Thursday, August 26, 2010

2 truths and a lie (2nd time)

 2 truths and a lie with CA GIRL

These are from last week.

1. I witnessed an armed robbery...True, as a child(9-11) one late afternoon/evening (it was just getting dark out) my mom and I went to our neighborhood SHOP-RITE (grocery store) when we got there there were cops cars out front, we started slowly walking toward the store, and a Police officer stopped us and said we couldn't go in right now.  a few seconds later we heard a shot. My mom turned me around and we were walking back to the car, but we both kept looking over our shoulder. we stopped at our car and just stood there watching.  The first aid guys went in and then came out with a man on the stretcher, and we heard the policeman (the same one that talked to us) say out loud, at least it was only the suspect that got hurt. I asked my mom, if we were leaving, and she said get in the car and she would find out if they were closing the store for the whole night.  she went back up to that policeman and asked, When she got back in the car, she said that man was trying to rob shop-rite and that they would be closed for the rest of the evening.

2. I have worked as a lumberjack...True.  My husband and I had a tree business for over 5 years. I have my own chain saw and everything, I was his rope man right into the 9th month of my pregnancy with my son. We've cleared entire building lots, and sold firewood, did small pruning jobs too. We loved it, and it was great working side by side with my man.  We both miss it immensely.  but he is too old for tree climbing now, and I have too many physical issues.::sigh::

3. My family is superbly close and always there for each other.  SADLY this is the lie.(extended family--my siblings etc)

OK, now for this week...

1. I am secretly a dog and cat whisperer.
2. I could be a "weak" candidate for the TV show "Hoarders"
3. My oldest daughter blames me for basically 90% of all the wrong and bad in her life and has been estranged from me for about 3-4 years
Please check out other people's LIES, LOL at  CA GIRL


This week we highlight BLUE over at Jenny's Place

I am Blue

I am Blue
Much of the time these days
too many days, too much negatives.
A lot of the time you can actually catch me Cyan
Sadly, I am Cyan a lot.
Even my Iris will giveaway my feelings.

I throw my self down on the Persian
sometimes feeling so guilty
knowing full well that I,
used to be the Steel in this family.
I cry out Indigo, Indigo...Go!!
Leave me in my Cerulean plane, safety zone.

I Baby Blue myself into getting dressed, 
and face the day.
As I slip into Denim and a Dodger Tee shirt
I realize that no one,
No one from Yale, the Navy, Air Force 
or even the Federal Government
Give a shit, how I am feeling
nor can they do anything about it.
I Periwinkle at myself in the mirror
and decide a trip to Tiffany for a Sapphire is in order.

For a while I will feel ok, but in reality
I know spending money on things doesn't solve anything.
Tonight I will ponder this, among 
many other thoughts I can not shut down.
There will also be songs that keep me 
from slumber in the deep Midnight Blue 
of the night,
For example; Song Sung Blue.

Susan Guzy ©8/10

EDIT: all the words in this color ARE indeed shades of Blue

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A card of HOPE

I made this card for Stars n Stamps mid week throw down to use a digi stamp from Michele Perkett's Studio.

I chose this "Angel of Hope", I didn't have a choice, as this image just sang out to me!!

Digi Image from Michele Perkett
card pre-made by DCWV
Card stock by California Paper goods
Love and Hope stamp by Making Memories
tiny jewels from Collage Stuff
Memento tuxedo black ink
Prismacolor pencils and blending pencils
Micron pen
corner punch by Martha Stewart
Gold and Silver paint pen

another 2 views

I was so angry the corner of the love stamp caught ink :(

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Roof was finally fixed, but... + a health danger

even though the guys replaced a very large chunk of roofing wood, paper and shingles along with Rubber and new's Heavy rain is showing that is LEAKING again!!!! FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUU-- DGE!!!

and, I have.... Phlebitis. I am treating myself right now, but I am going to have to see the doctor. Please pray that it is regular Phlebitis and NOT DEEP VEIN Phlebitis (as this can be very dangerous)

Elevation, heat and ibuprophen on and off til I get to the doc.

Thanks, Susan

Saturday, August 21, 2010

something wonderful to make you smile today.

 You know I participate in  ALPHABE-THURSDAY...well this was 2 weeks ago (orange) at someone else's blog...but it is soooo awesome I felt it was worth sharing while I am gone for the day today.

CHANGE in a BOTTLE: CHANGE in a BOTTLE..Alphabesummerschool...


Friday, August 20, 2010

Cards! (should have been posted on Wednesday -I forgot)

Here are 3 cards (yes for OWH).  They are all sketch challenge cards, the one won't make it in on time, due to me, forgetting yesterday (Wed.)

Ok card one is for OWH's StarsnStamps blog sketch challenge.

The Sentiment is from OWH, the digi image of Tulips in a vase, sadly I have no name for who it is from (if anyone knows please let me know so I can give credit). The card is pre-made by DCWV. The MOD circles paper is Basic Grey, the others are scraps. (all the three are in shades of green and used in my Altered Art Thursday post about my Maya Road birds) I made a 3 layer, distressed flower with my new spellbinder's nestabilities blossom #8. and a SEI pearl brad in the center. the image is colored with Prismacolor pencils and blending pencil, and the paper edged with Cat's Eye Fluid Chalk ink.  The sentiment on the inside (not shone is a birthday sentiment from Stampin' Up.)

This one is one that didn't make it in time for, Friday Sketchers (this keeps happening- :(-)

All Card Stock and Printed Paper by Stampin' Up. Swirls embossing folder by Cuttlebug was used. The image is actually a Frances Meyer Sticker (I used stickles on the flower centers) The sentiment is from The Angel Company. Stickles also used on paper strip in the back. Ribbon from Ribbons and Bows Oh My. misc.-brads and hardware hanger.

This last one if for Sketch Saturday's sketch challenge blog:

Card is pre-made by DCWV, all other Card Stock by Stampin' Up. Printed paper digitally created by a friend. Turtle Digi stamp I can not find the Creator, but there is a signature on it. (again if anyone knows please let me know so I can give credit) Digital Sentiment is by Digi Shack. Ribbon by Ribbons and Bows Oh My. Turtle colored with Bic Mark Its!  Misc.- hardware holder, and little mother of pearl plastic specialty sequins.

Thanks so much for viewing and encouraging me, it means so much!!

Susan :)

Thursday--Altered Art (late)

Hey there, here are my inner pages from a Maya Road Bird Coaster book. I am hosting a swap, Everyone keeps the cover bird (a little more detailed), and swaps the other five pages(obviously after being altered)

I really LOVE how they came out. (I might even keep one of my own pages and only swap 4, LOL)

I took 2 shots to hopefully show all the different textures and colors and mediums used.

They started out as plain gray chipboard, I covered them in sage green star burst textured specialty card stock. Then I took a slightly lighter shade of green acrylic paint and mixed it with gel medium with lava rock particles. I painted the area that would be the under belly of the bird and spread it towards the head and face and tail. Then I used metallic gold acrylic paint  and mixed it with tar gel medium, and let it run off the a palette knife all over the bird.  When it was good and dry, I used Bronze and a Green (a bit brighter--can't think of the name now) glimmer mists by Tattered Angels, and sprayed them fairly liberally.  

I traced the wing shape onto a different green designer paper, and then also sprayed them just with the bronze. I traced the heart out of a scrap of specialty paper. I didn't spray them. glued the heart on the wing, outlined it with a micron pen, and then attached the wing with Xyron, I held up the tips of the wings and used some Crafter's Pick Ultimate crafting glue, and stuck some feather's in. Then I let then dry.  meanwhile I had a chunk of other India-made specialty paper black with silver flowers and designs on it. I cut some of the tiny circles out and used them as eyes. I used a sharpie to make an eyelid. Then a bit of white gel pen on the eye for highlight.

When they were all solid and dry. I made a split in the Chipboard in the tail area, and used the same glue, but different feathers for the tails. I used Cat's Eye Fluid chalk ink to cover the edges of the chipboard.  Lastly I painted the beaks on, and used the micron pen to put the little air slit on.

It is hard to see here, but just before putting my info on the back, I stamped a word or phrase on each of the wings: Dream, Aspire, Achieve, Experience, and Enjoy the journey. This one is the "Dream" one.

Here is the back of the same bird, I had covered the back with a mod green Basic Grey paper. I used the same green paint with the gel medium with lava rock particles in it to make my own wing on the back, which I outlined with a micron pen. The eyes were made the same way as the front, but I did not highlight them. I attached one of the flowers from that same specialty paper the eyes were cut from.  Then I misted them with both the Green and Bronze shimmer mists.  I "titled" them and numbered and dated.

Next week I will share the cover bird which is going to be different in a few ways.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

my first time...2 truths and a lie

This is my first time doing 2 truths and a lie with CA GIRL

I believe you have to try and guess which is which, and next week I give away the truth and add 3 new ones.

1. I witnessed an armed robbery

2. I have worked as a lumberjack

3. My family is superbly close and always there for each other

Please check out other people's LIES, LOL at  CA GIRL

Alphabe-Thursday-Rainbow Summer School

today is Alphabe-Thursday and we are still in Rainbow Summer School over at Jenny Matlock's

This week's color is GREEN

Once there was a girl with green ears and green freckles.  She wore GREEN shoes and a dress with GREENSLEEVES. She lived on the "other side" where the GRASS WAS GREENER.  I could see her in her world, I do not know if she could see me or the GREEN-EYED LADY; my neighbor. Many of us had the extra sense, the power to see the other side. Some youngster's that were a LITTLE GREEN BEHIND THE EARS, caught glimpses here and there and had to be told what they were seeing--  "The Other Side". Indeed we often would just stand there and watch their world, where everything was a little bit GREENER.  It is said that those of us that could see the GREEN GREEN GRASS of HOME (the nickname for the "Other Side") is because our ancestors started over there, and then found a way to break through to this side; "Sun Green", as our sun is GREEN, not yellow like "The Other Side".  I always watched this girl with GREEN freckles, she fascinated me. I wish I knew her name. I think she was about 15, a few years younger than I.  I have heard the expression; "As long as you're green, you're growing. As soon as you're ripe, you start to rot. "  Would this happen to her, is that what happens on the other side? If her GREEN ears and GREEN freckles changed color, would she be dying?  I thought hard about this, and often.  I am not so sure why I was so intrigued with her alone. I have watched many of her kind in my glimpses into the GREEN GREEN GRASS of HOME.
Of Course, I think "Colorless green ideas sleep furiously" describes these thoughts of mine, and my daydreams.  I think for this girl and her kind, it is probably NOT EASY BEING GREEN.


check out all the GREEN over at Jenny's

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


we left off with the following pages:

43...make a paper airplane with this page.*

45...wrap this page around something like a gift.*

47...tongue painting...lick the center of the page after eating colorful candy.

49...(double page) write one word over and over.

*...I have not done these pages yet.

Here is page 47:
 My writing came through from the other side, but if you look close you will see red (ice pop) and blue (Hawaiian punch)

Here is page 49(&48):

I used the first word that came into my mind, so seeing the word, and thinking about MY life, and about OTHERS and other things that relate, I decided that is what I will be journaling about on the page backs.

I was recently viewing some art quilts made by Tristan (Tristan Robin Blakeman) from manmadequilts. (his blog is in my side bar...enchanted revelry)  anyway one of the quilts he made was from a challenge, to pick an 8th deadly sin. Tristan is gay, which is cool with me, and an artist in both the "art" painting and mixed media and QUILTING but he is also an artist of stage and screen...director, actor, props and stage settings etc.  he is quite imaginative and very artistic.

ANYWAY...his 8th deadly sin is  INTOLERANCE.  Boy I think he hit the nail on the head!  His quilt focused on homosexuality and all the protesters and bashers and especially those who use religion- as in "God Hates Fags" "If you are GAY you will BURN in HELL"  that kind of stuff. 

I myself am tolerant of homosexuality, and I am tolerant of other FAITHS or a person's spirituality. I hate the word "Religion" as you can be RELIGIOUS about anything...brushing your teeth at 8am sharp, walking your dog everyday before 5pm, having fish every Friday, having pasta every Wednesday.  See my point?  I prefer to say I have a relationship with my God. Lately, that relationship is a bit strained, but that is another story.

ANYWAY...Not that I would buy the quilt ($1,200.00) not just that I can NOT afford it, but also it is not my style to hang in my home, has MOVED me...very much so. I Looked at it for 10 minutes or so, and read his write-up about the quilt which included several references of gays being killed just because of their sexuality.  I was very touched by the story of the young boy hung to the fence and left to die(in the midwest), I remember when it happened and I cried, not just for that boy, but for his friends and family, and not just for them, but for all people killed JUST FOR WHO THEY ARE!  The quilt made me think of all of that again, and I looked at that quilt almost a week ago, it's still very visible in my mind, and the feelings behind it. I find myself wondering if Tristan cried at all while making it? I know I would have...and I am a Christian (something that is spoken about on the quilt...the "good Christians" behind the protests, the hate, the violence)

It has been eating at me for a week.  I deal with my own demons of discrimination, I am different-- on the physical end I am "morbidly obese" meaning I need to lose more than 100lbs. (which has happened gradually after my kids were born...pre babies 130 lbs.) additionally I have ADHD, truly--I have poor impulse control, and I am hyper...that is just 2 items that put people off...I speak my mind, I speak direct, and honest. Sometimes this makes people see me as abrasive, or rude. If they took the time to break it down, they would see that I am only being GENUINE (2 people in my life have used the phrase..."you are the most genuine person I have ever met"--to me that is a compliment).

Society has so forced us into only say nice things, that people don't realize that overall, that makes most people PHONY.  If one takes the time, to know me, and get past my brutal honesty, they will see that most of my "morbid obesity" is ALL HEART. I am sensitive and caring and generous and compassionate. I HATE injustice in ANY form! 

I FEEL too much.  I am almost always asked by one of my children or my hubby why I am crying while watching TV or a movie. I have no answer other than, "why AREN'T you crying?  Do you not feel the injustice, or the sadness, or the heartbreak?"

Anyway, I chose the word discrimination for my one word pages in WTJ. Tristan chose INTOLERANCE for his 8th deadly sin challenge. Basically the same, if we can only make others feel this EXACT thing, and spread it, and have others spread it Imagine what we could do?   

Imagine... John Lennon did.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday's muse

I am proud to be one of the four million!

Thank you!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Scrappy Sunday

We are continuing on with my great-niece's sweet 16 album.

These are the next two pages, where Jessica is opening her gifts and goofing off with her friends. My daughter makes her a make-shift hat out of Pink tissue paper and a huge turq. tissue paper bow, that was on one of the gifts.  I love to hear the 2 of them together laughing!

This is a 2 page lay out basically showing the winding down of the party. I used my design runner, I love to use it and so often forget I have it that is the main downfall of not having a dedicated craft room or studio; your stuff is spread out and you sometimes forget what you have.

I made sure that there is lots of little places for Jessica to put captions, as well as journal. I did make some of my own commentary along the way, but not much.

Here they are together.  Once again I apologize for the glare off the album sleeves, it would be just too much trouble for me to take it all apart for scanning or photos.

These now are the last couple of pages. Lots of room for journaling.

This is Jessica and her-at-the-time-boyfriend. She LOVED that little monkey, I do not remember if it was from him or not. I made the photo 5 x 7 cause it was so cute.  Then I did some "pencil-over" to match with the pretty printed lace on the paper (very old from PC)

 I also used my making Memories Grommet tool. I am so glad I
purchased this, adorable!!

The very last page in the book, giving her a place to actually LIST everything.

Next week, we'll visit some close up areas of this album, and talk about what makes it special.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Today is Friday...that means...

something free:

Something Fun!
Earn a business size envelope of paper and other goodies and embellishments; for the correct or closest-to-correct answer.
 Hubster just had a birthday on 8/7 (there is a hint in my "info") How old did he turn?

something Frank!
 after my post on Wednesday speaking about wreck this journal, and about my "missing" contributions to OWH, They did find a listing for my first shipment (but not my second) The reason they did not find it is because they only looked in the list of people who sent in more than 50 cards in a single shipment.  If I was cranking out super-simple "assembly line" cards, I would fit in that category. But my cards are always a little bit more involved (yet not as involved as I do for myself...because they have asked that they not be too lumpy etc) so it takes me a bit longer, not to mention that I may not work on anything for days or even weeks depending on pain, my depression etc.

ANYWAY, I have decided that I am going to stick with OWH, as I said many times it is a good organization, and I come from a family full of veterans, I do this memory of my Dad, Uncle, BIL and in Honor of my husband, Stepson, 5 cousins, and 2 friends of my children. I also do it to thanks and serve those that serve!  I am not here to please anyone, I am here to help. I am here to do a good thing, that makes ME feel like I DO matter, like I DO have a purpose.

Has anyone else ever been in the position, where you are doing something good, something right, something that matters, only to have 1 or a handful of people find a way to push you down?  I hate that. I hate that there are cliches, and groups within groups, and somehow you don't fit into the groups, always just falling short...why does it always have to be this way?  My son and husband are convinced that most of the time when stuff like this happens, it is a class difference(money mostly). You know the upper class looking down at the middle class etc.  I am not sure I buy this 100%, but it does give me pause, as I have seen it happen first hand.  NOT here with OWH, as I have not been with them long enough, but I will say I see groups within the group.  Anyway, I'd love to hear from anyone else that has been in this position or a similar one.

Altered Art...or in today's case ATCs

Here are some "Butterfly" ATCs for a swap at ARTchix Studio.
we had to use butterflies off the Hot (oranges and reds) or Cold (Blues greens, purples) collage sheets from ARTchix, but after that it was anything goes.  here are mine:

These 2 I am keeping for myself.  I also used her Blue garden collage sheet.

these 6 are to be swapped :)

I used lots of German Scrap(also known as Dresden Trim) in  Metallic Gold and Blue, and in Black and Orange. Some other collage bits, some from ARTchix some not, and Black Rhinestones in several sizes. Some have pink/purple bingo chips and I also used a few epoxy stickers.  All the backgrounds are mosaics of either Blue papers or Orange papers. Then I reversed the cold/hot butterflies...reds/oranges went on the blue cards and the blues/purples went on the orange cards.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday --Rainbow Summer School

Today's color is Yellow for Alphabe-thursday with Jenny Matlock

Today's is very short and sweet for me. Sorry I'm not feeling up to par today.

YELLOW is for the Background Home made paper for this Autumn themed card I made.

This card is made just layering torn pieces of Autumn-y colors, then die-cut leaves and skeleton leaves, some pretty variegated eyelash fibers and a stamped tag that says for you. the inside is blank. Please also NOTE one of the leaves is also YELLOW, just a lighter shade.

I will add that YELLOW is the color of the sun, and therefore the color of sunshine. Which is generally a color that means or makes people feel HAPPY.

One of the all time popular movies...The Wizard of Oz, has of course the YELLOW brick road.

and one of my favorite Musical groups/bands were THE BEATLES, don't you just LOVE RINGO's song...YELLOW SUBMARINE?

 I hope you all FEEL like you are "Walking on Sunshine" this weekend!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday used to be for WRECK THIS JOURNAL

and starting next week I will be returning to that. I hope any of you who were considering coming on board with us will, and those who used to be with me on it, come back. I sincerely apologize for my slippage from it.

I have limited time for ART, I mean most of you know I am house-bound, and really have all the time in the world. BUT>>> for ART it depends on the pain in my upper limbs for the most part if I work on anything, sometimes the lower limbs are bad enough to keep me from it. truly, yet there is also the times when I am in a dark place (due to my disabilities) and therefore have no interest in anything.

But I digress, lately any energy I have put into anything artistic has been in the form of greeting cards for the most part. these cards were and are for OPERATION WRITE HOME. An Organization I was totally loyal to and enamored with, I also made some friends through it.  Apparently, my cards have been invisible, and I do not know how to feel about that or deal with it. I made two shipments to one of the OWH shippers. They were small shipments compared to many others I am sure, but shipments none-the-less. they were mailed in the $5 priority flat cardboard envelope, and sent with delivery confirmation, according to that confirmation, both shipments were rec'd. Yet today I was told I was NOT a donor, and that I have NOT sent any cards yet. Can you imagine my bewilderment, confusion and hurt? EDIT: after this was posted, I found out they did find my listing for my first shipment (mother's day cards) but still not my second one.  I am glad that at least the one shipment, made it, and went along to our enlisted.

I have purchased special papers, stamps and embellishments just for OWH cards.  I have shied away from swaps on some of my groups, and pushed aside projects I was doing for myself to make cards for this AWESOME Organization. Only to be told that basically I and/or my cards are invisible.  Yet something else to add to my own darkness, like I needed to pushed down by a non-profit. Holy Crap, can my life sink any lower?  I mean yes over-all a lot of things could be worse, but seriously to be told AS a volunteer BY volunteers that your efforts are not there, or were so bad that they weren't used, I was also told that my blog was not even remembered for having a tutorial on it. OUCH! I really don't matter in the scheme of things apparently...I am truly lost at this. (see the above edit) I am feeling a little better. :)

I just went out and purchased a bunch of spellbinders, not saying they will not get used EVER, but they certainly won't used as much, if my card making stops.

Anyway...tomorrow I'll have some ATCs to share with you, and my weekly memes.
Then next Wednesday, WRECK THIS JOURNAL will return.

My sincere thanks to anyone who read this.
Be well,

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Let's talk a bit about WORD VERIFICATION on blogs.  I can totally understand having it on blogs, where perhaps, the blog owner is NOT really expecting comments. Additionally I totally understand having it on blogs that are ACTUALLY storefronts. WORD VERIFICATION is 100% totally acceptable anywhere were SECURE information is being exchanged.

Let's face it, it is being as OVER-USED as ADD for a diagnosis, for a spoiled kid, or a kid who's parents' careers come first. (I know from what I speak, I am a parent of TRUE ADHD kids, and have sat in on groups of child/parent---you can really see the difference).   

WORD VERIFICATION has no business being used on Sally from NJ's recipe exchange blog. It has NO place on the rest of us, just trying to get some attention, a little validation in this life, and the fastest way to do that in this century is to use the internet. 

WE, all blog owners quite frankly, are indeed crying out to anyone who will recognize them, acknowledge them, VALIDATE them.  Sometimes it is for WRITING, other times it is for ART, or CRAFTS, or some OTHER hobby, or MORE importantly a hobby they are trying to turn into a business. Some bloggers use them to get validation that they are good parents, or good Christians or good "home-schoolers" for some it is just to have some other friends, as in they do not have many, or any in their real life...I'll admit I fall into this category.  For ART also I blog. Blogs are used quite nicely as a networking tool.  I applaud  ALL of these things. However, NONE of these blogs contain TOP SECRET information, nor are they expecting TOP SECRET information to be placed into a comment by a visitor. We must remember that other bloggers are JUST LIKE US, people looking for a connection.  WHY make getting or making a connection so difficult??? That is what using WORD VERIFICATION does, it makes getting connected a chore, it is especially frustrating and annoying when it is done SECRETLY.  You know what I mean...those blogs where it just has a comment button, no indication that you will need a SECRET PASSWORD when you are done typing your comment to make sure it floats it way to the owner of the blog.

Perhaps That day, that blogger was having a really cool discussion going on an interesting subject. You say "WOW, I HAVE SOMETHING TO ADD, what a cool topic"  then you click that button that says "post a comment" and you type away...perhaps it is a topic you have had a great deal of experience with, and you end up typing 3 paragraphs of information. You wish them well and sign your name and click the "send comment" button, only to be THWARTED by the nasty pop-up of a new box with your post saying "please type in this code/word". You shrink, wondering if that means your comment might not be worthy, OR you are just disgusted and frustrated as this is a true nuisance.

BLOGGERS, did you ever think that you may be adding to some poor suffering person's deflated ego by making them think their opinion or comment is unworthy?

I know, I know; you feel you have a valid reason for using WORD VERIFICATION. Which is to keep out the spammers, the Asians that send ads in Asian writing, the websites wanting to sell you Cialis, Viagra or worse and then there are the porno kings and queens.  I also do NOT want this spam commenting on my blog.  WHICH IS WHY theres is also the OPTION of COMMENT MODERATION. This is what I use, AND many, many others. This lovely tool gives the blog owner the power to thwart the would-be spammers, yet allow through the real comments from truly interested blog readers.

THE WORST OFFENSE of using WORD VERIFICATION is when you participate in a BLOG HOP. You KNOW you are going to be getting visitors; readers who need to be commenting or want to comment. Why on Earth, would you make people do this extra Pain-in-the-ass step while time is of the essence and they have other blogs to visit?????????? (sometimes in triple digits)

WHY??? I really want to hear some VALID reasons.

IF you do not know that it is ON, and you want to learn how to shut it OFF, try asking your blog friends, I am sure many of them can tell you how to, or point you in the right direction.  I have spoken to weekly leaders of memes and blog hops, who have pointed out to the players to PLEASE TURN OFF WORD VERIFICATION. Additionally, some meme or blog hop leaders also ask that you turn off any music players you may have, as it can be distracting, and this is supposed to be a HOP(moving along nicely to several blogs sharing in a common thread of thought, and there leaving a comment)

A long time ago, I decided I would NOT publish any anonymous comments.  Today I have also decided I will not comment on any blogs that use word verification.  If more of you do the same, perhaps we can get the message across. Like I said there *IS* a second option to keep out Spam...COMMENT MODERATION.

ON a DIFFERENT subject.  I have a sinus infection (yes, again) but here is the funny part. my son drove me down to the "urgent care"  walk in facility 3 towns south of us, and I get there, and the lot is empty and i said good it will be a quick visit. then there is a sign on the door stating they are closed on 8/9 and to go to their other office(5 more towns south)...NO WAY...but yet the receptionist is in, and the door opens. I go in. She tells me that yes they are closed because "the Doctor called in sick"
I used to work for this outfit, they are owned by the hospital I worked for, and I did per diem X-ray for them as some side money. They each have a list of no less than 5 doctors that will go to that particular office (there are 5 of them).  So I am like all 5 of your doctors are not available to come in (to myself) I was thinking, how rich is this?   LOL

well, anyway Have a great night(I know it is about over for many of you) I had been sleeping that is why this post is so late.

My apologies,

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A couple of cards

This card is for OWH Stars n Stamps blog "use your stash" challenge (this was for pretty printed paper)

Digi stamp by Sleikje
Card pre-made-DCWV
Printed Paper-DCWV and PC
Sentiment by T.A.C.
Corner punch-Martha Stewart
Prismacolor pencils and blending pencil
Misc. ribbon
Foam tape under Sentiment
This card was made with a freebie digi Image by Priscilla's Style it was given on her NING forum: Crafter's Digital art center

All the Background Builder's stamps, the Sentiment and Butterfly are from My Time Made Easy

There is NO printed paper involved. I used Stampin' Up inks, ribbon and Hodgepodge hardware (metal) and Crystal Effects on the butterfly, the vase, the flower centers and in the bookplate over the sentiment.  The digi image itself (vase with flowers) was colored using Bic Mark It's!

The white panel is raised on foam tape, and then the vase itself is also raised.

Hope you like them :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday --Rainbow Summer School

It's Alphabe-Thursday!!
That mean's it is RAINBOW SUMMER SCHOOL time with Jenny Matlock
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Banana who?
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Banana who?
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad I didn't say Banana?

This week, here in summer school the color is ORANGE.

I like Orange, I do; however I was kind of ORANGED-OUT in the 70's. My Mom had done our large kitchen with slick wall vinyl with huge bright Orange and yellow (all different shades) flowers on it.  It was COOL, really. The kitchen also boasted Golden Harvest Appliances. I remember we also used to have  some pretty WILD towels for the Bathroom, some were Green and Blue and some were Orange and Pink. My mom was always kind of hip and stylish for a Mom, (I saw this later in my junior and senior years) of course as a 13-16 year old I thought my parents were strict and lame, like every other 13-16 year old.  When we moved again when I was 16, her and dad switched to Avocado appliances.  That is a whole 'nother story.

Let's see if I can find something similar to show you:

HA!!! I found a picture of material, that I had made a skirt out of in 7th grade Home Ec class(This was the last year in my first childhood home, I lived there from birth to 13) ORANGE was big in the 70's...

I actually had a shirt just like this:

well, I can't find pics of the towels or our wallpaper, BUT I did find the ORANGE wallpaper that my best friend had in her kitchen!

so after that, I kind of stayed away from Orange.
Do you remember Orangina?  I liked it, and loved the bottles!!

I am and always have been a HUGE fan and eater of Sunkist Naval ORANGES!!

Of course like most households, we also always decorated for Halloween, and you can't do that without ORANGE.  Here are some of the OLD decorations I remember my Mom putting in the windows.

This picture, we had the owl and the cat,  not the pumpkin light:

I remember we had this set when I was a little older:

When I was older yet and even after I was married My Parents had this PUMPKIN made from the melted plastic peanuts hanging on their door. Later when they moved to FL, they gave this pumpkin to me, I used it for a few years on and off--it is still in our attic.

 We also always had Jack-o-lanterns, being made out of Pumpkins, these are also ORANGE.  For many, many years, we made them out of real pumpkins, and some years we got medium sized pumpkins and each of the 3 kids made their own, or some years we'd get one big one, and we would all vote on what design to use.  The last few years we made them, we used the Fake Pumpkins from Micheal's, then  they were reusable year after year.

 As far as Orange stuff goes when my kids were growing up, of course there are Basketballs, most of the time they are ORANGE.

My son had a a Thunder Cats Room tent, Their emblem was Orange and Black, and some of the Thunder Cats themselves were orange.
  My youngest daughter was into the Spice Girls for a while, and Ginger Spice had ORANGE hair.

Then of course there was the movie that seemed to be playing at least once a week in my house: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory...the infamous UmpaLumpas were Orange.

Personally these guys weirded me out!

We always have to have Orange Juice in the house, because my Husband has diabetes, and Orange juice is the fastest way to bring his sugar level up if it is too low. We like the "grovestand" the best, so full of pulp, the kids don't like the pulp, we usually kept 2 kinds in the house.

I've noticed over the past few years, I have purchased a few articles of clothing that are orange, which actually surprised me.  

How do you like your Orange???

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