Wednesday, July 16, 2014

skinnier me

Here is a picture taken at Chili's when our daughter and SIL took us out for dinner for my Birthday(June 22). I'm down by 80 lbs.   My hair needs a color and cut, but I am thinking about leaving it gray. Ron looks good too :) My clothes are too big for me, and my bustline is sagging beyond anything, but the weight coming off is the most important part.  I do not know what that weird reflection on my glasses is. Ron's shirt says "got crabs?" On the back is a seafood restaurant in WA. it from his son when he was in NJ. Ron was still in the rehab facility back in 2012.
I am having a watermelon cooler, and Ron has an "Angry Orchard".   It was a lovely day. I treasure my time with my daughter. 

My dessert is one of those molten cakes...CINNAMON....Ron didn't have any; good boy.  I was bad but it was my birthday.
I did rotate this but blogger keeps putting it sideways.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The problem is fixed

It had something to do with Blockhead stamps, once I removed their logo, and blog the malware warning disappeared. HOORAY!

On a different note, I just finished hopping (2 days) on the 7th annual Mad tea party blog hop...go here, the list of all the participants are on the right side bar.

It was fun, but I am sad that I could not participate this year. I recommend you do the hop, much fun and whimsy to be found as well as a few giveaways.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Malware warning

If you arrived at my blog without a malware warning then great. If you got the warning but came anyway thank you.    I do not understand why after all these years I now have this warning pop up. It is a small reason of why I did not participate in the annual mad tea party hosted by a Fanciful twist. If any of you know how I can fix this please let me know.