.


Hello, here are the top prize winners!

once I hear back from them I'll pick the winners for the other prizes.

International visitor who has won the
20$ GC from Molly the Pirate Bit o' Shine Jewelry is...

A PINK DREAMER-Eleni from Greece

The American Winner for the LARGE Card making kit is

Kim Mailhot of Queen of Arts

PLEASE respond to my email by 5pm EST today, if not I will be picking another winner.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Quick important reminder

ONE post below my ONE WORLD ONE HEART post is 

MY FIRST  BLOGOVERSARY  post...with several giveaways, PLEASE visit, comment and make yourself eligible for a win. DRAWING on Friday Feb. 25

ADDITIONALLY, starting tomorrow My regular blogging schedule will resume.

EDIT: obviously this did not happen, circumstances have been strange around here lately to say the least.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welcome to One World One Heart @ Pieces of Fate

 ATTENTION:  The rules of OWOH say it is to be open until 12 midnight 2/17 PST...I have noticed WAAAY too many have closed up shop early. I will be following the rules, so you have until 12PST or 3am EST to post comments. I think it was really rude of so many to go against the rules.

NOTE:  please scroll down for newer posts including my 1rst blogoversary post (Monday) and giveaways.

It's the most wonderful time of the year! I am speaking of course of the WORLDWIDE BLOG HOP, with HUNDREDS of stops and new friends to meet!  

Visit our proud, talented, dedicated, hardworking 
and certainly the Hostess with the Mostess; 
Lisa over  @ A Whimsical Bohemian
which was started 5 years ago for bloggers to meet and get to know other bloggers, sadly this is the final year.
 Hello and welcome!  
Please kick off your shoes and make your self cozy in front of my wood stove.(It is burning, I couldn't seem to capture the "orange" I even tried to take it with the lights out :( )
 Would you like some Coffee or Tea? (mug from my 23 yr old daughter I rec'd for Christmas/Yule)

I want to learn about who you are and what you like, the best way to do that is to share a bit about me, which of course will spur conversation.  I think the best way to do that is to give you a peek into my life via some past blog posts, actually some pictures and captions from past blog posts.

I hope you will be Illuminated by these few snippets and like what you see. it would be wonderful to see you again. :)  You may consider it a tad long, but I think it gives you a good idea of the person I am.

When awarded the Kreativ blogger award these are 2 of the 7 things I offered up about myself  
I was an owner/operator of a tree and firewood service company with my husband (we started it before we were married) for 5 years. We worked side by side, and he always said I was his best assistant (as sometimes he'd have a friend fill in for me)  9 months pregnant with our son, I was still his "rope man" to pull and keep slack on trees as he cut them down.  I have my own chainsaw. (however now with the disabilities I do not cut wood any more...I can still use the log splitter though) 

When I was a young teenager (13-16) I LOVED,  LOVED, LOVED  Horror Comic books, looking back now, I do not know why. 

I rec'd the sweet blogger and I needed to pass it on to 6 people, and say why:
I am picking 6 people, who are uplifting, in my corner (so to speak) can sympathize or empathize with my current Life's circumstances, or simply post things that make me smile (regularly).
#1 Jules at Moon Cat Farms...beautiful photos and lovely quotes
#2 Nicole at Beadwright... she understands pain, and fatigue, and is always a ray of sunshine
#3 Angelique at Sliekje digi  stamps... she always has such adorable drawing for everyone and anyone. I love her style. and she makes me smile!
#4 Alison at Free Digital Stamps... for always giving us the links to the "goods" even when she or her children are ill!
#5 BrendaLea at Purple Lady's Life and Art... did 29 days of giving, and actually followed through on it.  I was on someone else's blog for this and they kept quitting and restarting etc...I think they only got to about day 11, and the stuff has not been sent to those winners.  I have basically given up on expecting my win to arrive. Anyway BrendaLea is a awesomely sweet lady!
#6 Jacque of Jacque's Joie de Vivre... for dealing with a major disease with grace and poise, and thinking of everyone else but herself!

we had a house fire last night, started in my newly renovated son's room from a floor fan.  Due to quick action on mine and my husband's part, by closing the door, and calling 911 immediately upon opening the door and seeing the thick smoke, it remained contained to the one room. AND no one was injured!...
and  the following "Dear so and case you want to read it:

On 6/22/10 I turned NIFTY FIFTY, on 6/25 it was 5 question Friday. Here are the Q&A for that time in my life:
1. Do you know how to play a musical instrument?
not really, not any longer...perhaps the recorder ...I wish I knew how to play the violin, I love violin and cello music!
2. What is your pet peeve while driving?
other drivers using their cell ever did we survive without them, ugh!
3. Would you rather have a housekeeper or unlimited spa services?
HOUSEKEEPER hands down, I was supposed to get one after I started working full time in my field, but there was still rooms under construction and rooms that were like storage, and I had 2 kids moving out then moving back in it never happened. I HATE, HATE, HATE housework! Now that I am disabled there is only so much I can do anyway...we need a slightly smaller house, and a housekeeper!
4. Is there a song that you hear that will take you back to the moment, like a junior high or high school dance?
"I Want to Know What Love is" by Foreigner always makes me think of the early days of my hubby and I.  Other Foreigner, Boston, and Aerosmith songs take me back to some HS memories of a group I hung out with for a while and the fun we had the summer of my junior year!
5. What song best represents your life right now?
"Burning down the House" by Talking Heads

You can read other neat answers by joining Mama M on 5 crooked halos
  My 9/11/10 post: 

 I participate in Alphabe-Thursday (Jenny Matlock)  This was my post for "B" this past philosophy:
My Thoughts on how to BE!
* always B true to yourself, your principles, your values, your feelings
* let sleeping dogs B
This is my son's dog Pico (who I think is now ours)
* leave the past where it B man!
* NEVER B sorry for Being Honest!
* Try to always B kind
* B a courteous driver
* let your inner child out occasionally to B FREE!
* B there for your Parents, they are the reason you B in existence!
* B observant, you never know, what you see might be helpful to someone else
* B able to laugh at yourself
* B in tune with your body...if it wants to vegg-out, sleep, eat or dance-- let it
* B patient with your spouse's shortcomings, we all have them
* B a PARENT to your children, they have others to B their friends
* B aware of the friends your children have, the music they B listening to, their likes and dislikes(this will help you see when something B out of sync with them)
* B good to our planet, it B the only one we cigarettes out the car window--they are messy and cause forest fires, pick up your own litter, if you see litter and you are near a trash can pick that up, B responsible and RECYCLE and COMPOST (even if you do not garden...somebody you know might, and they would appreciate  your mulch :) )
* do NOT B cruel to animals
* do NOT B afraid to ask questions when you B at the doctor' is your Body, no question is stupid!
* B protective and nurturing to your Brain, it needs stimulation, read Books, challenge yourself
* B the friend, you'd like to have B yours
* B open-minded

upon being given another award or 2 just recently...I offered up 7 more things about me- here's  2 of those tidbits:
My middle name is Elaine...and...I type with 2-4 fingers, still looking at the keys even though I took typing in HS and "keyboarding" in college.  I can type the correct way, but it is sloooowww.  I am pretty darn fast with my own method. 

Here is a poem of mine:

My family:
 My daughter April, 28 now, here she's 24
 Our son Tom, 24 now, here about 20
 Our daughter Amanda, 23 now 21 here
The Hubster Ron, 69 now, about 62 here

You can see me on the side bar, with loads of over info :)

Our "Pretty"

You can peruse my blog to see some of my art, and/or see the slide show at the bottom if you choose to. I am a scrapbooker, stamper, and paper artist, as well as altered and mixed media Artist.

Did I tell you, that last year's OWOH event is what finally made me decide to have a blog?  I had been hemming and hawing for a while. I've never regretted it for a second and I have made many wonderful friends, and kindred spirits! My 1 year blogoversary is 2/5.(see my blogoversary post for many more giveaways-most from etsy shoppe owners or companies) I have had many wonderful milestones during this year, and am actually amazed that people are interested in what I have to say, or to make and share. For me that is what is keeping me afloat in this world, as I am disabled and 80% of the time housebound. The world became smaller in the past year, I've met many guys and gals that have disabilities, and many with amazing Abilities! I learned a lot also, which at my age is ALWAYS a grand thing! Last year's LOGO, the theme was magic carpet ride.

I am offering up some lovely giveaways to say Thank you for visiting me, I hope you'll come back and see me again, one can never have too many friends. :)
Birds of a feather = friends...these are NOT the giveaway, see below

I am drawing AT LEAST 2 winners, an American winner and a winner from any other country.

For my international winner I have for you  A $20 Gift certificate to one of my favorite Jewelry shops;   

For an American winner I have a Large Card making kit I am making myself. here are just a few pictures.  
SHOWN:  A pkg. of 25 card bases and envelopes in Ivory, 10 bright card bases and white envelopes(I might add another 5- 15 to this) A pkg. of making Memories rub-on sentiments, a pretty post-it note pad (for making notes for yourself about new techniques etc) approx 10 double sided pretty card stock pieces, a few self adhesive printed card stock pieces, some single sided printed papers.
 close ups
as promised here is the photo of the other goodies that are part of the grand prize--Card making kit:
a package of Home made Card candy, container of mixed buttons, container of mixed Prima flowers, circle and square slide mounts, pre-packaged chipboard buttons in various shapes and shades of red and orange, lots of Punchinella, 13+ yards of fiber, 15 1/2-yard size pieces of ribbon, and at least 60 stamped images and/or sentiments, some stamped by me, many not.

CHECK this OUT! for every 50 entries I will add another giveaway (for either National or International-Capping out at 200 comments...I have another smaller card kit, and am planning a couple of my altered art pieces)
WE HAVE PASSED the 50 comment mark, so here is the first add-on prize which can go to anyone, anywhere.
2 ACEOs-"Old Friends" and "Question Secrets"...some beads used and a metal ribbon slide I think it actually used to be a piece of jewelry, specialty paper, vellum, collage images, and words. These will come wrapped in a lovely bundle of Ephemera.

 AS promised we have gone past 100 comments so it is time to add on something else. This time I am adding another card kit, it is basically the same as the first picture, minus the little making memories tiny blossoms, and the designer papers are different. then jump to the embellishment picture and you get the buttons and the flowers, a little less ribbon, a little more fibers, less images and sentiments, less punchinella, no card candy, no slide mounts, and not one of those chip board button packs. THIS CARD KIT will go to anyone anywhere. NOTE: the flowers and buttons will be in baggies not containers to keep my shipping costs down. 

WOWZA, here we go again we are at 150 comments, so here is yet another prize that will go to anyone anywhere:
  3 Italian tumbled stone tiles that I hand stamped with Timber Brown Staz-on ink, spray sealed and made into magnets. Each tile is 1 and 7/8" square and 3/8" thick. They are in a sea shell theme and go together in the set of 3.
 **NOTE: one more prize will be added as long as we reach 200 or more comments.

OK we have passed the 200 mark, therefore I am adding one last prize: 
that means 13 yards of fibers, 13- 1/2 yards of ribbons, 13 buttons, 13 pieces of old jewelry that can be used for embellishing, 13 vintage book pages, 13 scraps of fabric, 13 stamped backgrounds (A2 size) 13 collage images cut from quality collage sheets. 
AGAIN this can go to anyone, anywhere!

How to be eligible:
* You must have an active blog (as this is the point of a blog hop)
* NO anonymous posts will be accepted...that is MY BLOG POLICY
* You must comment on this post, ONLY once
* You MUST add your email to the BODY of your comment in this form:  (ex.)  sallysmith AT gmail DOT com---spell out at and dot, otherwise you are giving out your email to the world internet"bots"
* You MUST tell me in your comment where you are located
* PLEASE be a participant in this hop
* I'd LIKE it very much if you'd answer this question; "What made you start your blog?"

COMMENTS CLOSE AT 3am EST on 2/18/11, which is in compliance with OWOH rules of 12amPST

It would be my pleasure to Light your way along the FLIGHT path to the next stop on your ride through our ONE World and it's common ONE Heart!!
 Bye, Bye Birdie!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

MY FIRST BLOGOVERSARY was 2/5, let's celebrate!!

It is very hard for me to believe that a year has gone by since I started this blog. I could have and should have started one a long time before that. Some of you are aware that in spring of 2005 I was injured on the job, and that the surgical site got infected with MRSA. I won't go into the details of all that transpired, but I will say that 4 surgeries later, I am MRSA free, 3 bones shy in the left wrist, some ligaments, and muscle pieces and also 4-5" of muscle in my rt elbow were also now missing.

At that time one of my occupational therapists (PT for the upper limbs) suggested I make a blog of my journey, that it might help with my depression.  You see, I had only received my degree in Medical Imaging 5 years prior, so now my new and well beloved career was over.  I told him "maybe", but never did.  I should have listened.

I had some physical issues before that injury, in fact was scheduled to have my left knee replaced in the beginning of June. I had some major cervical spine issues I was dealing with and I had just went another round with a nasty Kidney stone before that. (I am a producer...there are 4 in the left kidney right now) Just a month before the injury I lost my Dad.

I finally had that left knee replaced in 2008, I had some complications afterwards, and a mysterious ongoing pain and some burning behind the knee, they kept checking me for blood clots, and not finding anything, one day on a visit to my knee guy, I told him sometimes the pain went all the way down into my ankle and instep, and sometimes it was a pain, and sometimes a burning sensation. He said that sounds like nerve, which means your spine, and sent me off to see a spine specialist. During this time, I had also been through many tests with a Gastroenterologist who finally decided I had IBS (Irritable Bowel syndrome) to me it was just so funny that both of these issues didn't spring up until after surgery and anesthesia.  At any rate, the spine guy ordered new MRI's of both my cervical and lumbar spine. He said that my cervical spine was much worse than the old MRIs showed, one of the 4 bulging disks I had was now fully herniated, and the Osteophyte complex I had was 4 times the size it was when first discovered. He said, "Surgery will greatly improve this, and your arm will be better (left arm...went numb or dead, or tingly) and your pain will decrease, however I will not operate on you, due to your size anesthia is risky."  In my mind I was thinking, hell I got my knee replaced, that was major surgery. He went on, "You may find someone who will, but it won't be me, additionally, let's talk about your lumbar spine. You have spinal stenosis in 3 vertebrae, they are not to a point where surgery would come into conversation yet, but it will progress, and again, it would be high risk surgery, that I would not do. I also believe that no other surgeon would do it, unless you dropped 100 lbs. or the spine was so bad that you were not functioning at all."  NIIIICE, so now what?  well I would have had the spinal stenosis anyway he says as it is hereditary and my dad had it, but due to my previous car wreck in 1993 (beginning of the neck, knee an spine issues) that put everything on the fast track. I left his office that day feeling like, I should just die now and get it over with. I was 48, my dad was in his 60's when he was DXed with spinal stenosis.

I was not on anti-depressants or in therapy, I knew I would benefit from both, but I couldn't afford weekly therapy and my family doc would not prescribe an anti-depressant, she did give me an anti-anxiety and upped it when the gastro guy told her it would help with my IBS.  THANKFULLY BC/BS Horizon jumped in and found me a psychiatrist who would see me and medicate me without going to therapy.  IT made a huge difference.

ENTER the BLOGOSPHERE!!!  I had several arty friends that had blogs, and one day I decided to actually start viewing some of them...I looked a little each day, and one day I found the 2010 button for ONE WORLD ONE HEART, I clicked on it, and read about this wonderful international "gathering".  I visited a few blogs off the list at random, and some said YOU MUST HAVE A BLOG ( and that was actually part of the rules to begin with)   so I took the plunge!!!

I have never looked back, sometimes I go on about family crap or my health, but for the most part I talk about my view on life, the world, and art, and I share my art and my cards ( I am a member of OPERATION WRITE HOME- something to make me feel like I have a purpose, something else that blogging brought me)  This wonderful, wonderful tool, has allowed me outside of my home (as I am mostly housebound) I have made countless connections, many of which I am proud to call friends. Friends with illnesses or disabilities, and friends with wonderful ABILITIES, and just friends of like thinking.

I could kick myself (well I can't actually, LOL) for not listening to that therapist back in 2006, I think it would have made a world of difference, maybe I wouldn't have needed anti-depressants (I really don't think that, but hey, one never knows)
By the time of my 1 year blogoversary:

I had over 180 followers
over 9,500 page hits

over 315 posts
and participated in 11 Blog hops (including Last years One World One Heart and this years)...I am very proud of myself. :) I'll be prouder when I launch my Etsy shoppe, another thing I have been procrastinating for over 3 years. :(

I DO know I have all of you to thank!! you been interested in what I have to say, you like my pictures, and in general make me feel like I matter. So I toast you all! and say thanks a million for doing much for this semi-wrecked woman, and making her feel not so wrecked.

To help me celebrate a few of my friends have donated some prizes for me to give away. 

***YOU MUST visit their sites, and comment about something you saw there.
**YOU MUST comment on this post.
** NO ANONYMOUS comments allowed
**YOU MUST list your email in your comment
*** OPTIONAL, but I would APPRECIATE it---tell me what your favorite post of mine this past year was.

Please list in your comment here what would be your first choice for the prize, and I will try my best to accommodate.

 OK onto the goodies:

MagicMoon SoapWurks is donating a $10 GC...visit them here  I highly recommend the pumpkin soap for your face :)   

 Nicole from Beadwright is donating a sampler package for her bead backing for doing flatwork beading

You can get this awesomely HUGE digital package from Dezinaworld (this Image here is just a sampler) It is the ROSEY LEE set...the winner will get the full set

From FROG'S ATTIC  you could win this wonderful Heart Vintage Valentine Box (picture is not the item, it is not the actual size, it is just for viewing)

Bugaboo Stamps (one of my Favorite digital stamp companies) is offering 5 digi stamps, of your choice!

Next is a $15.00 GC from one of my favorite jewelry and other crafters...Love You More Designs

And from Me, a winner will receive 2 ACEOs  which will be wrapped in some lovely ephemera and come along with 2 tiny glass bottles of beads with cork stoppers.

 Here on the left we have "CAT = LOVE" hand made Marble technique Card stock, german scrap and dew drops, rubber stamping and an image from a calendar.
On the right we have "Natural Hope" crinkled and waxed tissue paper, rubber stamping, stickles, milagros praying hands, a MUCHA gal image raised on foam tape 

If you purchase anything from these shops, please let them know that I sent you. (Susan Guzy)

DRAWING for the PRIZES is Friday Feb. 25 at Midnight EST