Sunday, January 30, 2011

OWOH...I was told I was too early...

So I had to pull my post and put it back in drafts. I'll post the story of my son maybe later, now that it is so close with OWOH, I really hesitate as i do not want to scare away any new readers LOL.

He pulled quite the fast and bad one, and We are both (hubby and I) angry, upset, sad and wondering what is wrong with this kid(he's 24)  I have some art I must finish in the next 24 or so hours, so that will keep me busy til Jan 31, when the actual OWOH starts. (even though the banner says jan 30)
so catch you all later.

Well, since soooo many other bloggers have their posts up, I am putting mine back up as well.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just a quick note of my MIA Status

Things have NOT been very cool around here for the past several days(except for the weather-cool and snowy and icy etc)

I promise to post all about it. (probably sometime later tomorrow)

but for all of the challenges and  weekly hops I normally join, well I am sorry I am MIA, but it just couldn't be helped. My spirit is just not into anything right now. Health wise, I am, as far as I know--Status quo. Therefore no worries there. 
I have just had some family crap going on, and I am not feeling like much of anything.

I have a question for those in the know... can houses have negative spells on them? I ask because after much thought on things over the last few days, I am noticing a pattern. I did think about this same thing over the years on and off. While still serious in my Christianity, I often thought about having a minister or someone do a walk through room-by-room blessing. Ron, of course thought it was nuts. So a few times I, myself just did a walk through, room-by-room..."Christ proclaiming, Satan rebuking" chant, Positive welcome, negative not etc, LOL

Recently reading about another friend who is going through a rough patch, and swearing there was a dark spell cast, and after doing something about seeing improvement.

It seems to me, everyone that lives in this house acts differently when here, then when not, and it is usually quite negative. the worst part, is that it ALWAYS seems to cause a domino effect of negativity.  Maybe I am just looking for reasons to say it is something else, and not blame myself or my husband or the kids, i just know I am really tired of it.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

1:30 am, 4 inches and counting...

at last check on the weather channel, many,many hours ago 6-8" were expected...again.

 Amanda made it home OK, Tom lied to us about there being snow in Philly this am, and early afternoon (which is when the POLICE out there said he should have left if he wanted to get home safely)  We called him, caught him the lie, and more, told him we spoke to the Police precinct 1.5 miles from his location...they got  about 2" of snow in the am yesterday and then it was washed away by rain and sleet and was slush, but the temp. was dropping and they were expecting 8", this was at 6pm, we told him to leave then, and Ron told him he better be here by 10pm, well he didn't answer his cell after hanging up on us a couple of times (mad at us for catching him in a lie...he's in our only running vehicle right now)

He is STILL not home, and not answering his cell. I am pissed AND nervous! (3:20am)

anyway, here are some pics I took out the porch door at 1:30am (Kodak easy share, and outside flood light only)

 Wind chimes

 Little wild evergreen bush just off the porch
 Under the tarp--Snow Blower, Wheel Barrow that we bring wood down from the barn in, semi-sheilded by being parked under one of our large Spruce trees
Snow shovel handle, right outside the door

Winter Whites or white on white...

with a splash of color!

This card actually fills 3 challenges,2 are for white on white with a splash of color-Stars n Stamps, and Bugaboo Stamps, and the third is a sketch challenge. The sketch challenge is for Hanglar & Spanglar and Just magnolia

ok so this is for Stars n Stamps mid-week throwdown (a bit late...we've got bad weather issues going on) and also for Bugaboo stamps

 Card stock- GEORGIA PACIFIC and Unkown winter-white/goldish flourish print shimmer CS-unknown, RADIANT RAIN Solar Gold shimmer mist, CUTTLEBUG embossing folder-swirls, misc. white ribbon, flowers by PRIMA, Oval Nestabilities by SPELLBINDERS used as stencil, Hexagon punch by CREATIVE MEMORIES, Sentiment stamp by STAMPIN' UP, "Tilda with Peony" by MAGNOLIA, ENCORE gold ink, STAMPENDOUS Pirate Gold embossing powder, MEMENTO Tuxedo Black ink, 2 SHARPIES
NOTE: I didn't notice the smudging on the sentiment until I uploaded it, so it is now replaced.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

wordless wednesday...(maybe a couple of words)

This is our weather today, snow and sleet. Ron's eye surgery is now postponed. Picture taken out of a LR window. This is our "Faux Orange Blossom" Bush (for lack of remembering the actual name)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Remember my COFFIN?

Do you remember the fabulous coffin box I got from the winning box of Halloween goodies from Kim?

I showed it to you in it's naked form, and then just gessoed.

I wanted to show it to you in steps, but Tom was in a hurry for it.

Well, here it is!  I told some people specifically what my son wanted it for, and I was agreeable to that, I will not post it right out here, I think many of you can guess. It is a container for something made of glass, with an interesting shape and very personal, the object has a name, which you will see. Perhaps after the pictures you can guess what it is for. :D

 "Paint it Black"

 I used my Halloween Fence Scenes and Shapes "Shababilities" by SPELLBINDERS, and my Halloween Glitter Card stock by MARTHA STEWART. I used the Fence and the tombstone, and silver and red glitter Card stock.  That is Tom's Cat "Caesar" in the background. (He is a Hemingway)
 I used a razor knife to cut through the opening along the lid, that meant some rearranging of some of the animals parts like a cat tail and a crow or 2. I put one crow on the tombstone.
I also put the name "Bowser" on the tombstone.
I do not pictures of it, but I did cover the whole coffin in one coat of Matte Mod Podge. (Tom was in a rush and wouldn't let me take any more pics)
 I lined the top of the lid with Red fleece, glued in place with Mod Podge. The Bottom I lined first with a Piece of an "Odor Eater" charcoal shoe insole, and then a piece of the fleece without gluing it down. That way the odor eater can be changed from time to time. (Tom wasn't crazy about the idea, but his friends even said, it was a good idea. :D)

I enjoyed making this for him. I wish I had more of these coffin boxes, it was fun to work with and I could see much potential for creations!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

bunch of cards for Bugaboo's first Birthday III

BUGABOO Digitals stamps is celebrating their first Birthday!!

they have had several challenges, and are offering several prizes, all comes to an end tomorrow (today)

OK here is the final card for the main birthday challenge:

Meet Stella, she's a piece of work!  Card Stock by SU, Printed paper unknown, BIC Mark Its!, foam squares (under the candles--which I made myself) stickles.

Here is the last mini challenge...Anything goes, I used another Dottie Image, but made a Mother's day card. This card is also for the I Stack Up Challenge this week to use Pink.
Card stock by Georgia pacific, Printed papers by SU and Anna Griffin, prismacolor pencils and blending pencil, Ink by SU, misc. ribbon. Butterfly punch by Martha Stewart, foam tape (under sentiment) Sentiment by Rain drop Echo designs, Diamond glaze on the water.

WHEW, that was a lot of cards for about 30 hours.

bunch of cards for Bugaboo's first Birthday II

We'll do this in a few posts, otherwise it would be just too much, LOL

BUGABOO Digitals stamps is celebrating their first Birthday!!

they have had several challenges, and are offering several prizes, all comes to an end tomorrow (today)...I've been diligently working, but I got behind I think I still have one to do.

Ok Main Birthday challenge card #2:

Have a sweet bird-day!!  Isn't this an adorable stamp? and I think the card is cute also, LOL
Card stock by SU, Old printed paper, ribbon by Ribbons and Bows Oh My, bee by Provocraft, foam tape, BIC Mark Its!

The next little challenge was a sketch challenge, I used a Bugaboo image of course:
it is one of their little clowns, another cutie. Card stock by SU and DCWV, printed and glittered Card stock by DCWV, misc. ric-rac, Flowers by Petaloo, misc. brads, word art by TLC creations

The next little challenge was to create another birthday card, this time I went with one of Bugaboo's Sassy images:
This is a masculine B-day card using Sassy angel, the upper word art is by TLC creations, and then the lower part is my own by hand. Card Stock by SU, all the printed paper rec'd as a RAK. misc. buttons, Prismacolor pencils and blending pencil, silver sharpie on halo and harp.

bunch of cards for Bugaboo's first Birthday I

We'll do this in a few posts, otherwise it would be just too much, LOL

BUGABOO Digitals stamps is celebrating their first Birthday!!

they have had several challenges, and are offering several prizes, all comes to an end tomorrow (today)...I've been diligently working, but I got behind I think I still have one to do.

OK for the very first challenge create up to 3 cards with Bugaboo images for birthdays...I'm putting one of each of those on the this post and the next 2.

Here's Gus...there are several images of him, I love this one.
Card stock by SU, printed paper, unknown and DCWV, misc ribbons, soft suede ink by SU, BIC Mark Its! Foam tape...the entire image is raised.

Next is the challenge from Monday, make a BLUE & WHITE card
Check out Dottie coming out of the cake,  what a dame! LOL, Card stock by SU, printed paper unknown, corner punch- Martha Stewart, tinsel glitter- Martha Stewart, Misc star stickers, word art by TLC creations

The next challenge was to use the following NR designs digital image:
Isn't he adorable?  Card stock by SU and Georgia Pacific, misc. birthday tissue paper, misc. Balloon brad, sharpie, flower brads by Making Memories, BIC Mark Its!, sentiment by JeanCrafts...I am smackin' myself, i missed the part about adding bling :(

Friday, January 21, 2011

2 New awards passed along to me (and others)

First I rec'd from JINGLE

The Stellar Blogger award:

 The letters were added by my friend Valerie

and passed onto me and others by Lyn:
 a New STYLISH Blogger award, created by my friend Wendy 

I will tell you 7 things about myself and i will pass each award onto 7 other blogs.

1.  My middle name is Elaine

2.  I almost died twice when I was like 16-19 months old from severe asthma attacks and getting "double bronchial Pneumonia" My Mom often tells me how scary it was to look into the crib and see me turning blue.

3. My entire living situation aggravates my allergies...I live in the woods--trees and mold spores, I live in an old house that still needs work--dust,dust mites and mold spores. Due to the age of the house and the not-so thickness of the walls etc. the original part of the house has no central heat, we use a wood stove---more dust, occasional smoke and ash.  I am allergic to cats, I love cats, I wasn't allowed to have cats when growing up (due to my allergy to them, and my asthma) once grown up I was bound and determined to own a cat or 2, I did a series of "shots' twice, and then just "immunity by fire" LOL owning them forces immunity. However NOT entirely. I have to wash my hands and lint my clothes constantly.  Does all this make me a sadist or is that masochist? Perhaps it is just insanity! LOL

 this is "Pretty"
4. I am an artist, unfortunately no one gets to see all that I can do, because I do not have the area to do all the kinds of art that I like to do, right now. There is plenty of space, but something has to be modified, and it keeps getting pushed to the back burner. :( 

5. When I talk about the values and morals I was raised with, and I believe they should still be upheld.  (as in what is appropriate, what it means to be loyal, blood being thicker than water etc.)I get looks and comments that make me feel like I should be living in the 50s and 60s or on another planet. Does anyone else have this happen? 

6. I type with 2-4 fingers, still looking at the keys even though I took typing in HS and "keyboarding" in college.  I can type the correct way, but it is sloooowww.  I am pretty darn fast with my own method. 

7. when it comes to blogging, I feel totally inept, I do not know how to make a badge or a button etc. I can't even figure out how to change my background colors, I go into the design part and it tells me, "that option is not available" 

 Confessions of a Kitchen Witch
Free Digital Stamps
A Bit O Shine 
 Magic Moonlight Images
Painted house

and the NEW STYLISH BLOGGER(by year of the cats) is going to:
 A Delightsome Life
Altered expressions
By the Broomstick
Jacque's  joie de Vivre
My name is Elena
Fiona and Twig
Can we Have a New Witch? Ours Melted

Copy the image, save it, post proudly to your blog, share 7 things about yourself, and pass the award on to 7 other blogs...PLEASE :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011


hello guys and gals! it is Alphabe-Thursday and today it is an "O" day, make sure to visit other "Os" over at Jenny's Place

I am going with the word only, in phrases.

* If only
* only the lonely
* only love can break your heart
* Gentlemen only
* beauty is only skin deep
* The one and only
* only one left
* A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link
* an only child
* The only known species
* only serious inquiries please

Can you think of any more??

Teresa added You only live once
Judie added It's only a paper moon 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a card or so...

This card is for Designed 2 Delight's weekly digi stamp challenge

 All Card Stock by STAMPIN' UP, Printed Paper-unknown, Ribbon from Michael's, hearts hand cut, BIC Mark Its!, Foam tape--"Love ya, Cupcake" image by Designed 2 Delight, which is elevated on  foam squares

 This next card fills the requirements for 3 challenges:
Stars n Stamps sketch challenge (#52)
Sentimental Sunday's winter + sentiment challenge
and  Cards Ideas (by designed 2 delight) wintry color combo challenge

I have several views so you can see my rolled flowers and also, to show that the special snow sequins are actually white.

 Both images are wonderful DIGI's...the snow dog is from Designed 2 Delight and the sentiment is by Raindrop Echo Designs
 Purple snowflake paper (vertical from an ad), card stock by SU, spotted paper unknown, I lined the spotted paper with other similar colored printed paper to be able to make 2 small flowers, I used the blue to make one, and an coordinating purple to make another. All have beads in the center. leaves cut out of Card stock and wall paper.
 Coloring done with BIC Mark Its!
 The colors below aren't right except for the sequins which are white/shiny/MOP look. (these were rec'd as a RAK, and the baggie has a UK "pounds" symbol on it, I have never seen these before, I have been using them sparingly, but this card just screamed for them!)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some Sunday art

ok, here is one card (will add 2 more to this)

this first card is for Stars n Stamps Sketch challenge

 Card stock-mauve-STAMPIN' UP (retired),Pale gray Marble unknown, Printed paper rec'd as RAK, Image and both sentiments rec'd in a swap-by STEPPING STONE STAMPS (inside says: He's lost and won't ask for directions) Butterfly and corner punches by MARTHA STEWART, Circle punches by CREATIVE MEMORIES, scalloped circle by STAMPIN' UP, puffy flower unknown, DECO paint pen for crown, SHARPIES, LIQUID PEARLS, layered circle and flower elevated on foam tape.

This next card is also for Stars n Stamps, but it is for unloved, unused items...the main one item would be the stamp set by SU,(I had some images already stamped up and ready to go, along with many others) that I haven't used in a while, and the seed beads I used in the center of the one flower

 Card stock by SU, stamps-SU Ink-SU, Misc.-Button, Stickles, liquid pearls, and seed beads.
 They wanted us to show some of the stuff so here is 2 pics.
 Above-just one pile of scrap paper among many. Below- one sandwich bag full +  of stamped images, I have 5 envelope boxes filled, and an 8.5" x 11' accordion folder filled. (some are mine, some were swaps, and some were raks.

Here is a card for Saturday Sketchers, It is late for them  as I forgot to upload it during the week, DOH!  but I like also fits OWH call for spring cards.
 Card stock, Ink, and Stamps-STAMPIN' UP, other paper-FRANCES MEYER and scraps. Misc. -Brads, and foam tape (sentiment and 2 cut out flowers elevated) Liquid pearls

Ok last card for today, this is for MoJo Monday's Sketch challenge. 

 Magnolia stamp rec'd in swap, colored with prismacolor pencils and blending pencil. Nestability ovals by spellbinders. Card stock by SU, printed paper is unknown. brads by making memories. hand written sentiment with marvy calligraphy pen. Misc. ribbon

Friday, January 14, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday...a POEM by me

Come learn about "N" this week over at Jenny's Place.

For me this week
is for 

Here is a Poem I wrote several years back.

The Identity of Night

I am the darkness over your head
and the welcoming comfort of your bed.
I am the sparkling distant stars
that dance on the waves of the sea.
and the dreams that relinquish freedom to thee.
I am the night.
I am the temperature that subtly drops.
The desertion of streets and the closing of shops.
I am bedtime stories, and teddy bears
and moms with babes in rocking chairs.
I am the night.

I am lullabys and a music box,
Creatures of the dark; owl, coon and fox.
I am the dancing flames of a fireplace
and the sneaking, quiet parents
peeking at their angel’s face.
I am the night.

I am the short-circuiting of the sun
and the endless day’s rest; that is hard-won.
I am the preparation for the day ahead
For many; the time they long for
for others I’m the time they dread.
I am the night.
SusanG © 1997