This is a PR Friendly Blog

My family and I love to try new things. If you have a family friendly product or service you'd like us to review and/or giveaway, or art and craft products that you would like to give me to review or share you can contact me at:

sex/ages/interests of the household:

male...over 75--fishing, woodworking, gardening. He is a Type II Diabetic and has a bad heart.

male...33--anime, video games, computers, music, mmorpgs, dungeons & dragons, Star wars, LotR, now engaged.

female...59-- all art n crafts--especially paper crafts, and sewing and needlework (except tatting or knitting) blogging. I have many physical disabilities.

female...32-- video games and anime, fashion, music, paper crafts, scrapbooking, reading, now married.

There are two other children older, living in CA, and CO. who might be willing try products. One (female) is christian and very devoted. The other is male and into cars.

We have 2 cats, 5 if you count my son's and daughter's. we recently moved out of our older home on 5 acres in the woods (we are still in The Great Pine Barrens of NJ). Although we are still at the New Jersey shore; 25 minutes to the bay, 45 minutes to the ocean.

We all like food and cooking.