Friday, December 2, 2011

Head space, sick cat and 2 pieces of art

Well, I am dealing with some bad crap right now...I AM  THE QUEEN OF MURPHY'S LAW!  well anyway, I do not want to discuss it right now, cause it really PISSES ME OFF, and I am trying to turn things around. If that EFFING HAPPENS, then I'll talk about it.

I have literally been in the same sweats or nightgown from last Friday night til this morning, and basically didn't do anything but a little web surfing, TV watching and sleeping. I've been in a really dark place plus, super anxious!

I am still quite under the grips of my depression, and still anxious, just not as bad. I think my cat having a bad abscess and me trying to deal with it on my own (hot compresses and trying to drain it) have made me get out of my own head space a little bit.

Today I took her to my vet. I have been going to the same vet since I was 16 and THANK he let me come w/o paying...I'll pay on Jan 4th when I take her back for her overall exam and shots. He shaved a large area around the spot, and gave her her rabies vaccine, even though hers is still good for a few months, he said better safe than sorry.  The Doctor gave her a shot (Thank goodness) of antibiotics that will be in her system for 2 weeks (I freaking HATE trying to give cats medicine!!) Then he FREAKED me out, and told me, to be on the look out for any movement under the skin around the "hole" as it may NOT be a tooth hole from her cousin. The doctor says there is this kind of fly that has grown in numbers recently, and stays alive longer than it used will bite an unsuspecting animal and then turn around and drop it's eggs or whatever into the "hole" it made. I said that is a big hole, he said it didn't start out that big, it is because of swelling. it may just be a incisor tooth hole, but it could be this fly. FREAKING AWESOME, just something else to look forward to, fly larvae growing under my cat's skin! ARRRGH gross!!
Ok, let's get off this ride...

over the last 2 days I have made 2 pieces of art, and started 2 others. This first one is a 4 X 4 I made for the challenge over at SMUDGY ANTICS     "Mourning Glory" =  graves... and as usual, some stamps of some kind, and try to use a SMEARED INK stamp.

I used a collage image of mine of 2 old graves, and 2 digi stamps by SMEARED INK, the broken winged heart and the word Broken that goes with it. I used them twice, and used foam dots under one set on top of the other. Coloring with BIC Mark its! and red German Scrap from COLLAGE STUFF.
Here is "Heart Broken"

This next one is my VERY FIRST double Easel card! I made it for the Technique Junkies  fun folds CD Blog Hop! By trying this technique and adding it to Pat's blog (the owner) you give yourself another shot at the grand prize!  part of that prize is a LIFETIME TJ membership!  WOOT!!!
I like it, I hope you do also!
"Elves Christmas"
 All Card stock is by STAMPIN' UP(Vintage Violet, Almost Amethyst, Bashful Blue). Image colored with PRISMACOLOR pencils. 
Digi image and sentiment both by TLC CREATIONS.
 Bakery twine in purple from my stash. Plastic snowflakes by FAVORITE FINDINGS. I used Silver Stickles by RANGER on 3 of them, and I used Sugar Coating chunky glitter by DOODLEBUG DESIGNS on 2 of them.
the sentiment says: 
Bringing Joy to Large and Small
Merry Christmas One and All


Monique's art said...

Love the cards you made, the are beautiful
thanks for playing at smudgy antics

Diandra said...

We had a dog who had a tendency to catch tick eggs. We had to squeeze the stuff from his skin every few weeks all through summer. Don't know why it was like that, never happened with any other dog we had... it stopped when we started adding a little garlic powder or garlic oil to his food, seems insects don't like the taste of garlic blood. ^^

petoskystone said...

Sweet cards! Hope you win :) Sorry to hear the kit is feeling better soonest.

Unknown said...

2 great projects Susan love the graveyard
Luv Jane xxx

Heather said...

Glad you were feeling well enough to make some art and post. Thanks for joining Smudgy Antics challenge this week.

KC said...

these are both great! thanks for joining us this week at Smudgy Antics! (love the double easel!!!

Toriz said...


I'm sorry you're having to deal with so much; though I'm glad the vet is good enough to allow you to go without paying and pay later. Our old vet was like that... I'm hoping we can find one that good around here too!

I hope it was just a bite and nothing more icky, and that it heals up quickly!


KristyLee said...

OMG Susan,I do hope it's not fly larva in your cat!! I hope you get your issues taken care of and soon!! Im sending some healing light your way and good vibes. Let mother earth take your pain!
Love the easel cards! And the project for Smudgy Antics is great too!
Take care and Happy craftin' to you!

~Lady B~ said...

Sorry to hear you are going through so much. Your cemetery card for Smudgy Antics is gorgeous and powerful. Thanks for playing along this week!

Great job on your easel card. I have yet to try one. I'm sending good wishes so you may win the grand prize!

blackdragon said...

....i dont even wanna think about the cat.... i am so squemish! Yuck and double YUCK!!!!
I adore the fatbook page (4X4)... lovely art work...thank you for playing along at Smudgy antics this week.
The easel card is pretty neat too... not my thing but very nicely done.
love lynx

Anonymous said...

OMG! I have never heard of that fly thing. That really bothers me to hear. How awful.

Your cards are really lovely. You are such a talented lady.

Sara a.k.a. Eternal Princess Ryan said...

Susan... I hope all settles down with you soon! I hope that your kitty is in tip top shape soon also!!! No fly larve under the skin... yuck!!! Hugs to you on all that and for pete's sake... go shower!!! :) (Just a little humor to make you chuckle!!!) I love your cards, I think they all turned out awesome!!! I hope things start to look up for you soon!!! Hugs!!! Take Care!!!

Monika/Buzsy said...

These are so pretty Susan. The collage is so creative... love the twist on the easel card. Pretty elf image. :o)

Sugar said...

fabulous card for the si challenge!

Scrap Vamp said...

Beautiful cards! I love the broken heart over the gravestones!