Thursday, December 22, 2011

YULE MAGIC blog party-edited to include a giveaway for non-americans

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***** This post is a bit long, but well worth the read, as I am sharing some real magic that happened recently, so that is my gift, as well as having a giveaway....Visit the facilities and grab a beverage*****

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First, I'd like to say that is you wish to see pictures of my alter scroll down a couple of posts, or come back later tonight when I will add ones to this post with my candles lit.

I am 51, I have been on this new spiritual path, an awakening, and an education if you will for a  bit over a year now. I made my first Alter for mabon of this year. This is my first YULE.
I am was a disenchanted, disheartened, and dislodged Christian.  I am sure, if I told the ways, reasons etc. there would be several of you nodding your head. So I won't do that.

I will tell you that as far back as I can remember I knew the name ISIS. If my memory serves me correctly I knew the name ISIS before learning about Egypt in school. As far back as I remember I always enjoyed being in the woods, hiking, walking alongside streams etc. I live at the shore, and I have since being 13. I prefer the mountains.  I am IN PART Native American, and unlike my siblings, I am most proud of this heritage, and am most interested in finding out my ancestry there. Funny thing is, I resembled more my Mom, than my Dad. They resembled more my Dad. I was fair, they were darker. they used to tease me that the INDIANS dropped me off on the doorstep.  The Family grapevine, says there is NA blood in both families, but in much larger proportions  from my Mom.
Mom's heritage:  Scotch-Irish, English (a bit), Native American and French
Dad's heritage: French, German, a bit of Dutch (Pennsylvanian), and Native American (a bit)

So, when reading and discovering, I immediately knew that Isis would be my main Goddess. I also knew, that I wanted to follow as best I could the Native American path, I feel a strong pull towards Shamanism.

Taking all of this into account, I knew right away what my Magical name should be; ForestIsis.

Once, I made this strong commitment. I prayed to the Great spirit, and "spoke with" Isis on a nightly basis upon laying down to sleep. I spoke of many things. I asked for guidance sometimes, or signs and answers.

One night back in the end of September, I spoke to Isis about my small gift of divination, and how best to nurture it, and what tool would be best for me to work with. I was taught how to read a regular deck of cards when I was 16, by a friend's Italian grandmother...It was my birthday gift to have her read my cards, as she will not read anyone's cards under the age of 16. Well, part way through my reading she got up and made my friend leave the room (she was only 14), she closed the door telling her grand daughter; "your friend has the gift".  She came back to the table, and repeated to me, "you have the gift, so I will teach you."
So she did. I also have had daydreams-visions and sleeping dreams that themselves come true, or they are metaphorical for things that then happen.
As I said, I was asking Isis for guidance in this matter. the very next day, there was a comment on a post on my blog, by an art and blog acquaintance that I hadn't spoken to in a very long time. in this comment, she invited me to come visit her blog, as she was giving away a set of Oracle tarot cards! MY JAW HIT THE FLOOR!  I immediately emailed her and told her about my "conversation with Isis" and how I was asking her to show me, what form I should be studying and practicing, and then THIS HAPPENED!

TRULY it was MAGIC worked by ISIS through ME!  I KNEW it, I FELT it! When I told Kim she felt it too!  I entered her giveaway, but I also explained to her how I did not own any tarot cards, and that I never even had a tarot reading. She seemed quite surprised and explained to me how she had MANY decks, and that she felt compelled to send me one. We both agreed it was still magic being worked by Isis.

Kim asked me to tell her some of my interests as far as decks go. I told her since Isis seemed to be moving us, to let her guide Kim to the deck that she was meant to send me.  I was so excited...i told my son (he is Wiccan, he agreed it was probably magic but since Isis, wasn't "his" Goddess, he couldn't be 100% sure) I told his GF also Wiccan, she was like "I LOVE WHEN STUFF LIKE THIS HAPPENS! Of course it is magic!"

On October 8, Kim emailed me and told me my package was postal! on Monday the 10th it was in my mailbox, it was a LARGE box for just a deck of cards....I was so excited!

Well Kim was sooo very thoughtful and generous, and sent me much more than a tarot deck.
Shortly after receiving this wonderful gift I won 2 other giveaways in blogland but not the oracle I knew Isis picked the right deck for me. However there was a LOT of BAD and Time consuming, Depressive stuff going on in my life at that very time. Each time I wanted to take the time to photograph everything and share it with you all on the blog. It never seemed to happen or it wasn't right. I finally got the pictures taken just after Halloween.

I kept waiting for and looking for the right time to post about this wonderfully magical happening in my life.  I even kept telling people to be on the lookout for a magical post on my blog. Each time I started to do it, something stopped me.   

Time went by and I came across the button for this YULE MAGIC blog party. Like a bolt from the blue, I knew this was my gift to you all, to share this true magic that happened. (to give you hope, to show that magic does happen, it is real)

Here now I share the WONDERFUL, THOUGHTFUL and GENEROUS gift that Kim sent me. I have NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER, that ISIS touched her hand and guided her as to what to send me.

 Tarot deck bag, Card, and she made me a vial of "Isis" oil and a crystal
 Spiral tarot, deck, pamphlet on tarot (directions in the box), plus a companion book
As if that wasn't enough already, Kim truly pampered me!

 Kim also sent this FABULOUS book!
 I just chose some pages at random
 Easy explanations
 Beautiful artwork and colors

 The sections are all color coded

Isn't this such a wonderful gift?
Guess what, Kim wasn't finished yet!

 This is a bad picture, sorry (I took all these outside with the sun behind me)
 Crone Stones!
VERY COOL indeed!

Not only is this Magic, it is a blessing! Kim is a blessing to me, and I wish we were in contact more!

NOW, if this wasn't a SIGN  from ISIS enough, that I should be studying TAROT. about 1.5 months later I won this from Lyn's Blog

So, IF I had been skeptical of the magic performed by Isis and I, through Kim, then this would have been the final bit of evidence. However I knew, I knew as soon as I read the comment from Kim, after not hearing from her for so long, asking me to enter her tarot giveaway!

I hope you enjoyed my gift of TRUE MAGIC, and if you come back way later(or tomorrow) I hope to have pictures of my LIT ALTER. However as I said earlier you can see it, a few posts down.

NOW, lastly I offer up to one lucky Magical person a real gift.
The WITCH's BREW mug shown at the top of this post.
and 2 awesome teas from Trulyunique
"Old Crones Tea" (which I LOVE) and
"Psychic and Meditation Tea"...which I just recently tried, not bad! and I'm including 2 reusable muslin tea bags to use with these.

*** you MUST be  follower
*** you MUST comment on THIS post, a REAL comment pertaining to this post...not just "Please count me in etc"
*** You MUST, MUST, MUST include your email in the body of your comment, I suggest something like this format: sallyjo AT chart DOT email in your comment, you will not be included in the drawing.  This will not be mailed until after the holidays.  I am sorry, but You must live in the continental USA to be eligible.

************HOWEVER...I am offering a 2nd giveaway to anyone who follows the above, but lives outside the continental USA, this giveaway will be 12 home made greeting cards from me, 6 for the winter holidays (if you would like to specify, I'll make them Christian or non, or yule)  2 Birthday (1 male, 1 female) 2 get well cards,  1 sympathy and 1 thinking of you

**Giveaways open until 12/31 midnight (in other words if you get here on 1/1/12, you're too late)


Kat of EmKatCreations said...

Oh wow darlin, what a magical experience, and such a lovely deck! Sometimes the divine works in amazing ways through beautiful people!

I would love to enter your giveaway, thank you. EmKatCreations(at)gmail(dot)com

Anonymous said...

This truly is a magical gift post. To be able to share in your dreams and see the magic working in your life awakens the magic in my own.

Happy Yule and may you continue on your path, and enjoy the smoother moments on your journey.

DogsMom wis mom works (at) gmail (dot) com

petoskystone said...

Wow! What a wonderful gift :) I would be interested in reading a review of the two books when you get a chance...pros/cons, which you use more frequently, etc.


ike said...

Oh, how cool is that? I love the tarot deck - isn't it beautiful. Would love to see photos of some more of the different cards though. Awesome Crone Stones !! Now THAT I have never heard of. :-) I did study Wicca when I was in my early 20's. Had a 'reading' at a particularly difficult time in my life in early 40's... she was spookilly accurate and I didn't tell her anything OR give anything away !!!! Spazzed me out a bit that one !!!!
Anyhows - can't partake of the USA goodies but would love to be considered for entry in the Continental bit :-D
ikesartAThotmailDOTcom... Have a Cool Yule xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Toriz said...

I agree; that's definately real magic! Isis isn't my Goddess; I don't feel I have a spacific one, nor do I feel I need to. However, I completely agree that she was guiding you in this, and guided Kim's hand! This is truely what real magic is; thank you for sharing the wonderful gift with us!

Also, I have an interest in Native American magic and divination myself; I haven't done much in the way of readings for a few years, but I recently got hold of a copy of a book in braille, so as soon as we can figure out how to make my cards accessable to me I can remind myself of what I'm doing. This seems to be a common theme with my life in general; a lot of things got put on hold when my sight started to seriously decline, so now I'm a bit rusty with some things. OK, most things! ;)

Oh, and count me in for the giveaway for people outside the US: toriz at talk talk dot net

Wendy S. said...

This is a ghost from Yule time past, Susan...I know I haven't been around and I've really needed to go inside, but Yule time has me a little homesick for my friends. Too much to go into here but I'll be back soon enough. I loved your post and remember this amazing journey you're on which reflects where I used to be when I first started reading the tarot cards. And you know like the sacred spiral our spirituality just keeps twisting and turning and changing. I'm so glad that you've received magickal blessings and will continue to do so.

Know that I'm thinking of you and will resurface when it's time and that I haven't abandoned any of you.

Big hugs,

Ws280d at hotmail dot com

Ivy said...

Bright Blessings of the Solstice to you Susan...beautiful post! I'm so happy you like the deck and other items. I've learned to 'listen' when Spirit gives a 'nudge'. I believe Isis was most certainly answering your prayers. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan! Thank you for sharing your magical story - I just love it when things fall together like that and you can feel other powers working through you! And I love your Yule alter - very lovely!
I hope you had a truly wonderful Yule.

AutumnWind said...

What a lovely gift! I am also studying the Tarot. It is one of those things that speaks to me. I am so happy for you! Have a Blessed Yule.

autumnwindreno at aol dot com

pensive pumpkin said...

what a lovely story!

thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely magical energy in the air! This is a fantastic example of synchronicity at its finest. I love everything Kim sent you. What a blessing.

Please enter me in your giveaway. greenwitchwithsprinkles at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Oops! Forgot to wish you a very happy Yule!

Reba said...

MM Susan! I love your name ForestIsis. Wow, what a lovely gift; you are very blessed to have such a generous and special friend. The books look great, especially the Tarot Bible! I understand what you mean about your heritage. I'm a mutt... a mix of Irish, Scandinavian, German, and English (and rumored to have some Native American somewhere in the line) but I have a special connection with my Irish side and very proud to be Irish even if it's watered down LOL I also have a draw to the Celtic and Native American paths.

Great blog!

Anonymous said...

I love when magic happens, and we get the answers to what we seek, wonderful post on how this happened with you

count me in

Unknown said...

What a wonderful Tarot and spiritual journey to share with us. I'm very honoured to be a small part of it.

Much love and blessings at this very magical time :-)