Sunday, May 30, 2010

Operation Write Home Blog hop-addition


Many of you have commented on the limited edition Ground zero stamp. I just had to have it! is now no longer being produced and you may or may not find one on ebay. NOTE: if you do find one of these stamps, they are not etched real deep and it is difficult to get good inking on them, some times I have to use the edge of the stamp pad and rub the ink onto the stamp. I highly suggest you DO NOT use pigment ink on it.

Here's the good part:

I am willing to send up to 12- A2 size white papers with that stamp stamped on it for anyone willing to send me an SASE (A2 size).  I will do some red ink, blue ink, black ink, versamark and clear emboss (so you can resist it). Please ****email me*** and let me know...if you want it and to get my address.*** PLEASE wait til after TUESDAY to email me...susanscraps AT comcast DOT net

scroll down to the next post for the OPERATION WRITE HOME  BLOG HOP post.

:) Susan

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Hi there and Welcome to the Memorial Day weekend
Blog Hop!!

You should have arrived here from(newly edited, we have a fallen OWHomer): 
 The OWH Blog Hop starts Here:

 When you leave here, you'll head over to:
I'd like to direct you to my play list at the very bottom of this blog. There is significance in the reason I ask. The first song is called HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN by Darryl Worley and the second song is THE DANCE(Attack on America remix) by Garth Brooks.  I believe these songs...especially the first says a lot about how complacent a lot of Americans have become  about 9/11.  If you prefer to not hear it, but to see the lyrics:  Have You Forgotten

I have made 2 cards for today...One is Love you/miss you

this is an off center gate-fold card

not a great pic, but it shows it's open
Digi image by Stretch n Bubbles, sentiment by Sunday Sentiments, CS-Stampin' Up, DP by Michele Anderson "Pathways-Americana"
Ribbon and brads

and the other is WHY, as inFREEDOM is NOT FREE!...this one is dedicated to all the veterans in my family alive and passed on and to veterans the world over. Additionally to ALL the heroes...Police, Firemen, Paramedics etc.

This is a limited edition stamp from Club scrap, of that famous photo of the firemen at ground zero, the other stamp is from Stampin' Up, The corners were rec'd as a rak (handmade corners of ribbon), border and corner punch-Stampin up, CS-Stampin' Up, DP by Michele Anderson "Pathways-Americana"

Inside right, sentiment(digi) Sunday Sentiments

I hope you like them :) 

I would love it if any late visitors left comments. BUT as posted below...cut-off time for the blog candy was 9pm tonight (Mon. 5/31) EST.

Now for the fun stuff!  I have a very PATRIOTIC BLOG CANDY for ONE OWH PARTICIPANT/HOPPER; here it is:
 Patriotic reusable shopping bag, Patriotic fleece lap throw (perfect when sitting creating for long periods of time), The latest issue of Card maker Magazine.               
25 card bases and envelopes, with 25 + backgrounds, stamped, embossed and DP and 25 + stamped images--some with sentiments.            

BNIP Embellishments; including 3D stickers, sparkle stickers, brads, ribbons, then some mixed embellishments,  and lace. 

Additionally, I am giving away up to 5*--6 X 9 envelopes stuffed with card making or collage goodies to regular blog hoppers that are NOT OWH participants. * depends on the amount of will be a minimum of 3

The rules are the same for both:

#1chance-- PLEASE comment--on how I did in setting up my blog for this blog hop and my cards. (if your comment does not cover these items, it will not count)
I'd love for you to become a follower, but I will not make you.

For a #2 chance...visit the OPERATION WRITE HOME  blog, watch a video and come back and tell me about it.

For a #3 chance...visit the STARS n STAMPS blog, check out any of the past tutorials, and come back and tell me what tutorial you viewed. 

I forgot to say I'll be drawing names Monday evening after 9pm est.(so that will be the cut off time for commenting)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Today is Friday...that means...

usually,-- something FREE, something FUN and a burning question looking for FRANK answers.  But since today I must be preparing for the OPERATION WRITE HOME BLOG HOP

Things are a little different. Nothing free sorry (well the fun thing is free to someone) and NO question with frank answers.

BUT the FUN.... not too many guesses last week, so I am still looking for the answer, and the winner will receive a crafter's dozen fibers...13 yards (1 yard each of 13 types)...My birthday is in June, guess the day...someone will get it right or be the closest to it.

Audio Recorder--Great prize--last day to enter

HEY TODAY IS THE LAST DAY for this excellent giveaway!

 To enter visit FaveCrafts  TODAY!!
Honestech™ Audio Recorder 2.0 Deluxe
Software and hardware to record and convert cassettes and LPs to digital format
Gifted by Honestech™

Reviewed By Maria Nerius, Resident Craft Expert

I know how to turn a computer on and send e-mail, but that’s where my knowledge of how to make my computer work for me stops. I loved this Audio Recorder package because by following the excellent instructions and illustrations, I had success converting some of my old cassette tapes into MP3s and burning the tunes onto audio CDs. Everything you need is right in the box including the Honestech Audio Recorder 2.0 Deluxe software CD, RCA to USB Audio Conversion Device, USB Cable, 3.5mm to RCA audio cable, RCA to RCA audio cable, and the Quick Start Guide. You’ll need Windows XP SP 2 or Windows Vista with 256MB of RAM and a 800 MHz or higher processor.
You’ll also need Direct X 9.0 or higher and CD writer for audio CD, MP3 CD. Most of this is like a foreign language to me, but I felt very proud when I connected all the cables and started converting my old cassettes. In editing you had normalizer, amplifier, split, auto split, and noise reduction. There is a mode for us novices and the option to go more advanced with professional features. It’s a digital world and this software/hardware package from Honestech makes it easier to become part of that world. It’s very user friendly.

a couple of SHOUT-OUTS!!

Recently I decided to Dabble in what is an annual event...the "Sew Mama, Sew" blog hop.

It is almost as big as OWOH, but it is broken into lists, of types, and of of mailing (international or not)
MOST have to do with sewing or quilting.  I do sew, it just has been a while. Well I was lucky enough to win a few items:

This awesome bag:
By Bubbles & Boo

Then I won 10$ to spend in 2 Florida girl's etsy shop.  I got a couple of coffee cozies.

I also won a coffee cozy from The Crafty Nomad

I also won this beautiful necklace:
at Artful Expressions

Am I a lucky Gal or what??

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I passed all my tests, CE's finished and going in the mail in the am!!

I am going to try and post some cards later...I feel like crap that I haven't made any in almost 3 weeks (with the exception of one).

I have been putting together my OWH BLOG CANDY together, and I think the OWH recipient is going to be most pleased with it!!

Then I am going to be working on my 5 envelopes of goodies for other bloggers who join the hop and visit me :)

I am at 100 posts, and 84 followers.  My birthday is coming up in June.  I am working on an awesome Blog Candy for when I hit 100 Followers!! 

Hope to post more later!!
Be well,
Susan :)

BLOG on Temporary hold...

DUE to STILL working on these blasted CEs, I will not be blogging til I am finished which I hope will be later tonight (Thursday)...I will definitely be posting Friday at some point readying the blog for Saturday's  OPERATION WRITE HOME'S Memorial day BLOG HOP. I am a participant, and there will be 1 MAIN blog candy*!!

*There will be rules for the candy, as this is NOT your run-of-the-mill blog hop. Operation Write Home consists of many men and women ( like me) who make cards to send to our service men and women in the Middle East.  We give our time and resources willingly, and we pay to ship them to one of the OWH Shippers, who package our homemade cards into big priority boxes.
  *Therefore my candy will be going to a fellow or new OWH cardmaker...I'll know by looking at the blogs, of the people that comment.

I AM going to giveaway 5 smaller "candies" to anyone else...these will be business sized(6 x 9) envelopes stuffed with card making/ or paper crafting goodies...embellishments, fibers, ribbons, vintage book pages, images and an unmounted rubber stamp or 2.  I am giving this information ahead of time, in the hopes that you will come back Saturday and view my card or cards, check the links for the beginning of the hop, and for the next person in line.  I ask that you leave a comment.  Following me would be very pleasing, but it is not required.  MY HOPE for this BLOG HOP, is to gain more card makers for our wonderful cause.  More info to come the day of the blog, and perhaps Friday night.

In the mean time I suggest you check out these 2 Fantastic places:

I know I have been cranky the last few days, I apologise for that...these CEs are getting the better of me. (and my allergies also)

Please take care of yourselves and see me on the flip side as I do have some stuff to share with you all.
:)  Susan

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday musings, now...Tuesday tea and tips later

Monday more of a RANT (especially after LOST's Finale, I mean seriously WTF??  or WTH???(for those of you that are more PG-13)

So, I 'm at the very last week of my "Biennium" for "Continuing Education" credits... 1.5 more to do and get this sucker mailed (postmarked).  Yes, I do remember that I am disabled ( 13-17 lb lifting restriction, lumbar spinal stenosis, and herniated disks in neck, and the knees-don't go there)  BUUUT...

MRI you do some sitting, some standing, some walking. Technically, I can work P/T or per diem, if I can find someone that doesn't care about my lifting restrictions.  I am holding out hope that someday, perhaps after we head south, out of NJ, I will find an out-patient imaging center that will hire me.

So I am keeping my lic. up to date.  It would be MUCH harder to attempt to retake my boards , as I am now officially out of school 10+ years.  Ron only kind of understands that. He'll fight with me now and then over the $ I spend on CE's saying "c'mon, we both know you'll never work again." Part of my logical brain agrees, only part. 

The other part of my logical brain says "I busted my ass to get my degree, specializing in MRI.  I just don't have a certificate in Xray, and then cross-trained, like most Techs.(not that there is anything wrong with that...I just got a more in depth education)  I am educated, experienced and intelligent, it is NOT right or just, that all of that should go to waste because I have some restrictions."

Now being down to the wire, I'm doing the free ones on the ARRT site. (American Registry of Radiologic technologists)...which are totally biased towards X-RAY Techs. That is all they offer. X-ray was my first year at TJU, I did NOT put my heart and soul into it, I passed, then passed my boards...all that counts.  I worked per diem and P/T on and off for a little over a year before landing my first MRI gig. That was the brass ring!!

so anyway, here I am, having to get 1.5 more CE's by Saturday.  Which sucks, because they are strictly Xray, and the other 2.5 that I did were DIFFICULT, to say the least.  The first 20 were 2 webinars and one seminar (no tests!) the 2 webinars were related to my field (one was 4CEs and the other 8CEs). The seminar, which was all the way in Logan, WV but it was one I really wanted to take, it was on Forensic Imaging(also 8CEs).

I suffer from test anxiety (only since going back to college later in life)  I do not do well on tests, but I kick ass in oral presentations, and power point.  I also excel at research papers. I would rather do research for 20 months, and then take 4 months to write an article, than take any tests to get my 24CEs.   

This anxiety is cramping my mood for the upcoming memorial day weekend, and I can NOT have that... I am participating in the Operation Write Home Blog hop on Saturday, and on Sunday I am hoping to go visit my Dad's grave site. (Yes he was a veteran, WWII)

I MUST finish these and get them out of the way.  lots of career people have to do "Continuing Education" credits...everyone in health care...even doctors. Certified Public Accounts do also. (I recently learned this)

Do any of you have a occupation that requires CE's and how do you do them?  I would really like to get some feedback/comments on this.

Thanks, Susan

Monday, May 24, 2010

Thursday, altered/other art--LATE(added to)

Here are some chipboard Teapots (Mary Englebreit style) That I had to decorate for a swap.

This is grp#1 all being swapped for others.
 Here is what the backs look like, I am sorry it is a bad pic.

This is grp#2 all being swapped for others.

And what the backs look like, again a bad pic.

Here are the 2 I get to keep for myself, the Black one will be the cover, white one-back cover, as these go on a ring, like a chipboard book.

I have some ATC's I'll be adding later today.

2 ATCs for a "Sister" Lottery over at ARTchix sister site (yahoo group)

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Ok, so here are last Wednesday's assigned pages (except for the use this page as your napkin, I forgot)

Page 33...fill this page with circles:
page 35...document your dinner, smear rub your food on this page, use this page as a napkin. (I have nothing, but I will)

Page 37, chew on this (the center of the page):     


Page 39, make a cone and drink out of it:

The wet cone before tossing!

Page 41, tear this page out and crumple it:

Tearing out

 Crumpling                                                       Crumpled

 I opened up the paper and used about 5 different dye ink pads and just brushed them across in both horizontal and vertical directions, switching the position of the paper  each time. the last 2 time I held down the paper and ran the pad across rubbing a little harder. Pretty cool, I think.

This week's assignment: 
Page 43, make a paper airplane

Page 45...wrap something in this page

Page 47--Tongue painting, eat colorful candy (or icepops) and lick the center area of this page

Page 48 & 49 write one word over and over again

Page 51 (black page) Tie a string to the spine of this book, swing it wildly, letting it hit the walls...hhhmmmm(maybe outside walls--me thinks this might mark the wall)

I have not rec'd anyone's pages...where is Lee, Heather, Joni, and the others??

See ya on Wednesday again :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Today is Friday...that means...

Something FREE...

Here is an image for your collaging pleasure:

Something FUN....  

My birthday is NEXT month (June)... please guess the date, the first person to guess the correct day or the closest to the correct day will WIN...a crafters dozen fibers ...that means 13 yards of fiber (1 yard each of 13 types) ...******(you must be a current follower to play--fret not, since my birthday is coming up, there may be other giveaways, so become a follower, & you'll ready for the next time)

and a burning question or thought that I'd like your FRANK thoughts on...

When bloggers offer giveaways...what requirements do you think are just and fair, and what is too much, or "making you jump through hoops"?

I am still not feeling so great, this thing is just hanging on, I got like 50-75% better and then i plateaued there, ugh...I WILL be posting, Wednesday WTJ, and Thursday's altered art over the weekend.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday musings...our new Maggie

Here is our new kitten Maggie. I've been wanting to get a kitten for our newly adopted 1 yr. old female, as she is still playful, and our other rescue is an older male Tomcat.

so, we finally found Maggie, My  daughter named her and is claiming her for her own. I told her that means she is in charge of the vet visits etc.  She looks like a bandit, which would have been a good name if she were a male.

Her markings are beautiful, she is white & black...not black & white. She is the fastest cat/kitten I have ever seen in my life, and she's been nicknamed white lightening. She also has the greatest sense of smell of any animal I ever known.  she can be sound asleep upstairs in my daughter's room, and if someone downstairs has ANYTHING edible, she is down the stairs and on that person's lap or shoulder in the blink of an eye.  We have finally got her trained to stop trying to climb onto the food/ and or plate...OR put her head in your mouth while eating, LOL  Now she just sits as close to the food as she can and watches every bite going into the mouth.  she likes to sleep on the neck of whoever she is sleeping with or as close to it as possible.  She also deliberately go under the covers to sleep. NO other cat I have owned has done this. (but I do know that cats do it, it is just my first experience with it)

without further adieu; Maggie:

Playing with feathers on a string :)

now settling in for a nap:)

And here is Amanda with her Maggie:)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Scrappin' Sunday

Hi everyone, my apologies for missing so many days here in blogland. I was really out-of-it.  I am doing much better(not 100%--but getting there).

My daughter Amanda and I went to a charity "crop' yesterday for "relay for life"  Most of the 11 hours we were there I worked on a swap, that was due...will show them on altered thursday.

I did get 2- 2page L/O's done. (no journaling yet).  I will show you all the L/O's for this particular event that I have completed thus far (including the ones I did yesterday)

In November, Ron and I drove all the way from the NJ shore to LOGAN, WV was a VERY LONG drive. Both Triple A and Yahoo maps said it would be an 8.5 hour drive, it was about 11 in actuality, and we did the speed limit (65 most of the time) or OVER (up to 10 miles over) so I do not get how they came up with 8.5 hours...we really didn't have any traffic, and we did not get lost at all.
Triple A's directions were identical to yahoo maps except for one sections (about 1.5 hours of the trip according to them) that was more direct, and looking on the map it did appear to be more direct, so we used their directions...but they were so far off on the time.

We were in Logan about 7pm Friday night, til about 11:30am Sunday. We then left logan and headed to Greenville, NC to see our son and his S/O.  Again the directions were just about identical from yahoo maps and Triple A, we went with Triple A's,  according to both...about 7.5 hour drive.
We did get lost and had to back track for about 1.5 hours--due to a missing sign. So I broke out the map, and got us back to where we needed to be to get back on track heading to Greenville. was about a 10.5 hour drive, again their time was off...but only about 1.5 hours, not as bad as the other. JEEZ.

Anyway, We were in Logan,WV for a Continuing Education credit seminar for me, it was on Forensic imaging, and was 8 CE's...I was the person that travel the farthest, they made me kind of a celebrity for that, LOL  it was held at the Hospital in Logan, and most of the people there worked at that hospital, there were a handful of people from Virginia, and other areas of W Virginia, and a Guy from Ohio.

We were in the Blue Ridge Mountains (cool), and they had actual tunnels under the mountains, and the name of that particular mountain was over the tunnel, this one was "Tuscarora"  We passed MANY, many dairy farms (or farms with cows anyway).  We were told we missed all the "Color" by about 2 weeks...that was sad but the scenery was still beautiful.  The little pine trees, and the cow(s) were cut on a gal's Cricut for me, and the letters. I used distress stickles around the letters.  For this trip, I decided I was going to try and use up some old paper, I am sure many of you will recognize some of the papers. Here are 2 sheets of paper with tired tracks all over in the vertical position and then I used one sheet of Mountian trees, and tore it for vertical borders. these pictures are on our way in to Logan.

Note of Interest: the area around and the town of logan, are on the Original land of the Hatfields and the Mc Coys.  Now there are hundreds of miles of trails there called the Hatfield-McCoy trails, and people come from all over the US (maybe out of country also, who knows) to ride their quads, mountain bikes etc. on these trails.

Note the picture on the lower right corner of page 1, it shows how they cut the mountain in steps to help with falling rocks.  Like I said the scenery was lovely, but a few weeks sooner it would have been Gorgeous.  I'd like to explore WV some more if I get the opportunity.  The whole time I was there John Denver's Country Roads was playing in my head. These pictures are around Logan.

The frame on these pages is part of the paper, including the brown leaves, I lust added green glitter brads. Additionally I added some store bought 3D embellies, and then I used my cuttlebug to cut out the green leaves. I added gold glitter brads to those. I then used gel pens to accent the leaves on one page and left the other page alone, awaiting opinions.  These pictures are now leaving Logan, WV and heading to NC.

The 2 bottom pictures are of interest, as the one on the left shows a memorial and also a county marker for Yeager county--home of  "Chuck Yeager" the first Pilot to break the sound barrier. The other bottom picture was of interest, because someone built a small lighthouse out there in the middle of no where, near no water LOL.  It wasn't small enough to just be yard decor, and it was too small at least compared to "old Barney"  Barnegat Light House or Cape May light house, here in NJ.  

We noticed that it was strange out there, as there would a mixture of buildings, in small areas. Example: house,house,house,church,house,store,store,house.  it was like this all the way through the mountains. The other thing we noticed was that ALMOST every house had a smoke house way back on their property.  We are guessing most folks out here hunt. Pretty much everyone had ATV's also, Our guess is due to the grade, and for snowy/icy weather.

We were watching the exit signs for a nice place to stop and have lunch, and I wanted to eat at a "Cracker Barrel" as we never have so we finally saw the sign for one, and got off at that exit, we also saw signs for this "Tamarack" having no idea what it is. when we got off the exit ramp, "Tamarack" was right in front of us, and we saw no other buildings. We thought ok, Cracker Barrel, must be inside. WRONG!  Tamarack is this HUGE star shaped building with a conference center and a food court, AND...all these little shops with HOME CRAFTED items only from various artists from WV.
Ron, knowing full well that I would want to shop, and we had a place to get to, was quick to say, we need to leave, but I wanted to at least check out the food court and find the rest room.

I will say for the most part the items we saw along the way to the food court/rest rooms...were WONDERFUL!!  there was one shop in particular that also caught Ron's eye, and in hind site I should have taken a picture, DOH!!  It was a shop where the artist (a man) worked and sculpted with Bronze he had many pieces in there, most were along the lines of Fishing and Hunting (fishing, is why the shop caught Ron's eye)  there were big sculptures AND tables, the one was a huge, beautifully crafted coffee table of a Fly fisherman, rod and line included, now, at about his waist level, there was a fairly deep indent into the body of the sculpture, where they slid a bevel edged 1" thick glass peanut-shaped table top which the "line" went through, the base was the lower half of the man's body, and a sunken tree stump, so very cool.  Ok, now, stay seated.  This coffee table maybe 4' long, and sculpture part, a yard or a little bigger, was  $18,849.00!!  This artist had 2 other smaller tables too, I didn't look at those prices.

Along the hallway to the rest rooms, from the food court, they had all these alcoves, that pointed out and were made entirely of glass, these alcoves had the wares of chair makers, stained glass artists, bird houses, and bird feeders and slate signs, in each one. and on the inside wall of the hallway were paintings, prints, and calligraphy works.  There was a really nice one, about fishing and it had a small 3D built fish(out of natural materials) on the top, then a poem.  I would say it was like 10 x 13...the price $69.00.  When we came out of the rest rooms, we saw other people sitting in the chairs and taking pictures, so I offered to use their camera and get them all in the picture, and asked if they would use my camera and take a couple of shots of us.  Now, we were dressed in "long drive clothes" lol--so they aren't the best pictures of us, but they are nice enough, especially with the stained glass and all the sunlight shining through.

Here I made a copy of the "Tamarack" symbol as copied off the post card, I didn't measure anything, I just eyeballed it and use circles and squares punches...not bad I think.

As you can see I made hinges for the 2 post cards, so they can be flipped over and read.

All the flowers(3D) are K&co. and the ribbon, I do not remember who gave me a yard of it, so pretty. Ribbon slide-making memories, fancy clip-making memories. I have to do the journaling, and I am planning on making a small title..."Accidental Tourists"  :)

What do you think?

Friday, May 14, 2010

It's Official...

I have an upper respiratory infection and Bronchitis!! The only thing not infected out of the group is my throat...shhhh.

The doctor said if I had waited another day or 2 it would be in my lungs, and not just the main bronchial tubes.  2 different antibiotics, one starting tonight and twice a day for 10 days and one a day for 3 days starting tomorrow(zithromax) forget what the other one is.  Plus acidolpholus (to help prevent wicked side gals know what I mean.) I have to cleanse the nasal passages daily (which I am supposed to be doing anyway, do to my chronic sinusitis...but I don't cause I hate it...I will now.
And Musinex (also supposed to take regularly, and I do, but I ran out the other day) this stuff is very pricey. a few stores are coming out with their own brand FINALLY, but not the 1 pill for 12 hours...the other one.

I really miss working...because I miss working, but at times like this, I miss working, cause when I was working i didn't have to count my pennies so badly. or when I have to pick and choose what crafting supplies I can buy and when. LOL.  Seriously I really miss scanning patients, and having a purpose.  One of the Nurses from my Dept. was my nurse at the walk-in place tonight, and asked why I didn't come back, I was once again shocked by the fact that very few people in the entire radiology dept. were ever told what happened to me. there were only 5 of us in MRI, and 2 of my co workers never really did believe that I was seriously hurt, Until they saw I was in the dept. getting a PICC line inserted for the antibiotics for the MRSA.  My chief tech, left and took a job and out-patient center shortly after that. Someone that works at that imaging center said she heard that what happened to me, was one of the main reason's she left...she realized injuries were more probable because we were a hospital and had bed ridden pts, that needed to be moved, and also contagious infections to deal with like MRSA. (I was told it colonized on my body sometime before my injury, and then when i had the surgery and the metal pins were inserted into the wrist, the bacteria ran to my wrist...MRSA lives in the nasal passages when dormant, My infectious disease doc. told me, that if they tested every hospital employee probably like 7 out of 10 would test positive for MRSA, scary...MRSA is a superbug)  So anyway, she was really surprised, of all I went through, but didn't seem surprised that they didn't take me back.  She said she heard of other employees having issues over the year. However, I told her I knew for a fact they took back a CT Tech, after lumbar cages were placed on 2 of her lumbar vertebrae ( I KNOW this, because she is part of the reason I got hurt, I asked her to help us transfer the pt. that morning, and she knocked on her plastic body brace, and told me, "I'll never move another patient in my life."  This Nurse told me, "no ______ did not come back with any restrictions" I said well maybe she convinced her doctor to not write it down, but I know other people, that she has also told this to." (I've run into several people from the dept. over the past 5 years that know her, some are even other CT techs, and they have told me she does NO lifting.)  so it comes down to taking back who they want to take back.

Anyway, be careful at you never know what can happen. AND... NJ, NY and 7 other states will not allow you to sue your employer for personal injury. FUNNY, the job I had before this one, was in Philadelphia, PA. so if this injury happened there, I'd have grounds for a lawsuit as well as workers comp.  The initial injury isn't the main thing, it was contracting MRSA, which led to the loss of 3 bones (could have been my whole hand)  and being in a cast for almost 7 months caused over use of the other arm, and therefore major tearing of muscle, leading to the removal of 4-5" of muscle near the elbow in that arm.  That is where the lawsuit would have come in....If this same thing happened to a pt. they'd have a major lawsuit on their hands.

Oh well, enough of my bad luck stories...there are many...thus the "truffles" sign on my sidebar.

I hope to be feeling much better by Saturday or at least hope I do, as I have an all day crop to go to.
In fact tomorrow evening I have to make Baked Ziti to take with us. (Daughter Amanda and her friend Morgan are coming with me)

There were so many challenge cards I wanted to get done...mostly sketches (cause I like those) but I just have not been up to it.

I Hope all of you are feeling fine :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Card for Friday Sketchers

This is all the art I have done for almost a week, and this was over 3 days...I feel so crappy. so to keep saying it, but I do.

I am pleased with the results, though :) Hope you like it also

Card Stock: Black-The Paper Company, Gold Mica-California Paper Goods, Red-Unknown, Gray-Stampin' Up, Confetti white(card base)-Stampin' Up
Stamps: Close to my Heart--"Childhood Portrait"
Ink: Versamark, black- Stampin' Up
Embossing Powder: Black- Ranger (and I do not like it)- Gold-Stampendous-"Pirate's Gold"
Embossing Folder: Cuttlebug- Divine Swirls
Red German Scrap:
Brads: Glitter medium brads-Gold--American Crafts
Misc: scotch/3M foam tape (under stamped oval) and ribbon from my stash

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hello all, I only have energy enough to breathe and get off the couch once in a while. I fear the doctor tomorrow is going to tell me this is "walking pneumonia" rather than just Bronchitis...I've been down this road before several times in my life, mostly as a child, but a few times as an adult. I actually considered going to the ER today, but of course I always have to consider $$. I wish I didn't have to worry about "money vs. breathing" but I do.

SO...sorry I didn't get my pages done, just as I am behind in a couple of swaps.  I do have for your viewing pleasure...Gracie from Mexico's pages and I'll answer the questions about my pages from last week.

Here's Gracie's pages:

Cool huh?  Nice to see you Grace!!  Love the drinking, and chewing and REALLY LOVE your circles!! I actually did this page-but only with pen :(

ok my pages from last time with answers:

Hot pink...vinyl Hacky Sack
Black...normal sized "superball"
French blue...a piece of blue spruce tree

L to R, T to B
orange, flatish rock
brown, Maple tree seed  (whirly bird)
next row
brown, Big dried maple leaf, the edges are curled in
yellow, small different type of pine cone
next row
orange (and yellow-which didn't show up so well), a bunch of White Pine needles
brown, a different leaf
bottom row
yellow, same flatish rock
orange, small pine cone (regular kind)