Friday, December 16, 2011

Rock n Rolla challenge at Smeared n Smudged

this month's Rock n Rolla challenge is to be inspired by  the song; "Earth Intruders" by Bjork

This is the first time, I have actually entered the challenge, 2 other times I had Ideas, but never managed to get them from my mind to paper. THIS month, having a superbly perfect and colorful cut of chipboard (I had received as a RAK) looking right at me, blasted an idea into shape!

I knew what stamps to use RIGHT AWAY!

some of this has an extra coating of gloss, like it has been embossed with enamel, in other shots you can see it, but it is too shiny. It is mounted on Black  card stock by STAMPIN' UP, and is a large card.
Stamps used: "Truth", Celtic knot God's eye, 2 dancers by Dee Gruening from BLOCKHEAD STAMPS
    Symbol covered castle turret-tree by TEESHA MOORE

the dancers had some areas that are solid, the other areas I filled in with a black SHARPIE so they would be full silhouettes, I highlighted the "tree" part of the Teesha Moore stamp with sharpie. I tried to cover over the dark areas of the God's eye to make them more black, and I outlined the blue leaves at the bottom of the print also with the sharpie.

Here is the video, so you can see my inspiration.


~Lady B~ said...

This is an outstanding creation, Susan! You captured the nature of the challenge perfectly and your piece is absolutely gorgeous! Fabulous work!

Monique's art said...

wow susan this is so awesome, love all the bright colors, great take on the challenge

ike said...

Hey - this one really appealed to you didn't it. This is an awesome job. I love what you did with the dancers. Stunning piece and trul inspired :-D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Steph said...

Fabulous card Susan, love those dancers and the background is perfect.