Sunday, November 27, 2011

More than OVERDUE! Many Thanks and recognition!!

 a few months ago, I had a run of wonderful luck winning blog candy and giveaways. Some were smallish, some were medium, and this one was HUGE, and I felt so blessed. I have been trying to get the time needed to do a blog post worthy of this wonderful person's generosity and great talent!

Linda Iverson from Norway, was hosting a blog giveaway for her followers. there were 3 prizes. I won the BIG one. and then some!
That link is to her blog(liveartnow), her flickr is here. (please go visit her for a bit, after reading this, and give her some love, tell her I sent you)

The original prize was for one of her wonderful Polymer clay heart pendants, the coffee Table book "Polymer Clay Masters" a small blocked art canvas, and a print of your choice from her WONDERFUL Flickr photostream.  That was the rub.  I couldn't decide...all of her stuff is sooo awesome.

I told her that, and she said oh just let me know what you want, it doesn't matter how many.  She was so over-joyed with all my compliments; I got the impression she wasn't used to hearing them, and that surprised me as her work is top-notch!!

Linda is so very talented and gracious. I picked a handful, some based on music for my youngest daughter, 2 for my son, and some for me, one in particular was actually a double page out of her art journal.
Linda offered 3-4 sizes in the prints in cms, so of course I was messed up.  But basically I asked for the ones for my daughter to be small (like 5 x 7) since there were 5, the 2 for my son, med. (like 8 x 10)
and mine in whatever size she chose. Well the translation got the better of both of us I think, as my son's were the small ones and my daughter's the medium.  I dare not even breathe a word, as she was so very generous to begin with but it got even better!!!

When the package arrived it was a little beat up and I was so afraid something might have fallen out, but the rips proved to be only "skin deep" and my fear subsided. I opened the package which was quite heavy due to the weight of the wonderful coffee table book!

But YO-HO...I was BLOWN-AWAY!! The prints...were not JUST prints like I have won in the past from other artists. These were actually printed on canvas sheets.  I was sooo very touched and impressed!

On top of the initial prize of:
block canvas art
and 1 print (I got 4 about 8.5 x 11, 3  5X 7, 2  8 X 10)
Linda also sent:
a Fabulous 4 X 4
3 ATCs
an altered scrabble tile (I'll make this into a pendant for my daughter)
several ATC bkgds.
some paper to use for ATCs
fancy orange sequenced, elastic ribbon trim (I used some of this on that Halloween pencil cup I made)
4 fancy polymer clay words...True, Love, Forever, Enchanted
 some charms and an awesome little velvet bag and tag (the necklace came in this)

Here now I share my booty with you all!

 The heart pendant, bag and tag from it, the block canvas, and one print
 Block canvas "The Place of Dance"; note the real fabric trim all across the bottom
it says:
The Place of Dance is Within the Soul
 she makes so many of these, many more steampunk than this one!
 Lovely bag, beautiful tag, and I love all those charms :)
  a medium Print for me..."Love Never Ends"
 some of the prints
 "Birdlife"  I love this one, it is actually a large print from her art journal!
The quote says: 
God loved the birds and created trees
man loved the birds and created cages
by Jacques Deval
 this is a small print for Thomas; "Different"
it says:
have the courage to be
 Large print for Amanda; "I Love Music"
 Large print for Amanda; "Brown Bird Singing"
 Small print for me; "Hope"
 another shots of some of the prints
 Medium print for Amanda; "Poetry of Music"
 small print for Thomas; "What To Do?"
it says:
In Eternal Indecision
 small print for me; "Miracles"
it says:
Where Hope Grows, Miracles Blossom
 A large print of the block canvas I won, for Amanda; "The Place of Dance"
 The extra goodies!
 ATC bkgds. and that fun ribbon trim
 WONDERFUL 4 X 4, with some fancy lace fabric trim (again- I love that she uses fabric trim) the clay words,  & altered scrabble tile
 3 Gorgeous ATCs
 some neat paper to use :)
 AMAZING polymer clay creations in a FABULOUS coffee Table book

 just a sampling of some of the pages
 Look at these bracelets!
 earrings and necklaces
 Tea pots...I haven't read, but I am guessing these are just decorative.
 art dolls and statues
 clay renditions of flora and fauna
 more art dolls and statues

Am I not blessed?  What a wonderful gift, such Talent.  I hope to "purchase" or trade for some more of her work in the Future!  I am totally smitten!  I asked Linda to include signature cards for each print, as I plan on having them matted and framed.

Linda, a truer Artist has never stood before me! You are talented, yet humble. Thoughtful, generous and gracious. It would be an honor to meet you in real life!  Thank you for touching my life, and those of my 2 youngest children(I will have to get something for my other daughter, she is into music also, mostly singing.)  There is a lot of continueous "bad" that goes on in my life...the prints of love, hope and miracles will help to remind me, not to give up! Much Love n light to you!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Ten days of Thankfulness-Days 9 & 10

Remember I lost a day, after being to the ER. so Today, the last day, I am doing 2 days.

Day 9...I am very thankful to have a decent hubby who is a great provider, and "on and off" supportive of my hoarding crafting.  He is a hoarder collector also...Fishing gear and rods etc (including the supplies to make stuff) most is in the garage though.  Plus he goes and "collects" ---"recycle for profit" items...copper, brass, aluminum etc. (out back in the yard) He has his faults, but overall a good husband!

 At my mom's 80th birthday dinner out we took her, our whole family (minus my daughter, and plus Tom's live-in friend) 2007
 The two of us vending at a Fishing Flea Market in 2010
One of my all time FAV pics of in 2004 (that's a "striper")

Day 10---

On this last day of sharing my thankfulness.  I want to say how very Thankful I am for all the wonderful friends, followers, acquaintances, kindred spirits, and fellow artsy and craftsy people I have met and have a bit of a Bond with, due to my blog, different forums and yahoo groups!

Furthermore, I want to say how VERY thankful and lucky I feel to have won some awesome  blog candy, sweepstakes and giveaways.

AND lastly, that I always found a way to afford to do giveaways on my blog as well!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post where I will be sharing a landfall of goodies that Have recently made their way to my mailbox :)

Many, many warm hugs to all of you!! I thank you all for giving my "new disabled" life some meaning, some purpose, and for befriending me!

Here I am making some cards at an all day scrapbook crop in Jan of 2009

Ten days of Thankfulness-Day 8

I am Thankful today for having a wonderful TG feast, while bonding with my daughter on a "grown-up" level, teaching her about Gravies, and the old family recipe for the stuffing(Hubby's mom's). Ratio/proportions etc.  There were a few "hiccups" with some stuff getting cold while waiting on other stuff, but that seems to happen every year, LOL!
I am sad though, as my camera Battery died, so I have only  have a few pictures. None with Amanda and I :( none with her and her Nana, or Amanda and Adam. For that matter, The only pictures with people, are of just with Amanda.  Then, only pics of the table, the turkey, the napkins and rings I made her.

I Hope you all Had a BLESSED and Family-friendly Thanksgiving!( know what can happen)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ten days of thankfulness- day 8

Today I would like to say how thankful I am for the internet!
It brings a world of possibilities to my to my finger tips everyday. It brings me, anywhere in the world through awesome photos, websites, forums and blogs.
It has, and I hope it will continue to bring me friends. That is the very best part!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jack frosty :)

Here's a card for  I DID IT CREATIONS snowman challenge!

I used this FABULOUS snowman, which is free from SLIEJKE'S digi images.  I just love that he is feeding birdseed to the little chickadees!

 Sentiment from DIGI DOODLE shop
Card stock and the Navy Swirl paper is from STAMPIN' UP
Crimson snowflake paper under sentiment is from CLOUD 9
 Big paper rose rec'd as a rak, the little layer flowers from K & CO., the one little paper flower I put it together from punched flowers also rec'd as a rak. Added a gem.
Red Tulle, and burgundy ribbon from my stash.
DOODLEBUG DESIGN Sugar coating glitter, and the big plastic snowflakes are from FAVORITE FINDINGS
 Image and sentiment colored with PRISMACOLOR pencils and blending pencil. White Enamel Accents by RANGER used for the snow on the letters and the furry part of the hat and scarf on the snowman.

I believe this does fulfill  other challenges, and will be looking into that...I am out of time for today, LOL!

I hope you enjoyed my FROSTY :)

Be well,

Ten days of Thankfulness-Day 7

Today I would like to say how Thankful I am to be an AMERICAN.

I have the right to say anything, to anyone, anywhere at any time.....they do not have to like it, but I have the right to say it.

I have the right to WRITE anything, and have it printed.

I have the right to have whatever spirituality, faith, "religion" or customs and rituals I want.

There are rules and laws and policies, but I and every other American get to have some say in them.

We the people have the PRIVILEGE  of voting in the people to oversee these rules, laws, policies and rights.

We have the best MAIL SYSTEM in the world.

We have decent import/export stradegies

the country is NOT perfect, but it must be better than any other country since so many want to move here.

We have the right to bear arms, should we so desire (I don't want to, but hey if you like guns, get a permit and have at it)

we have rights that protect us from oppression and for the ability to protest  if we have a question with our rights or animals rights or whatever.

I believe in the American falters, but it is still there. I believe in a "chicken in every pot"

I believe in a gov't by the people for the people...

hey the royals can be interesting, but let's face, the countries that have them to be rich and do nothing.  IT is REFRESHING to see the new young royals in some countries...WORKING, and doing charitable works as well...THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU  Princess Diana, for setting such a wonderful example!!  (I still miss you)

I am proud 
and grateful to be

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ten days of Thankfulness-Day 6

I am very thankful  that i and all family members have clothes on our back, and a few of us in surplus!!! LOL

I have lots and LOTS of scrubs, warm  up jackets etc for work, some of them were purchased brand new right before I got injured on the job, including a pair of never worn Rockers (work shoes) they were $79 ON SALE.  I have not been able to bring myself to getting rid of these wonderful clothes just yet, as I still hold out some hope that I might find a place that would hire me just per diem(That way, I can work, on good days..I get to pick), and I wouldn't have to transfer any patients. (Because I can't)

I am going to have to thin them out, and list at least some on Ebay and see how they do.

Amanda is  a clothes horse..nuff said there.
Tom has a decent amount of clothes though mostly all very similar.
Ron has some wonderful BN button down moleskin shirts I bought him several years back that he has never worn :(  he is such a tee shirt and jeans (and flannel shirt) guy  I hope he will surprise me and wear one of these nice tops to Amanda's for TG. they go with jeans, and he can have one of his tees on under neath if he gets too warm. (She has a 2nd floor apt, so with the oven on, it may get warm in there)

I have some decent dress clothes also, sadly a lot of them do not fit, as since becoming disabled I have put on about 65 lbs.  ::::someone please wire my jaw shut::::: LOL!


Monday, November 21, 2011

I can finally let the cat out of the bag!

 I have been sitting on pins and needles and have bandages on my tongue from biting it so hard! LOL
I have been wanting to share some exciting news with you all. However, I couldn't until today.

I have been picked to be a member of my very first Stamp Company's design team!!
That Design team is:

Which is owned By Robyn. She designs and owns ROBYN'S FETISH digi stamps, and owns OUTLAW  WOMEN's scrapbooking supplies.

What makes this EVEN MORE exciting, is that I was actually APPROACHED and asked to apply to this DT.  What an HONOR, no better compliment than that!  This news has totally lifted me a bit, out of my depression, and certainly has given me more confidence!

I had a card I wanted to get into the challenge  at IDIC this weekend. But Sadly since I was in the ER Friday night, and pretty much out of it all weekend. I missed the cut off. But I think it also fits some other challenges out there, and I will post it here.

I look forward to working on this DT with all the other awesome members and I hope to Serve Robyn and the DT well!

BTW, this is my first ever easel card as well!

 I will say the pink card stock is the exact same card stock, but for some reason in the pics, the piece used on the bottom, looks like a different shade, but it is not.

Digi image by SASSY CHERYL
Card stock by STAMPIN' UP
Printed paper from my stash
Chocolate ribbon from my stash (matches the paper)
Walnut stain Distress Stickles by RANGER
Jewel flourish pieces by RECOLLECTIONS
Image colored with PRISMACOLOR pencils

entered in the following challenges:
One Stitch at a time ...anything goes
Stamps R Us Challenge ...Bling it on
My time to Craft ...take 2 (use 2 of something) ...2 bling flourishes
Terrifically thrilling Thursdays with Shelly's Images ...anything goes
Inspire me Fridays ...anything goes
Totally Gorjuss ...swirls n twirls

Ten days of Thankfulness-Day 5

Today I want to share my thankfulness for  never going hungry, even when there were times I thought we might miss a meal. I mean sometimes there isn't lunch available. Things have been so VERY different since I lost all I lost in my injury. it is tough to go from 50k a year to 1K a month. I lost my job, my career, my car. Ron had to use his SS check when they started coming 5 years ago to pay bills instead of putting them away for his actual retirement. Whenever that may be. it should have been already. He is 70, and has health issues.
We even think he had a small stroke about 4 months ago or so. Sadly, we still have a big mortgage, so my being disabled has forced him to continue working.

We may not go out to dinner once a week like we used to.  We may not even go out once a month. However we do out go once in a while, and we do get take out a few times a month.

We may not have shrimp, salmon and sirloin as often as we used to, but we still eat.
We aren't able to eat healthier, but that always seemed off balance.

Why is it you pay more for something that has less..."no added sugar = pay more"
Fruit more expensive than chips. Fish more expensive than chop meat.

I do miss the neighbor that used to give us Venison though. it is better than beef for hubby and I both...way lower in fat and cholesterol than beef.

good cereal  at least 1/3 more than the sugary crap.

Oh well.  just looking at me tells you I ain't starvin' LOL (sadly, I might be smaller if I could afford the better food though)
 but don't get me wrong I am GRATEFUL!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Winner for my "Giveaways, come and play with us!"

a flat rate priority mailer stuffed as much as legally possible with crafty goods...

NOW in case you have not been back to visit the post. It started out being a medium size priority box. But after following the rules of the blog that hosted this linky giveaway party. i went and checked out the other blogs signed up. 90% of them, had a closing date BEFORE the blog that hosted it, it's closing date...yes she stated the closing dates vary, but common sense would dictate that if the person who started this giveaway, is drawing her winner on Nov 7. than all of the people signing up should keep their giveaway open til at least Nov. 7.  THEY did NOT!
In addition, a good 80% of them wanted you to jump through hoops for just one entry (follow, post it etc)
Posting it, should ONLY be a bonus entry. nuff said!

So being that i am on disability, and living very cheaply, this pissed me off, and I decided, why should I continue to be overly generous...YES it IS who I am, I have always, ALWAYS been a giver. even since beginning my blog. I have had DOZENS of giveaways.  Things that I have gone out and bought or ordered online or Etsy, which means I am also paying for shipping. 

Yes, i have also been fortune it enough to win some giveaways also, many of them kind of on the small side, some of them, junk.  but a many of them wonderful prizes. Sadly 2 recent windfalls I have been trying to get the time needed to do them justice and blog about.  I will I promise in the next couple of days!

Now, filling a medium size box with crafty de-stash is definitely not an issue, the postage is.

The winner is someone that now I feel badly about changing this, so i am going to leave it up to her, if she is willing to send me the 2nd $5 to mail the box, I will send the box and not the mailer (this is flat and like 9 by 12, you can pack it a bit puffy...but there will not be any ink pads or anything lumpy in it.

Remember this will NOT be going in the mail until after TG.

NOW::::drumroll::::  the winner is:

Kristina...I'll be emailing you, but I'd like it if you visit this post.


Ten days of Thankfulness-Day 4

Today I am thankful that all 3 of my living children were born physically healthy, each with a least one talent, and for good measure, good looks!

Here they are:
April's college graduation, May 2011

This is my April, she is 29 now. this picture was taken on July 8, 2005 at my Godson's wedding. She caught the Bouquet. April did end up being the next person in our family to marry but it was done on down low, and ended before it began in a bitter way. very sad.
April's talents are singing and drawing...mostly lettering, AND Room Painting, she's as good as a pro, no missed spots, good coverage, and no mess.
April graduated this past May with a BS in Psychology and is going off in the fall to FL's NOVA U for a master's in Social work. I believe she is also planning on a PhD in Family counseling. Sadly, this is actually a family joke, as my Sweet baby girl, who had some bad stuff happen to her in HS, is changed and now has a LOT of issues, both emotionally, and many of us believe mental illness as well...some believe she may be Bi-polar, I personally think she has "borderline personality"  She has been to several counselors and walked out on all of them after only a few sessions. The last one she actually saw for about a year. This one, i think is a quack, as she never did anything but yes April, and agree with everything April told her. (April told me this herself, and when I suggested that I go with her for a session or 2, the counselor was all for it, April wasn't)  to me that was an AHA moment!
I am sooo VERY PROUD of her, I just wish, she would leave the part in the past and move forward. Because she won't she is estranged from everyone in both families, she talks to Tom, and though she lives in her Dad's house she really does not interact with anyone but her paternal grandmother. I know someday she is going to regret this. However she is a grown woman, and no one can make her do anything.

 Here is My Thomas, Tom as he prefers. with his LONGEST girl friend Mary, they actually lived together for over 3 years. We like her. This was taken in 2008. Tom is 25.5 now.
Tom's gifts: IQ= 147, VERY quick witted, very imaginative, VERY funny (why is always surrounded by girls) is a video game junkie, which gives him outstanding eye-hand coordination. he taught himself how to read at 5, he took his OWN training wheels off, and taught himself how to ride a 2 wheeler at 5 (he got tired of waiting on daddy)
He did everything early, every but talk. he climbed the stairs at 11 months, climbed up into a tree to the first crotch at 13 months.  he was a handful, ADHD--emphasis on the hyper!
Sadly, he is lazy unless it is something HE WANTS TO DO. he is a perpetual 17 year old, and sadly very disrespectful...mostly to us, mostly to me...most likely because I keep pushing him to grow up, and get his shit together! So---some emotional and neurological issues (ADHD is neurological, and he is a legitimate case)
 Tom at age 20
 Tom getting ready for the senior prom 2005 (yes he did the 5 year HS plan just for 3 classes-so he graduated with his sister)  This is his friend Jon, who the following October,moved in with us for over a year. Amanda's Gary was also in this photo shoot but not in this pic. The funny thing is...they all three were in black  and red or crimson. all three of their dates wore red...Tom's girlfriend wore all red, including matching arm length gloves. it was not the original dress she told Tom she was getting or showed him. he was disappointed, and I know why, it was kind of ill fitting, and she was a chubby girl, and sadly it made her look like a big piece of satin covered furniture.  My daughter Amanda had a friend that was dressed similarly in bright green, she was thin, and went to the prom stag, but the dress was garish, in all the photos. You say Amanda's dress in yesterday's post...she was saving it, and was holding it as a thought for her future wedding dress. Sadly it was lost in the house fire we had last year.
Jon's date wore a nice red dress that had a splash of black roses going down one side of the skirt, and one cluster of black roses on the opposite side of the upper part of the dress, she had a black shawl.

Here's another shot of Amanda out side of her truck (now my truck) a year ago...she has a big thing about taking her own pics, when she thinks she looks nice, LOL
it is hard to tell now, as i have packed on so much weight but she is the spitting image of me, except for the clef chin she got from her Dad, and his Dark brown eyes, my brown is more the golden brown-- like a greenish-brown. it was evident upon birth, Hubby noticed right away, she had a HEAD full of long thick black hair but looked just like me. There are similarities to her brother (they are 14 months apart) but he really resembles Ron more than he does me.  Tom tells people that she stole his face. I always tell him, no cause she looks more like me. it always goes around.
Amanda's gifts...gifted musician, I wish she stuck with it. Sadly she wasn't a great student, and therefore only rec'd once very small scholarship (one time payment)  so college was/is a dream, one she hasn't given up on, but right now working is the name of the game. Which brings me to another gift. she has without a doubt the BEST work ethic of any kid I know her age. She has to be DYING to call out. She always says yes, if someone calls out or whatever and they ask her to cover, even as far back as P/T jobs while in school.  Currently at the age of 24, She is the manager of a "Journeys" shoe store. Amanda works 6 days a week, on average 11 hours a day. Adam; her live-in Beau is a "Geek squad" in-home computer repair, troubleshooter person for "Best buys" he even has one of the "Geek squad" beetles 
to drive around in. Amanda is also ADHD, but it is manifested a bit differently in her...more hands and mouth, than whole body hyper. so a bit of emotional and neurological issues

Saturday, November 19, 2011

ER visit last night

Well, I am behind a day in my blogging and lost 2 days (I hope no others, creating and -dare I say it-cleaning up)
I spent about 4 hours in the ER last night. Ron and I were driving back home from a visit with our insurance agent, and all of a sudden my throat felt like there was a large blob in their (hate to be gross but, you  know from post nasal drip) well, I tried clearing my throat and bringing up whatever it was.
there was nothing to bring up, and I actually could "NOT" clear my throat. my mouth was getting drier and drier, and this blob now seemed to actually be my throat, I took a drink of Ron's diet coke, it went down, but gave no relief. I told him about 5 minutes away from the house, it felt like my throat was closing up. He asked if I was, I'm not sure, it has never happened before, but it is what it feels like.....My words were coming out in pieces and forced, I couldn't seem to swallow. He pulled into the DR and ran in to get Tom (because Ron has bad night blindness, BAD) Naturally Tom did nothing but bitch and complain that he didn't want to send his night in the hospital. You have no idea the abuse I take at this kids hand(mouth)  Ron won't throw him out, and I suppose he has his valued points...He is confused once in a while, he does have memory lapses once in a while. he is 70, we need help. although Tom doesn't really do much, and when he does he does nothing but BITCH about it.  BTW, after about 30 minutes, he left and told me to call him, when I was ready to come home. NIIIICE!!!!
I really do not know how much more I can take...

Anyway, they initially did all the vitals crap, and by now I was also in a deep panic attack. they took blood hooked me up briefly to saline, but left the hep lock in my arm. after a CT scan on my neck and a chest XR, they said nothing was out of the norm. but then the blood work came back, and something showed signs of now to US for my legs and Nuc med for a VQ san of my lungs...but they gave me a shut of Decadron (like a cortisone type thing to shrink inflammation) which it the time I was done in US, the blob /lump/whatever it was was palpably smaller, the the US tech noticed that when I laid my head to the right and spoke my words were normal, when I faced up and spoke I was horse.  we both discussed the possibility of there being something on my vocal cords.
I went to Nuc med, and had the mask with the radioactive stuff to breath in, and then the stuff added to my IV line.. I noticed the lump bothered me more laying back, after being her, US and CT.  When I got back to my "cubby" they took the bag away as stated above.  They let me go to the bathroom, and they were going to get me some food. 10 minutes later, the doctor came in said everything looked fine, and that she believed it is a swollen lymph node, which can happen, I reminded her I was a health care worker, and a swollen lymph node in the neck is indicative of Sarcoidosis, and shouldn't they be testing for that.  QUOTE---we don't do that here, need to go see an ENT(ears, nose and throat)"...just getting an appt with one of these docs can take a month. I have one, but she is only in the office a few days a week and over an hour away.
they gave me an RX for 3 days of Predisone for the lymph node and zythromax for  my pharingitis (which is actually inflammation ( inflammation), and I asked and she said, well we feel you have a little throat infection also
today my upper chest and lower neck are feeling "thick" and achy, and I can not talk for very long before my voice gets thick and scratchy.  I also haven't slept well. not last night or today.  I am heading back over to lay down for a while now. please keep good thoughts for me.

I have to post my thankful post, and I was trying to post something wonderful that has being HAPPENING in my life for a change instead of always negative crap!   we'll see how I am doing later!
Thanks for your visit!
xoxo Susan

Ten days of Thankfulness-Day 3

Today I would like to say I am very thankful for my youngest daughter; Amanda.  As I have said she was my "nurse" when i was so sick with the MRSA, she has been by my side at times in the ER, stays the WHOLE time, not just for an hour, leave and have me call when I am "leaving or being admitted". She Listens to me, even when she really doesn't want to. We have had our moments of mother-daughter clashes, but I believe that is all behind us.  She works hard, has a good job, and is out on her own, pulling her own weight.
She'll always be my baby, but she has grown up a lot in the last couple of years.

Here she is:
With our her Maggie as a kitten

Doing the "psycho routine" with "decorative scissors, LOL early at a crop with me, about 2 years ago

with a friends guitar a year ago

With Batman and Robin at 6 Flags "Great Adventure" 2 years ago

One of My fav's Senior prom with her navy beau in 2005
he has drifted in and out of her life. For a while Ron and I thought they were going to get serious again. (and we were hopeful, he is a hard worker and good provider, and treats her well...every thing parents look for in a future son-in-law)

She is with a man, who so far seems equal to the navy beau, without the  Navy education or  larger salary, but he works hard and appears to treat her very well. As long as she is Happy, I'm happy.