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Witches Tea Party Under a Halloween Moon- 2011

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MERRY MEET! Welcome to my crypt home! As the Mistress of the house is under the weather. I will be your host. My name is Pretty...But mom sometimes calls me "Baby", "love bug", and "Phantom"...that name I like!  She says if I was a boy cat, that would have been my name...oh well.
We will be updating this post throughout the day to add the yummies, and more guests, and the big NEWS-- giveaways!!  So if you are an early bird, please come back, it will be worth your while. Please meow, pretty please purr, purr!!

 I see some of the guests are arriving:

 Hey, let's get some felines in here, Meow!
 This dude did not check his email, meow, or he'd be dressed like the rest of his "crew" above, meow!
what a doofus, meow!
Now he is a very handsome guest, meow!! Maybe I can get his number, meow!

As you enter please grab a plate, cup and goblet...don't forget a napkin. meow. Refreshments will be arriving a bit later on, meow. please just mingle and have some fun, meow!
 My Mistress Witch, stamped the dinnerware, she thinks it is cool, meow! I am unimpressed, yawn. meow, where's my treats? meow
 A few more guests have arrived, meow

 Meow, I have to admit this is cute, and looks very cooommfy, ::Stretch::Yawn::I think, I'll just slip in here, meow, for a short cat nap, meow...You won't mind will you? meow
 Oooh, meoooow, an artist feline, perhaps, mom will let him stay, meow!
What an ass, meow!

Ok so here is a snack to nibble on during cocktail hour. tuna???!! what the hell mom!?? meooow!!

This is Mom's evil potion Halloween mix:
Original Chex mix
reeses pieces
m & m regulars
mini marshmallows

 ah, some more people to crowd me out, meow!

 Dude, you can't sleep on the cool floor, meow, let's go find you a laundry basket, with clean laundry in it, meow, that's my favorite place to sleep, until the Witch mom chases me out! meow
 You 2 better watch yourselves, meow around crazy Uncle Ernie, he loves hot dogs, meow!
Damn, who invited the moral and behavior police, MEOWW!!???

Stayed tuned, or come back, is very early here. 
Mom took some medicine and is napping. meow...UH-OH....She's up and saying those awful &^%$ words, guess her nap didn't work out so well. I hear her, meow in the room where all the food is kept...muttering under her breath, meow and coughing. She better not cough on me, Meow. I think that skelly cat, meoooooow  is eyeballing me. I do not want to get a cold, meow, he might ask me out!

Mom told me I can share the info about one of the prizes with you now, while she is preparing some good kitty treats yummies for you. 
Meow >^..^<  Ahh, Ding-dong!! more guests, I must let them in, meow before talking to you, that would be rude, to leave them outside, meow especially today it is cold and that wet $hit  water is falling from the sky, MEOOOW! I do not like that water stuff!!   

My hunting jungle the yard and even the front stoop, meow is covered with wet leaves. I do not like how they feel on my feet, do you?

 Ok, do NOT let these 2 near the Punch, wouldn't like it if they got into a fight after a few, trying to out-do each other, meow
 meOOOW! who invited a bear??? a Bear will EAT me, see he even brought a doggie bag, MEOW, he could easily fit 2 Chihuahuas in there!
Meow! Dude, I know why you're pissed. If my Witch dressed me like that, I scratch up her favorite chair, and maybe even pee somewhere outside or my sandbox. perhaps we can bribe the bear with one of the Chihuahuas and he can nibble the clothes off you, Meow!

MEO-OK, The very fine and royal mistress mom witch of the elegant crypt old house,wants you to know, meow that she has 3 door prizes (whatever they are)::yawn:: I will now reveal uncover by dragging it out of the bag, meow- one of those prizes. 
 Mom thinks many of you will love it, I do not smell any catnip, so I am thinking she may be wrong there. meow. here it is.

1...$10.00 gift certificate to Creepy Glowbug,
My mom loves her crap arty creations, Meow!

Ding Dong! ah, more intruders visitors, meow!

 MEOOOWWW! everyone run!!...oh wait it is just a costume, ::shwew::
 Mom, the band is here! meow
 Ok, Buddy let me see your invitation, MeOOW!

The Witch of the Manor  Mom has made wands for everyone.
MEOOW!! another one of the door prizes is some of mom's homemade crap cards. 5 cards with matching envelopes for the upcoming holiday season. The winner gets to pick religious or not, all the same or 5 different. Meow, purrrrrrr, I love when she works with paper, I love to lay on it to try to lay on it. meow:::stretch:::yawn, can't I sleep for a bit mom? not yet? oh meeeeow! I have to add that you can skim through this time consumer blog, to see her card making skills, meow!  YEA! nap time! MEEEEow!

I'll be back in a bit 

How rude of me to forget to show you the party table, meow- Buffet style, the food will be here, and the tea and party punch(the food may or may not be photographed here, depending on how mom is feeling)
so just in case we took a bunch of photos early this am.
 My witch, mom is losing it over this photo as she captured an orb, do you see it? meow It is right over Mom's alter..FREAKY, meeeOW!

My Witch calls this her Toxic Cafe, meow!

More partiers are arriving:
 If he is being allowed out of fur-low for the party, why the cage? Meow that cop is scarier looking than the prisoner.
 Well I think Mom is going to really get along with this guest, Meow
Mom, a horse---really??? Meeeow!

***Mom's rules for her door prizes
you must be a follower and leave a comment on this party post, you MUST,MUST,MUST leave your email in your comment. Names will be drawn on Nov. 12 after 9pm EST. prizes will not be mailed til the END of November (except for the GC, obviously)

the band, and the horse will entertain you til tea time.
I'll be back

Hello, there are some more goodies  and the tea is ready, 3 types, classic black, meow, oohlong and green tea. Mom said to say she was planning on making cinnamon scones, but she just isn't up to it. she did make cupcakes! mmmeeeOW! devil's food with Vanilla frosting that she dyed Orange.

Ding dong!  Now what? oh goodie more visitors! meow

 Meeeeoooojeez, How much of that water is falling from the sky anyways?
 Ah, the back-up musician, good those meercats need a break, Meow!
Royalty? meeeow? Hey mom, we have royal relatives? meow, then how come we live in this dump old house?  :::scratch, scratch::

Tonight's dinner menu:
Brain  Beef stew
deviled eggs
martian turds peas
lizard tongues Bacon around chicken livers 
Moldy Crusty bread and butter 

::yawn::stretch:: time for another nap, meow purr,purrr,purrrrrrrr

We have out some hot cider now, and many flavors of herbal tea, coffee (that makes mom happy, meow) and hot it is very cold here, meeeow!

ah, some later arrivals, meow

 ARGH, I think you lost your parrot somewhere, meow
 another horse, meow?? I'll admit I like his design, he can give me and skelly cat a ride later under the moonlight, MEEEEOW!!
 awww, i think you are too young to be here without parental supervision, meow. Where's your mommy? meow
DUDE, do NOT breathe no fire near me, meow!! You singe anyone's fur and you're out! But I do love your wings, meow :) purr, purr

Here is another prize that would go to one person (rules are above)  this WITCHY tea mug and 2 types of freshly made herbal tea!

MEEEEOW!  I likes this I think!

  oooh you guys are really late....
 Meow, Are you a westie? meow...Mom likes westies! Finally someone dressed in a dignified fashion, meow!
 Dude, don't you feel that? MEEEEOW!
Meoooow, I'm afeared!!!!

You guys can all grab a goody bag, but I am afraid the party is winding down. have a quick cup of tea. before leaving.

As you can tell it is nightfall now.

everyone is coming down from the tower
Allow me to show you all through the foyer to the door...

What the hell, meeeow?!! Everyone Back Up's DRACUDOG!!!

We'll have to leave, meow, through the back way follow me, meow and stay close meeeeOW!!
 Follow the lights past mom's cauldron, meow!
 Be quick, meow, but be careful!
 Mom, meow is that a brain? ? ?  nah, just pretend meow ::shwew::

 EEEK! mmmeeeeeOOOWWW, who's eyes are those?!
 meeee       ow, mommyyyyy  I'm afeared!
 No wonder I don't come this way often, meow!
 green eyes! yess, that is a fellow animal, maybe a deer, meow!  we're almost out meow!
 The passage has narrowed a bit, meow
 right around this corner,meow we'll be out! MEOW!!
Thanks for joining my sick mom, meow and me for our Witches tea party, this is my cousin Caesar, meow, he was of no help whatsoever, and just wanted to play, meow! I think I might tell dracudog where to find him! meow.

Be well and Brightest blessings!!
Pretty and Susan

*do not forget about the 3 giveaways listed above and the rules*
Very special thanks to Anna of FROSTED PETUNIA'S for hosting this wonderful Blog Party again this year!