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A Fanciful Twist's MAD TEA PARTY-2011

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I have today, a wonderful short story about tea, please get yourself a beverage, and do yourself the honor of reading it. It is an old but good short story. (Not written by me, it is an actual published story, like the one posted yesterday for Fairy day) Throughout the story I'll have pictures of my tiny birthday tea party outside on Wednesday. It was an extremely hot and Humid day, and I rushed around getting everything, at least semi festive. The humidity of course played havoc with my hair (frizz and curls) hubby's hair was just limp. We had to do our photo shoot quickly so the frosting wouldn't melt off the cake. LOL. I apologize upfront for being sans bra, I got right back into a cool sleeveless cotton gown once in the house, LOL! 
OH, you will also see immediately the MAD party of my tea (crystal light) party.

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Now please ENJOY!!

Title:     The Tea-Kettle
Author: Grace James [
More Titles by James]
Long ago, as I’ve heard tell, there dwelt at the temple of Morinji, in the Province of Kotsuke, a holy priest.
Now there were three things about this reverend man. First, he was wrapped up in meditations and observances and forms and doctrines. He was a great one for the Sacred Sutras, and knew strange and mystical things. Then he had a fine exquisite taste of his own, and nothing pleased him so much as the ancient tea ceremony of the Cha-no-yu; and for the third thing about him, he knew both sides of a copper coin well enough and loved a bargain. 

None so pleased as he when he happened upon an ancient tea-kettle, lying rusty and dirty and half-forgotten in a corner of a poor shop in a back street of his town.
“An ugly bit of old metal,” says the holy man to the shopkeeper; “but it will do well enough to boil my humble drop of water of an evening. I’ll give you three rin for it.” This he did and took the kettle home, rejoicing; for it was of bronze, fine work, the very thing for the Cha-no-yu.
A novice cleaned and scoured the tea-kettle, and it came out as pretty as you please. The priest turned it this way and that, and upside down, looked into it, tapped it with his finger-nail. He smiled. “A bargain,” he cried, “a bargain!” and rubbed his hands. He set the kettle upon a box covered over with a purple cloth, and looked at it so long that first he was fain to rub his eyes many times, and then to close them altogether. His head dropped forward and he slept.

  And then, believe me, the wonderful thing happened. The tea-kettle moved, though no hand was near it. A hairy head, with two bright eyes, looked out of the spout. The lid jumped up and down. Four brown and hairy paws appeared, and a fine bushy tail. In a minute the kettle was down from the box and going round and round looking at things.
“A very comfortable room, to be sure,” says the tea-kettle.
Pleased enough to find itself so well lodged, it soon began to dance and to caper nimbly and to sing at the top of its voice. Three or four novices were studying in the next room. “The old man is lively,” they said; “only hark to him. What can he be at?” And they laughed in their sleeves.
Heaven’s mercy, the noise that the tea-kettle made! Bang! bang! Thud! thud! thud!
The novices soon stopped laughing. One of them slid aside the kara-kami and peeped through.
“Arah, the devil and all’s in it!” he cried. “Here’s the master’s old tea-kettle turned into a sort of a badger. The gods protect us from witchcraft, or for certain we shall be lost!”
“And I scoured it not an hour since,” said another novice, and he fell to reciting the Holy Sutras on his knees.
A third laughed. “I’m for a nearer view of the hobgoblin,” he said. 

So the lot of them left their books in a twinkling, and gave chase to the tea-kettle to catch it. But could they come up with the tea-kettle? Not a bit of it. It danced and it leapt and it flew up into the air. The novices rushed here and there, slipping upon the mats. They grew hot. They grew breathless.
“Ha, ha! Ha, ha!” laughed the tea-kettle; and “Catch me if you can!” laughed the wonderful tea-kettle.
Presently the priest awoke, all rosy, the holy man.
“And what’s the meaning of this racket,” he says, “disturbing me at my holy meditations and all?”
“Master, master,” cry the novices, panting and mopping their brows, “your tea-kettle is bewitched. It was a badger, no less. And the dance it has been giving us, you’d never believe!”
“Stuff and nonsense,” says the priest; “bewitched? Not a bit of it. There it rests on its box, good quiet thing, just where I put it.” 

Sure enough, so it did, looking as hard and cold and innocent as you please. There was not a hair of a badger near it. It was the novices that looked foolish.
“A likely story indeed,” says the priest. “I have heard of the pestle that took wings to itself and flew away, parting company with the mortar. That is easily to be understood by any man. But a kettle that turned into a badger--no, no! To your books, my sons, and pray to be preserved from the perils of illusion.”
That very night the holy man filled the kettle with water from the spring and set it on the hibachi to boil for his cup of tea. When the water began to boil--
“Ai! Ai!” the kettle cried; “Ai! Ai! The heat of the Great Hell!” And it lost no time at all, but hopped off the fire as quick as you please.
“Sorcery!” cried the priest. “Black magic! A devil! A devil! A devil! Mercy on me! Help! Help! Help!” He was frightened out of his wits, the dear good man. All the novices came running to see what was the matter.
“The tea-kettle is bewitched,” he gasped; “it was a badger, assuredly it was a badger ... it both speaks and leaps about the room.”
“Nay, master,” said a novice, “see where it rests upon its box, good quiet thing.”
And sure enough, so it did.
“Most reverend sir,” said the novice, “let us all pray to be preserved from the perils of illusion.”
The priest sold the tea-kettle to a tinker and got for it twenty copper coins.
“It’s a mighty fine bit of bronze,” says the priest. “Mind, I’m giving it away to you, I’m sure I cannot tell what for.” Ah, he was the one for a bargain! The tinker was a happy man and carried home the kettle. He turned it this way and that, and upside down, and looked into it.
“A pretty piece,” says the tinker; “a very good bargain.” And when he went to bed that night he put the kettle by him, to see it first thing in the morning. 

He awoke at midnight and fell to looking at the kettle by the bright light of the moon.
Presently it moved, though there was no hand near it.
“Strange,” said the tinker; but he was a man who took things as they came.
A hairy head, with two bright eyes, looked out of the kettle’s spout. The lid jumped up and down. Four brown and hairy paws appeared, and a fine bushy tail. It came quite close to the tinker and laid a paw upon him.
“Well?” says the tinker.
“I am not wicked,” says the tea-kettle.
“No,” says the tinker.
“But I like to be well treated. I am a badger tea-kettle.”
“So it seems,” says the tinker.
“At the temple they called me names, and beat me and set me on the fire. I couldn’t stand it, you know.”
“I like your spirit,” says the tinker.
“I think I shall settle down with you.”
“Shall I keep you in a lacquer box?” says the tinker.
“Not a bit of it, keep me with you; let us have a talk now and again. I am very fond of a pipe. I like rice to eat, and beans and sweet things.”
“A cup of saké sometimes?” says the tinker.
“Well, yes, now you mention it.”
“I’m willing,” says the tinker.
“Thank you kindly,” says the tea-kettle; “and, as a beginning, would you object to my sharing your bed? The night has turned a little chilly.”
“Not the least in the world,” says the tinker.
The tinker and the tea-kettle became the best of friends. They ate and talked together. The kettle knew a thing or two and was very good company.
One day: “Are you poor?” says the kettle.
“Yes,” says the tinker, “middling poor.”
“Well, I have a happy thought. For a tea-kettle, I am out-of-the-way--really very accomplished.”
“I believe you,” says the tinker.
“My name is Bumbuku-Chagama; I am the very prince of Badger Tea-Kettles.”
“Your servant, my lord,” says the tinker.
“If you’ll take my advice,” says the tea-kettle, “you’ll carry me round as a show; I really am out-of-the-way, and it’s my opinion you’d make a mint of money.”
“That would be hard work for you, my dear Bumbuku,” says the tinker.
“Not at all; let us start forthwith,” says the tea-kettle.
So they did. The tinker bought hangings for a theatre, and he called the show Bumbuku-Chagama. How the people flocked to see the fun! For the wonderful and most accomplished tea-kettle danced and sang, and walked the tight rope as to the manner born. It played such tricks and had such droll ways that the people laughed till their sides ached. It was a treat to see the tea-kettle bow as gracefully as a lord and thank the people for their patience.
The Bumbuku-Chagama was the talk of the country-side, and all the gentry came to see it as well as the commonalty. As for the tinker, he waved a fan and took the money. You may believe that he grew fat and rich. He even went to Court, where the great ladies and the royal princesses made much of the wonderful tea-kettle. 

At last the tinker retired from business, and to him the tea-kettle came with tears in its bright eyes.
“I’m much afraid it’s time to leave you,” it says.
“Now, don’t say that, Bumbuku, dear,” says the tinker. “We’ll be so happy together now we are rich.”
“I’ve come to the end of my time,” says the tea-kettle. “You’ll not see old Bumbuku any more; henceforth I shall be an ordinary kettle, nothing more or less.”
“Oh, my dear Bumbuku, what shall I do?” cried the poor tinker in tears.
“I think I should like to be given to the temple of Morinji, as a very sacred treasure,” says the tea-kettle.
It never spoke or moved again. So the tinker presented it as a very sacred treasure to the temple, and the half of his wealth with it.
And the tea-kettle was held in wondrous fame for many a long year. Some persons even worshipped it as a saint.

[The end]
Grace James's short story: Tea-Kettle
 I hope you enjoyed the party and the story, smile and always take a bite out of life!
 I look forward to your comments, and choosing winners!
The winner of the banner will be chosen on July 1, 
The long time follower winners will be chosen on July 3


apinkdreamer said...

what a wonderful party! thanks for inviting me!!!
❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

Pixie said...

Looks like quite a fun tea party! I wish I had people to play along at mine, but I'm happy to have my blogger buddies stop by. Thakns for having me over!

Toriz said...

That's a really nice story! Thanks for sharing it! :)

Toriz said...

Oh yeah, my e-mail...

toriz at talktalk dot net

Toriz said...

I've been a follower since before Wednesday, but only since earlier this month (I clicked on follow after coming over to your blog via your profile when you came to mine. I haven't read all your old posts, I'm afraid, buut I can tell you that my favourite of your posts that I have read has to be the fairy day post. The story was very cute, and I enjoyed it. Plus, I really like fairies!

I don't know if this will qualify me for the extra little gift draw, but I hope so; I like getting things in the mail!

Molly Anne said...

That is QUITE a life that tea kettle led!

Well despite the humidity it looks like you had yourselves a lovely party! Hello to Mr. Pieces of Fate. :)

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, to you!

Loved your dog in the hat - ha ha! Too good.

Theresa MacNaughton said...

Happy belated birthday! I think a tea party is a fine way to celebrate. :) I very much enjoyed the story as well.

Feel free to visit with me again, as I do have a tea party post as well!

:) Enjoy the festivities!

Exclusively Yours Ltd said...

What a fun story and a great idea. It looks like your birthday tea party was fun. I hope you will visit my party. Have a beautiful day, Pat

Pabkins said...

Thanks for stopping by and deciding to follow me I really appreciate it! I've become a follower now of you as well. It sounds like you do web graphics - thats lovely! That is something I have completely no knowledge of! haha - off to oogle some of your previous posts to make another comment for an additional chance to win!

Oh how I loveee prizes!
tlabunski at gmail dot com

Maria - Greece said...

A cute little party,
thak for the invitation!

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

What a great party! And you have a pink table cloth. My party has a purple one. :)Thanks for the invite!

ike said...

Well, Here I am,
Thank you for inviting me to the Tea Party. The little dog is real cute and I LUV your hat. Must say that Hubby looks a shedload better without the big beard :-)
I was reading with dismay all the goings on about the fire. What a terrible business !!! I am surprised you managed to hold on to your sanity and - pardon me for saying,- but a couple of your family members want shooting !!!
I really love the Wreck this Journal entry on 19th May 2010 and the Cool Cat card on June 18th 2010I agree with most of the comments left about the fire and stuff and the Understanding entry on 10th June 2010. Why in the world can't people be more Understanding??? Is the human race going to hell in a handcart. I know wars aren't good but I remember my Ma talking about how people in the UK were towards each other during WW2 - the whole community spirit and everyone helped each other.... where the hell did it go ???? Nowadays a person will step over you as you lay sick on the floor.!! It's not so bad here in Greece 'cos they are much more family orientated and they can't seem to do enough for you if you are in a spot of bother. I feel sorry for my daughter and her family growing up in the UK - she should get out quick too. :-(
Anyways, enough of my ranting....... the other thing I really liked was the Monday, Muse Feels a bit off balance entry of 8th July. I suppose 'liked' is a strange word as I didn't find it funny but I enjoyed reading it..... if you get my drift.?? I hope that's come out OK.
Definitely my favourite Blog from this year was your Skull Appreciation Day entry on 4th June 'cos that's where I met you :-D
Happy Belated Birthday.
I'd better go now 'cos I seem to be writing a book.
OH - and it bothers me too that people don't write things ... if you've got 262 Followers.. where the heck are they ???? I've only got a few but just lately I feel that I am Blogging and putting up Freebies and stuff to NOBODY. !!!!!
Ho-Hum. Anyway Hom, I'm going now....gotta see what the chkickens are doing on The Sunday Roast entry on a chum's Blog. LoL it's hysterical.
Ike xxx

Oh p.s. I have awful difficulty reading some of your stuff where you type in red or orange on blue.... I just can't see it. Don't know if that's just me 'cos I can't read Teletext when they do that either :-(

Definitely going now ........ xxooxx =^--^= (that's a smiling cat hahaha larf )

ike said...

Good Lord - look at the length of that thing ...... I wrote a book tee hee xx

Joyce van der Lely said...

Happy Birthday and what a gorgeous wee doggie you have joining your tea party ! If you can find a little spotof time, please hop over to mine as well :-)


Karla said...

How lovely tea party! Thanks for having me over :)
Karla said...

Oh Susan!! You had a blast, and I so agree, take a bite out of life, enjoy it!! So sorry about your issues with comments. What a drag, I know!

But, you have a fantastical wonderland spread, the bows are a great accessory on the table!

Thank you for sharing your Wonderland!

Scrap Vamp said...

What a great table setting! Thanks so much for inviting me to this enchanting tea party! I had a lot of fun! I hope you will visit my tea party as well!

Danni said...

Oh Susan, it looks like you guys had a grand time of it! I love your festive hats and your table setting is so bright and cheery. Plus, your tea set is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your festivities, and Happy, Happy belated birthday!

I hope you’ll come visit my party!

Carousel Dreams said...

Now this was fun! I really enjoyed this story, and it looks like you guys had a blast! Bra-less or not, hee hee! Thankyou so much for having me...I did enjoy my visit x

Jen said...

Your tea party looks so delicious and pleasant! Thank you for having me :) Your hubby and dog were gracious hosts as well!

Micupoftea said...

Susan, thanks for the story, your cake looks yummy. How nice of hubby and pup to join in. Come visit my garden for tea if you get the chance~

Barbara DeLisle said...


Anonymous said...

What an interesting story and a fine looking table you have set for us.

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

I have enjoyed your party!
Happy UnBirthday to you !

Donna, The Decorated House said...

A most delightful party!
The cake sure looks yummy and the pup is just too cute.

Robin said...

So sorry I am late
For this important date.
I'm still making my way down the list.

With too little time
I'm leaving this rhyme
For I'm adamant about wanting to persist.

All this running about
Has left me dry in the mouth.
Might I have a cup of red Kool-Ade?

Your cake looks lovely
and your tale was great.
Now lets go sit in the shade.

Oh my, the time
It goes so fast
I must be on my way

But fear not friend
I shall return
Please……Have a beautiful day.

Rachel said...

What a lovely story I really enjoyed it.

It looked like you all had lots of fun at your tea party. :-)

Jen said...

Lovely tea party Susan :) Thank you for the tea. I'm glad I stopped by!

Most of the pictures I used came from Beautiful Portals or Sunsurfer (with the exception of the food as that was me!) My usual macaron recipe uses a ratio of egg white to almond flour, water and confectioners sugar. I will post something up about macarons this week for you :)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Hi Susan! Your cake looks delicious and your table so colorful! Love your hat; I didn't think to get one for myself. Thanks so much for visiting my tea party, too. I'm still visiting parties!

Kathy said...

Fabulous fun! Looks like you had a great time of it all.


AlphaBetsy said...

What a fantastic party. Happy belated birthday to you as well. :) Thank you so much for inviting me and for following. I hope to see more of you here in cyberland. I am following you as well.



Anonymous said...

What a lovely party! And happy birthday! Er, well, now it's happy UNbirthday! Even better!

Cobblestone Prims said...

Hello Susan, thanks for looking at my Mad Tea have to see only one picture...i have more pictures at my blog, you have to scroll down because they are more posts !!!
I like your Mad Tea Party also...have a nice day

Denise said...

Wonderful story,enjoyed your dessert with the story.Great yummy cake.Thank you.

Alisa Noble said...

Thank you for the story... I've enjoyed it!

La Dinette said...

Lovely party, i love the bows!! Thank you for having me there! And thank you for visiting my blog!

Have a swet sweet day!

Eloïse from France.

Candace said...

Oh FUN, Susan. I loved the bright sweet colors of your table and the Four Pawed Guest is just cute as a button, too. I am so glad you posted and invited me!
Take good care. I'll be back (such a clever blog title, too).
Candace in Athens.

Papillon Bleu said...

Am in love with your cute dog!!!!
Thanks for the lovely colourful party. It must ahve taken you ages to write all this!!!!

The Weekend Artist said...

Hi sorry am late for tea! My work got in the way of wonderland and just got back! I love your hat, cake and dog! Oh how i wish I was partying today. Hope you can drop by once and awhile!

Mel said...

This is adorable! what a wonderful party! You did a lovely job and thank you for inviting me to your little place on earth. Thanks for sharing!

Deanna said...

Thank you so much for inviting me to your party! I love that your hubby partcipated :)

PS: The story is heart warming. Thank you for sharing it :)