Thursday, September 30, 2010

Altered Art Thursday

Hello everyone, I am trying to make my own sunshine, as it has been rainy and overcast here for the better part of about 10 days. there was , I think 1 sunny day in the middle somewhere. I really do not feel very SUNNY, but I am trying. Dreary days only serve to make depression worse. :(

I am still visiting blogs on the PRACTICAL MAGIC Party list, wowza, there sure are a lot of gals , who like me adore this movie (or book...I just got the book, can't wait to read it) If you haven't visited my post for the party, and you ARE a fan of the movie, Please read my post, play my games and take a chance and 1 giveaway (for each of 3 categories) and then a GRAND giveaway!

I was going to try and do some of WRECK THIS JOURNAL yesterday, but I couldn't motivate myself, quite frankly, and I have many swaps due by 10/15, priorities :)

I am saving the rest of my "Halloween" art for next week to tie in with the Halloween party hop, I'm participating in.

I want to share with you some ATCs I did almost 2 years ago now, They were in the "Style" of the Artist NICK BANTOCK, see some of his art here--->Nick's Gallery of ART for sale.

The gallery is part of his Official site, so there is much more to see including limited edition prints for sale, I recommend you look at the African collages, as that is what inspired my art, though I chose to do mine with Native Americans. They are in groups of 5 (as that is how many ATCs I made...4 for the swap and one for myself. I really was delighted in how they came out. They would be closer to his work if I had done some form of image transfer making the images of the Native Americans more transparent. this is a skill that I really have not learned yet other than the "Packing tape" method.

The Images go through in steps or layers if you will.

 Ok Here I have just started, with tea and coffee stained white card stock, that I crumpled while it was damp. When it was dry, I ran each piece through my Xyron 250 and adhered them to ATC sized chip board pieces. I used a postage stamp or a part of a postage stamp, some music staffs and a little acrylic paint, in just one coat.
 Now I've added some  book passages, par avion stickers and background stamps by Stampin' Up..."cheesecloth" in Orange ink and "Carte postale's" birds and flourishes(can't remember now the name of the actual stamp but it was part of that Collection) in Olive. Then I used Ranger's Distress ink in Walnut around the edges and of course it applied to the crumbled areas better.
 Now it is getting messy and fun! I have brushed across the cards ever so lightly with Ranger's Distress ink in Vintage Photo, then I brushed on Golden's gel medium with volcanic rock particles.
 Now I have glued on my Native American photos, and covered each card with Tsukineko's Versamark embossing ink and then applied a good coat of Suze Weinberg's Ultra Thick embossing enamel (UTEE) that I had mixed some gold embossing powder in with. I heated it til it was all thoroughly melted. (The scans really so not do these justice)
After the enamel was almost totally cool, I hit it with the Versamark again, and more UTEE (without gold this time) as it was melting I pressed a feather into hot liquid UTEE. When that was thoroughly dry and cooled I did once last layer of Versamark and UTEE to seal in the feather. because the paper is crumpled and lumpy, there are spots here and there where the feather is not 100% covered, just small areas, and I think it added to the character of these pieces.

The sole female is the card I kept for myself :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Practical Magic Party!! (all of my info is from the MOVIE)

OK...I do NOT know how to do this--> (can anyone help?) This post will remain at the top of my blog until Saturday October 2nd (after my drawing) Please scroll down for anything new new

Hello all you Shiny, Happy People!!
today blogs from all over are going to be having a post concerning the great movie (and book...I have it now, can't wait to read it)  PRACTICAL MAGIC!!!
Practical Magic Blog Party

** if you are one of my followers or happened upon my post today, not knowing about this blog hop, click the image above to take you to the main blog, and the list of participants. **


I thought and thought, and thought some more, on how best to post about this movie, in the time constraints I had (I signed up kind of late)  I decided to make my post a bit interactive, fun and give stuff away!

I have three prizes to share with you for someone who loves the movie, and appreciates home made items, but does NOT do any art themselves. for someone who does dabble in art, specifically paper arts. for someone who does dabble in paper art, and is also Wiccan

We will revisit the prizes later on.

The Interactive part is in the form of some games:

a few trivia questions, a small word search, and some multiple choice questions. ALL based upon the Movie PRACTICAL MAGIC!
You will have until this coming 
Friday 10/1 at Midnight EST
To email me your answers, YOU MUST
include whether you "are a fan, but not a crafter",
"a fan, and a crafter"  OR "a fan, crafter and Wiccan".
That way your name will go into the right WITCHES HAT
for drawing. THE email to use FOR THIS is:

Ok, first I KNOW you want to know about the prizes!!

The prize for a fan, but NOT a crafter or a Wiccan is a CHUNKY ATC made by Moi, in the theme of The movie PRACTICAL MAGIC.  first if you do not know, an ATC is an ARTIST TRADING CARD, these are miniature works of art; 2.5" X 3.5"...NOW the chunky part is that it is made out of  a cut 2" X 4" cut to 3.5" and instead of only having art on the front, it is art on all 4 sides and the top. My info will be on the bottom. I can NOT show you a picture of it right now, as it is not made, HA! But I have gathered a few pictures of Chunky ATCs(not made by me) to show you:  The Below Chunky ATCs are made by LGirbino @ ARTHOUSE       
The Prize for a Fan who is also a crafter, will be a selection of 3 collage sheets chosen ESPECIALLY for this blog party, meaning they are magical, Witchy or new age in theme.
There will probably also be some extra goodies.
The prize for the Fan that crafts and is Wiccan is something chosen especially for your Book of Shadows. I'm sure I'll be throwing in some other goodies.


Any questions? please put them in the comments section, and I will answer you. 
Hopefully the pictures I have sprinkled throughout this post will prod your memory of the film, and help you with the answers to the games.

EDIT to add: you are allowed to get 1 wrong in each of the 3 parts to be put into the drawing.

OK, First up:  TRIVIA!!!

#1 For How many years, were the Owens women blamed for everything that went wrong in their town?(edit to add: be careful not to mix this quote up with another one)

#2 What Nationality (Heritage) was Jimmy Angelow?

#3 What song does Jimmy sing  standing outside of the car;(hint) The Aunts end up singing the same song after drinking Tequila?

#4 What did Sally's Daughter Kylie wish on another child in town?

#5 The Actor that played Sally's husband is the star of his own show, on the USA network (hint-he plays a doctor) What is the name of the show?

#6 What year does this story take place?

#7 How does jimmy's ring find it's way to the investigator?

#8  Sally sadly never gets to be what, in her children's school?

#9 Jimmy hit Gillian on what side of her face?    Lastly  #10 Kylie is played by the young Evan Rachel Wood, what role is this Actress playing now?

#1 The actor who played Jimmy Angelow (pictured above and to the right) is:
a.  Mikail Baryishnikov
b. Andrei Serban
c. Goran Visnjic
d. Fevzi Cakmak

#2 When there is a circle around the moon it means:
a.  a Tsunami is coming
b. the Harvest will be great
c. there is a quake happening on the moon
d. Trouble is coming

#3  The clicking sound of what, signals death of your lover is coming
a. a calorie counter
b. the deathwatch beetle
c. the death's head moth
d. people's nails all around you

#4 The role of Aunt Frances was played by
a. Jaqueline Bisset
b. Jane Seymour
c. Stockard Channing
d. Cher

#5 What made investigator Hallet special (to Sally)
a.  one foot was a size larger than the other
b. he had 6 fingers on one hand
c. he was clean shaven
d. he had one blue eye, and one green eye  

#6 Part of the chant the sisters perform here is:
a. Starry night, moon so bright
b. Black is death, White is life
c. Cry at night, Laughter's light
d. Black as night, White is light

#7  The Role of Aunt Jet is Played by:
a. Susan Sarandon
b. Michelle Pfieffer
c. Glenn Close
d. Dianne Weist

#8 Who said "since when is being a slut in this family a crime?" ?
a. Aunt Frances
b. Sally
c. Aunt Jet
d. Gillian
#9 What food product are Gillian and her nieces preparing here?------>
a.  cherry pie
b. a love potion in a cake
c. marinated olives
d. breakfast syrup

#10  When a broom falls it means?
a. it is too crooked and time for a new one
b. an angel gets it's wings
c. something is coming
d. another witch has come into the world

OK, are you having fun????  I hope so :)

Bye, Bye Jimmy!!

OK here it is THE WORD SEARCH, there are 25 words and phrases from the movie in it. They are vertical, horizontal and diagonal (there is one diagonal that starts at the bottom and goes towards the top) there are NONE that are backwards.

Right click and save to your computer, print it out and work it, if you have scanning abilities, Please scan your sheet with answers, and attach the picture to your email with the other answers.
If you do not have a scanner tell me the 25 words and phrases and an approximate location and direction.

 I USED THE FONT THAT GAVE ME THE CLOSEST STRAIGHT VERTICAL LINE, hope you do not have 2 much trouble. remember it is not only words but sentences or phrases from the Movie also. Good Luck!!

For those who have stayed with me, and plan on playing ...SURPRISE!! 

after all the names have been drawn from the witch hats for the above individual prizes...

I will take ALL the names and put them back in a single witch hat, and draw one name to win  a GRAND PRIZE!!

Just like Sally won her GRAND prize...Her man, Gary Hallet

The Grand Prize is 
a brand new copy of the book PRACTICAL MAGIC
a brand new copy of the book GARDEN SPELLS!!
EDITED TO ADD:(this book is also a wonderful story of love and family, it is NOT a book of spells)

I hope you feel my games are worthy, my prizes great and my bit for this wonderful Practical Magic Party good!!

**Always remember:  
throw spilled salt over your left shoulder
Keep Rosemary by your garden gate
Plant Lavender for luck
Fall in Love, whenever you can

I LOVE the House in this Movie, although now at my age, and with my knees and back issues the stairs, not so much.  However, I simply LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the kitchen especially, including the conservatory/distillery. here are some views, for your enjoyment.

Please come back and visit my blog, and get to know me a bit. I have recently passed 100 followers, and 5,000 visits (but of course that count me also, LOL)  so coming soon I will be doing a large blog candy (geared toward crafters)

There is a little witch in all of us!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Altered Art Thursday

This week I have a few things to share with you.

First Here are my Cemetery/grave ATC's for a swap on The Sum of All ATCs (yahoo group)
They open, this is the fronts, the gravestone is a real one I photographed on Tilghman Island in Maryland. It is very worn, but you can make out the name of William  _.  Faulkner. I used the same photo on the back, but actually reversed it so it reads backwards. I loaded the top of the gravestone, and the connecting piece of granite with Glow-in-the-dark Mod Podge. (on the back also) I cut the "beware" from some Martha Stewart paper and put a couple of coats of the GITD MP on that as well before attaching it to the gravestone. I then used Ranger crackle distress paint in Fired Brick
heavily and allowed it to drip for a bit before laying them down to dry, as to appear to be Blood.
here is the inside of 2, the red and black paper is the other side of the Beware paper by Martha Stewart.  I used my old Sizzix to punch out some Ghosts on white card stock. I then used  some Ranger Crackle Distress Paint in Old Paper to cover the ghosts, so they are not so white and so they would crackle and look old. After they were dry, I put a couple of LIGHT coats of the GITD MP just smearing it on to give it a more "un-defined" line.  The Children images come from a few different collage sheets, one I have no idea where it came from as there is no company name on it, and the other is from ARTchix. The same with the wings. The words all come from the "dark words" or "Poe's words" collage sheets by AlphaStamps.  I used a gold paint pen on them. Then, i covered them in a somewhat heavy coat of Ranger Crackle Clear paint.
The swap is a 3/3 swap, the last one I kept for myself.

HERE are  6 X 6 Summer/Beach Quote boards for a swap I am hosting on the same Yahoo group:

This one is called "As a Boy" I used lots of scraps on this one, the frame border was cut from some old paper by ProvoCraft, the striped Bkgd. paper is from Graphic 45, the paper I abstractly cut the sun from is by Stampin Up, The image of the boy, I am not sure where I got it. The blue water scraps were cut from a larger scrap of paper that will be revisited in the post. The 2 fish are from a scrap of old wall paper. I then used Ranger stickles, both distress and regular and tiny sea shells for the border. The seam binding is from AlphaStamps attached with my EK Success Fastenator.The Quote is by Isaac Newton.

This is "Feel Comfortable" The bkgd. and all images except for the Dupont Nylon Ad are Graphic 45. the bottom border is self stick fleece, I do not remember the brand, the other 2 types of Black german scrap used are from ARTchix, however you can not see the top one with is small loops. The 2 bathing suit quotes I used are by Esther Williams, and Erma Bombeck.

Lastly we have "Seashore Shells". The blue watery looking bkgd. paper, I do not remember the manufacturer. The golden borders are from a scalloped pad by Die Cuts with a View.  The girl holding a shell and the bluish shells around here are from a chunk of paper rec'd as a rak, I do not know the name of the manufacturer, after cutting the shells, Girl, and the Long beach CA sign, I used the scraps of blue for the water on "As a Boy".  The top shell on a piece of paper, is actually a sticker by Cavallini & Co. the 2 foil shells were made by Danise Bower on the group, I colored them with sharpies and attached with 3D foam bits. The seam binding is from AlphaStamps. The quote is the famous English Tongue Twister "she sells sea shells by the seashore".

Thanks for looking.
:) Susan

Alphabe-thursday...STARTING OVER with "A"

Come Join us over at Jenny's Place-- "Off on My Tangent" as we while the weeks away posting something relevant to "US" concerning that letter for the week. As the children go back to school, so do we BRAVE BLOGGERS that join Miss Jenny in Class!

Edited to add the Fonz (I actually rec'd. requests for him)

This is week is the letter A

"A" is an easy letter for me.  I didn't have to think twice;
"A" is for ART.

I thought first I'd share some of my favorite art of Actual famous Artists
Then I will share some art that I admire of my arty friends.
Then I'll put out a few items. I've made.
Critiques are welcome :)

Painted in 1880 by Pierre Auguste Cot(1837-1883) is my all time favorite
"The Storm"  in french...Le TempĂȘte
This beauty hangs in one of my favorite places in the world...The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.  I bought a small print of this on wood, it hangs in my down stairs bathroom.

This one is 
also painted by Pierre Auguste Cot in 1873
to me it matches "the storm" and I'd so love to have a copy of this also.

It hangs in The Appleton Museum of Art at Florida College, Ocala, FL.

Now Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890)
"Starry, Starry Night"

 "The Rehearsal" by Edgar Degas  (1834-1917)

Two from American Artist Mary Cassatt (1844-1926)
I love almost all of her pieces, so choosing just one was tough.
Here is "Summertime"

 and "Young Woman Sewing"

Another American Artist; William Glackens again hard to pick just one.
this is "Sledding, Central Park"

 Now some art from friends:

This piece I am lucky enough to have "bardered for" and I totally LOVE IT!

It is called "Lunar" it is a collage inside a Plexiglass shadowbox, that has also been collaged.
The artist is my good friend Joni Owens, in Anderson SC. It was made in 2008

This is from my friend Elena Vigil-Farinas, in Key Largo FL:
"Blue Lady"  you start with collaging eyes from a magazine, and then paint around it.

 My friend Valerie Brincheck in Michigan made this:
Necklace using bullet casings (22)  she also paints and uses fabric  and collage etc. but I wanted to share this.

My friend Susan (Sanna) Burgess in New Hampshire
two pieces:


and "Arms and Legs"

and now just a couple things I've made:

Hand drawn and colored ATC

My "Flying Angel fish"  using a paper mache dress form (my 2nd assemblage art)

collaged ATC

 My first altered mini mailbox

"Pain's Cycle"  my first "assemblage" art (like a collage but using 3D things to put it together, usually it is like a free form sculpture, but this was a first attempt)

I hope you enjoyed the 

There are so many other artists (famous, and not) that I love.
One Famous is Nick Bantock, please google him, and check out his work.
and then visit some of my blog roll to see some others.