Saturday, August 31, 2013

I'm BAAAAACK! and sharing

Hello friends, It has been a very rough year for me. Hubs was sooo very ill. He did not finally come home until April 25th, the day after my Mom died.  I basically had a nervous breakdown (anxiety from all the weight on my shoulders). Now having  med changes. Getting ready to start therapy and monthly trips to a shrink about the meds.

All of the "weight" was spread over many PEOPLE in my own family, and extended family.
There have been some tough decisions made, and not sure if for some, there will be any going back.

MY ether net card is dead in my computer, so I come to the library. I have a tablet, but can not blog from it.

So this is LABOR DAY weekend here at the shore, and it means Tuesday begins our area getting back to normal traffic, prices etc.  It ALSO means I will blog once a week for now, and gradually add on, I hope most of you are still visiting me.

Sharing another blog's giveaway today...D-D Dazzled  Birthday Candy  :)

Good luck!